Sig Sauer Customer Service Song

This guy should put out an album:

So awesome.  I see he has done some songs for other people in the past…  Maybe he’d do a song for ENDO?

How weak of Sig to blame the problem on steel cased ammo.   Steel cased ammo voids the warranty? LOL

I hope someone from Sig reads this blog, or one of you guys knows someone that works there.  It would be awesome to pass the video on to the boss over there just to see his reaction.

Hat tip: Tym


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  1. Killed it.

  2. I always love reading about the Sig 556r and everyone blames it’s jamming problems on the steel cased “cheap” 7.22×39 milsurp ammo. It just cracks me up people defending a rifle that costs that much. There is no excuse for a rifle that expensive to choke on any ammunition. Period.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No kidding. If mass produced 100+ year old rifles and handguns can shoot steel cased without hiccups I don’t see why a brand new several hundred dollar ones shouldn’t be expected to handle them.

      1. There’s a whole bunch of reasons companies dissuade their customers from using steel cased ammunition. Generally the stuff isn’t made to the world’s most exacting tolerances (though I’ve found the powder weights are reasonably consistent) and the cases generally run on the large side which is rougher for guns with “match” or “tighter” chambers to operate with.

        Anecdotally speaking – I’ve personally experienced or been present the following factory ammunition related failures – Hard primers (military surplus ammunition of all makes), poor bullet seat (re manufactured ammunition), weak case wall (polymer coated steel cased ammunition), excessively large case (polymer coated steel cased ammunition), sticking cases (lacquer coated steel cased ammunition), rims tearing off of the case (polymer coated steel cased ammunition), incorrect powder (brass cased ammunition from a reputable American manufacturer. Wrecked the gun.), underloaded ammunition (remanufactured brass cased ammunition), hang fires (military surplus and remanufactured ammunition)… I could go on if you’d like but the point is, ammunition can cause lead to failures. I think it’s silly that using steel cased ammunition voids your warranty but I can understand why manufactures try to encourage their customers to avoid it.

        Hell, just last week I had a round of .308WIN Ulyanovsk experience a case failure at the rim which vented through my rifle’s magazine blowing out the floor plate.

        1. I also can see why they try to persuade people from using it. If I built a rifle that didn’t function with the vast majority of ammunition manufactured in that caliber, then I too would try to pass the buck. I have a car where the engine is designed to run on premium gasoline. It runs better when I put premium in it. However, it doesn’t chug and sputter if I have to put regular in.

  3. In these days if a gun won’t fire and digest any standard pressure ammo made of safe components its a gun I don’t want.

    1. Part of the reason steel cased ammunition gets a bad rap is because manufacturers of said ammunition cut corners and run on the margins of what is considered in spec. Generally, on the light side of the loading.

  4. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    Just let me know when the CD drops

  5. This guy is so clutch! I love this one!

  6. Word to the wise: Diss the customer, become a meme. I’m just saying…

  7. mike, serious question here…. whats with the “oh” face on majority of your posts?… hilarious yes! but inquiring minds must know

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha that’s the guy from the video. I just took the screen grab from the 1st vid I posted of him and use it all the time now because it still applies.

      1. yeah but you do it on majority of the posts of people either doing stupid things or videos like this.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          LOL what are you a psychologist? I try to take a screenshot that looks funny. If you want to see this guy’s perfectly staged graduation picture i’ll see if I can contact him for it. :P

          1. LOL, naw man im just wondering what the deal is with the OH face…. I had a shit day today and between the faces of “oh” and this convo its improving!

            either way keep it up man… im just fuckin with ya!

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              hahaha for sure. Well at least tomorrow is Friday!

      2. Every time I see it I wonder if he drives a taxi and stalks hot blondes around election time. His tunes are entertaining.

  8. I’ve heard this repeatedly from Sig customers. There is an air of arrogance with their customer service. Not smart in today’s market. Regarding the 556, I had a friend buy a brand new one and it was a repeated pain in the rear. Meanwhile, my 1/2 the price Bushmaster was eating everything I could throw its way. +1 if you can’t make a pistol that will eat everything, you’re going to lose with Glock and Springfield out there.

  9. For the price people pay for a SIG, you’d expect at least decent customer service attitude. After all, it isn’t like there aren’t a dozen companies all clamoring for the same market segments, most of which produce less expensive and equally reliable guns.
    I wonder if we could get Larry Correia to do a SIG version of “Because You Suck and We Hate You”.

  10. Crunkleross Avatar

    At least the Sig had double strike capability allowing it to fire by just pulling the trigger again unlike the pistol favored around here. I can never understand why people buy a fine quality expensive piece and then feed it the cheapest crap they can save a nickel on. I’m off to fill up my Bugatti Veyron at Wal Mart they have 82 octane on sale.

  11. DUDE! If we can get an ENDO song out of this guy I’ll be so impressed. I don’t really know what it would be about other than trolling trolls and watching DERPerator training vids.

  12. Quattro_joe Avatar

    Holy Flinch batman! While I won’t excuse Sig for the lack of customer service. I would like to know more about the gun in question. To me it looks like it is suffering from light primer strikes. How old is the gun? How many rounds through it, etc?

    Guns are NOT a 0 maintenance item. I am just guessing here, that he has never replaced the springs in that gun. Weak hammer springs + hard primers from cheap ammo = FTF.

  13. You wish has come true. Sig knows about the video. :-)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Nice! Thanks Rich.

  14. I think it must have been this chad guy I spoke to aswell, Obviously a little snot of large ego. He told me that it was normal for a rifle such as my SIG SHORT SWAT to throw hot gas and burning powder in my face when I shot it… Has this guy ever shot any rifle? I do not think so! If anyone wants a cheap Sig I deposited it in a pawn shop in exchange for a Rockriver arms M4 , and I deposited a sig 220 there plus some cash for a Colt Gold Cup Trophy. Never will sig see another penny of my money!