52 Weeks – 52 Rayguns

A conceptual design project called Raygun52 by Google Designer Alex Griendling:

Pictured above are a couple of the latest ones.  The site is definitely worth taking a look at if you’re into design and want to see some interesting/quirky ideas.

Head over to Raygun52 to see them all.


6 responses to “52 Weeks – 52 Rayguns”

  1. This is awesome.

  2. Mike Crometer Avatar
    Mike Crometer

    Ed couldn’t have said it better. We should have a design Competition like this on the blog. Maybe with anti vampire guns, or ultimate water gun designs. Just saying……
    ;) Oh BTW LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my new AR Bolt Face shirt everyone in the engineering dept at work loved it. They’re use to seeing Isometric views of parts on CAD. But not on shirts. Thumbs up.

    1. Definitely a cool shirt. Glad I got one before they sold out.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Glad you like it Ed, thanks again for your order.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Right on Mike. Thanks again for your order.

      I like The idea of a design competition. I’m not sure how much participation there would be, but maybe if I sweetened the deal with a couple shirts people would get involved. I’ll definitely give it some more thought.

      1. I think it would be a cool idea. Maybe even use the winning design as a shirt. I know I’d try to get a few submissions in.