FPS Russia To Da Choppa

He steps his game up a bit in this one:

Oh wow and he even wears ear pro in the helicopter, who would have thought that was necessary?

The tannerite explosions from the air were pretty epic.   Nothing like muzzle sweeping everyone in sight on the lift at the end.

I’m temporarily back to liking this guy again.  He really needs to up his showmanship though, he seems a lot more subdued the last few months for some reason…


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  1. Probably because the FBI, ATF and the CIA came to his door and said, “You’re making some people nervous.”

  2. Though in retrospect, having a few gasoline-fueled explosions right next to the fucking highway (or at least the explosion’s smoke plume in visible sight) will certainly get some unwanted attention…

  3. .300 Blackout better than .308??? That’s not right if you ask me.

    1. Hell, I would even go as far as saying the .300 Blackout isn’t as good as 7.62x39mm.

      1. That HK doesn’t look “internally suppressed” either. Looks just like a short barreled rifle with rifle with the suppressor underneath the rail. God I’m on a freakin’ roll today!

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha you are on a roll

  4. Punish3r Avatar

    I have to admit he is getting less annoying… not all the way just a tad.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea definitely a bit less

  5. Where does he get all his funding?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Word on the street is that he has a good relationship with some dealers for the NFA stuff. I assume that he’s making enough money off the millions of views he gets to afford ammo, tannerite, helicopter rentals etc.. but who knows, he might be sponsored for that too. He doesn’t normally mention any sponsors which makes me think he pays for it himself, although that helicopter did have a website written on the side of it so maybe that was on loan for free.

  6. 300 BLK is ANOTHER round trying to be ‘The Next 556’.. 6.5 Gren, 6.8 SPC, and there was another…

    Maybe they should just go back to 30.06. Was good enough for the big WWII !

  7. You should ask him to guest blog for you one day.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s a good idea, I suppose I could try asking him sometime. He seems to have a decent sense of humor, so I’m sure he wouldn’t be offended that I made fun of him in the past on here.

  8. This guy’s parents must be seriously loaded, and/or NFA dealers. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

  9. In terms of Ear Pro, Helos were the worst on my hearing in Iraq, short of the whine from the jets warming up on the runway. it’s more the sustained “thump thump thump” against your ear drums that gets to you.

  10. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    @ 1:47, 2:26, & 2:45 is that the same lake he uses in his other videos? Checkout the distance from the lake to road and people at 2:55.

    If I find out where in Texas that is I’m moving. Asshats around here call the sheriff fully knowing you’re shooting on private land within the law. Hours later when the deputes show up they waste half hour of you’re time with the whole “I know its legal but when people call we have to come” bs.

    Did anybody else catch this:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea i’ve seen her. The only acceptable word for that girl is “useless”.

      1. paul kimble Avatar
        paul kimble

        Heh. maybe there are a few uses that don’t involve coherent vocalization.

        You know like making a sandwich…

    2. Like… whatever… how does someone makes bullets with that much power?! Like…

  11. Damn, this kid must be absolutely loaded. I’d love to know his story. Seriously, apart from the fake rus accent it seems that all he does is cool and slightly dodgy stuff with guns for utube … efilnikcufecin!

    1. “[N]ice life” indeed. :)

      I too am curious to know why he appears sometimes with a smug look and a questionable Russian accent.

  12. Every time he opens his mouth, it needs to be filled with ballsacks. This guy is annoying.

  13. He lives in NE rural Georgia, his parents have a very large ranch, again in a VERY rural county in GA. Georgia has almost no laws on shooting on your own property outside a city or town and zero laws on NFA weapons…state law just defers everything to NFA.

    He is not Russian at all, its a fake accent. He is now actually an ATF licensed manufacturer and buys and sells guns as a business. But to answer the question…the money to get all this going came from parents. Now he makes a ton of cash from his video views and has good relationships with the various manufactures and dealers out there. He does not own most of the arms seen in the videos, they are on loan or a dealer is actually there for the day letting him do a video.