Response To: How To Get The Attention Of Child Protective Services

The Westside Connection (In Living Color?) quote/clip with Jamie Foxx at the beginning was cool… Then I realized I was in for a dry 21 minute response:

If you missed the original video, the above was a response to the original post: How To Get The Attention Of Child Protective Services.

(3:30) “Hunting Mexicans” –  LOL kids say the funniest stuff.

(7:35) “I feel betrayed by blogs like this that are supposed to be like minded” – To each their own, but I don’t personally want to be associated with kids “playing” with guns.  It’s reckless enough when adults behave in such a manner.  You can have someone repeat the cardinal rules of gun safety over and over, but if you let them treat a real weapons like they are made by NERF, that’s just a recipe for an accident somewhere down the road if you ask me.

(13:30) “GunsForEveryone is made for those who are responsible with guns.  Those who treat those weapons with respect, yet still have fun.” – I’m still not seeing the “responsibility and respect”? Is it because the guns were not loaded?

I stand by what I said in the original post.  Like I’ve said in the past though, I really could give a shit less about stuff other people do as long as it doesn’t affect me; I will still talk about it on the blog though.   Some might say that his actions in the original video do directly affect me since I’m a gun owner.

Attached: A heart warming screenshot of the littlest one giving us the finger.  LOL man… *shakes head*



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  1. I did not watch the video, mainly cause I couldn’t stand the first vid and this one sounded even duller so I decided not to waste the brain cells. I will, however, say that when you associate yourself openly and publicly with a specific group and then post media that shows you behaving in a socially unfavorable light, you do in fact do damage to said group. I call it ‘social cock blocking’, A.K.A. The Jeremiah Wright Effect. Being a very vocal gun supporter and then video taping your very young children cussing like a drunken sailor with a stubbed toe is not good PR. Don’t give me that ‘youre overly politically correct’ bullshit that every teabagging gun owner tries to play every time they say or do something retarded either. There is a difference between being honest and being a douche… figure it out.

    1. +a million – this guy is the beaner cokeman. I jumped through the video and it did seem really boring.

      As with cokeman, this guy’s angle is to just put something out there so fucking retarded that people might click the link to check out his blog. That will happen once and they will never visit that blog again until him and his kids make an even more bizzare and unsafe video and ENDO-Mike posts it again.

      The best part is when he says he feels betrayed by you and anyone that doesn’t think giving kids guns to play with is a award winning idea.

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

      1. You call him a “beaner” and then say we can’t have nice things?

        As for the video:
        He claims he’s “never really been at (this blog),” which reminds me that gun owners are ALL across the map, especially on particular issues such as open-carry vs concealed-carry.

        He’s right about what he says in the video, “This isn’t for people who can’t take a joke.” I agree with this mentality, so long as it doesn’t violate the letter of the law. If you don’t think it’s funny don’t watch it. Some people watch porn bloopers because they think they’re funny. It’s not for everyone.
        As for the letter of the law, I’m sure most laws are based around someONE doing X or Y, but gun owners as a whole shouldn’t be demonized for ONE guy and his kids. Yes, it sucks gun owners are demonized every time ONE guy does something stupid, yet legal. Education is important.

        I do like how he says we ought to check out ENDO, and he encourages it so that we have an opportunity to see both views or “styles” as he puts it. “I’d be an ignorant fucking dipshit, if I made a judgement call on one little piece of information.” I’m happy he advocates researching both blogs and coming to one’s own conclusion.

        1. If you don’t think it’s funny don’t watch it. Some people watch porn bloopers because they think they’re funny. It’s not for everyone.

          There is a difference between making an edgy or offensive (but funny) joke and doing something totally unacceptable and then labeling it a joke to try to get a pass. To see examples of the former, look at any random post from Poppy or myself. To see an example of the latter, check out the two videos from gunsforeveryone. Just like I can’t videotape me punching a random old lady in the face and expect people to just ‘get it’, he can’t tape gun toting profanity spewing pre-teens and expect people to just ‘get it’.

          1. +1,000,000,000

          2. “doing something totally unacceptable and then labeling it a joke to try to get a pass”

            If you can list statues for that guy’s state showing me what he is doing is “unacceptable,” then I’ll accept what you say as truth, so long as he is convicted of such. You want to come out and say such, let’s up the ante by putting you responsible for your own words, just as you put responsibility on him and his children.

            Your morals do not outweigh his, nor does his outweigh your own. The letter of the law is what will hold up in terms of right and wrong. The title of main entry of this is “How To Get The Attention Of Child Protective Services”. On further inspection, his state appears to be Colorado. Here is the Main Number for Div of Child Welfare services: 303-866-5932
            And their site: It’s literally your call, Vhyrus.

            Waking up this morning I realized America was still a free country. No offense, by any means to you, but you’re more than welcomed to leave America, although I’m sure you’ll encounter more of what you deem unacceptable behavior elsewhere.

            Do I agree with his children’s behavior?
            Do I not have a right to not care?

            As I said, no offense.
            Yet I wonder if it’s appropriate to get on the high horse and not ride it, or rather speculate about whether or not we ought to get on said horse.

            1. Unacceptable and illegal are two different words. You seem to be having trouble differentiating them. No I don’t expect this guy to go to court or lose his kids over this, nor did I imply such things either. I do expect him to take shit for it. Just because you’re allowed to do something does not mean you should, and that one philosophy seems to escape the grasp of so many people who apparently make enough money to afford a firearm, a video camera, and an internet connection simultaneously. ‘It’s mah RAIHT!’ has become the rallying cry of the American lately, and it’s probably the driving reason we seem to be having an image problem internationally. Wait wait… let me guess… ‘Why should I care if some towelhead commie frog guido slant thinks bad about my country?’, right? Okay, live outside of socially accepted norms… it is in fact your right, just as it is ours not to associate with you.

              1. I take it you didn’t call the div. of child services.

                I said before, your morals and his are different, but for your to justify yours above his is still arbitrary, unless you decided to take it to a higher level. Is it not his right then to give YOU shit for not taking a joke in his opinion?

                Who are you to decide what people should and shouldn’t do?
                Who gives you the authority? Specifically the voice to dictate such, with internet impunity? As I said, if you feel you are right and justified, call that division in Colorado.

                As I said, no offense. ;)
                So far this is the United States of America.
                If you want virgin wool, find ugly sheep in Montana.
                If not, try New York.

  2. Didn’t watch the video, pretty much for the same reasons listed by Vhyrus and KevE.

    But more importantly, did he mention me? Also, if he thinks his stuff is so justified, why does he wear a mask?
    Oh yeah, and this…
    “I feel betrayed by blogs like this that are supposed to be like minded”

    Y’know guy, I could write a well-thought out and cogent argument in order to point out how wrong your are. But it’s 11pm, I’m tired, and I have yet to call my mom so that she can tuck me into bed.

    So, to sum up my hypothetical argument allow me to say this: Fuck you, fuck you so hard. I hope you get set on fire and then eaten by bears.

    1. Does your mother know you talk like this?

      No one is going to do homework for you, if you want to know if he mentioned you or not, watch the goddamn video for crying out loud.

      1. Can I just pay an Asian kid to do it instead? That’s what I usually do when there’s a really boring or hard homework assignment in Math class.

  3. 1. Profanity and insults are not, nor will they ever be, an effective response to profanity and insults.
    2. Yep, that family is a Child Protective Services raid just WAITING to happen.
    3. Their actions affect me because I am a firearms owner with a family. Aside from breathing oxygen and number of limbs, I have nothing in common with this family, yet their actions taint all of us.
    4. Here’s a hint: If what you’re doing in a YouTube Video requires you to conceal your identity, DON’T DO IT.

    1. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

      I watched the first video… at least as much as I could take. I guess you could say that I didn’t “get it.”

      But why write a lengthy boring response when ExurbanKevin summed it up so well?

    2. If what you’re doing in a YouTube Video requires you to conceal your identity, DON’T DO IT.

      I wish everyone subscribed to that line of thought. Along with that I’d add, “Just because you own a guitar and a video camera does not necessarily mean you’re a talented musician and should post videos of you singing!”

    3. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I love how his response to us saying that having the kids curse so much was offensive, was to have one of them flip us off. REAL MATURE /eyeroll

  4. Dude, he’s wearing a Club America shirt. What do you expect?

  5. Helpful hint: if you have to spend 20 minutes rationalizing why you did something on the intertubes to critics on the intertubes, you are doing something wrong.

  6. I watched some of this video and most of the last one. While I find it unfortunate that he has picked such a poor way to express himself, I must side with Mike on this one. If anyone ever behaved like this around me with a gun, I’d be horrified. If you want to raise your kids to curse like sailors, go for it, this is America and you may do as you please. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with you, and I don’t.

    1. +1

  7. Both videos embarrass me not only as a gun owner, but also as a human being.

  8. Ted N(not the Nuge) Avatar
    Ted N(not the Nuge)

    Haven’t watched either vid, and not going to, got better things to do.

    Still, there’s nothing classier than having your pre-teen children give internet critics the finger. Way to go buddy, that definitly won the match.

  9. AmericanCanon Avatar

    I watched a few of the videos and found them to be funny. I guess everyone’s sense of humor is different.
    The swearing is hard to handle at times, but kids are going to say those words eventually anyway. So at what age should people start swearing? I believe I said my first swear word at age 11. My mother smacked me and put hot sauce in my mouth. If only I knew the social services number back then! My mother would have spent some time in front of a judge, explaining her abusive actions. Monkey see, monkey due. My parents sweared any time they argued or had a rough day. But amazingly it was alright for them to swear when they felt needed, but when it came to me, no. My parents were HYPOCRITES!!!

    I must say that, these two kids, did not look like they were being told what to do at all. The kids looked like they were responding genuinely. In the other “ghost hunting video” the kids looked like they were having fun playing with the guns.

    As for the mask issue, I think it is all part of the show. The whole family has matching masks, I do not see that as an issue of them being cowards at all. They are dressing up as characters, it is NO different than drama class.

    I want to know what laws were broken? If you watch the other videos, the little boy actually recites the rules of gun handling. The kids seem to know right from wrong.

    I am not sure how much I would have in common with this family, but they seem like they would be a blast to be around. I believe in freedom and the pursuit to happiness. Please allow this family to be free and happy. I look forward to see what else this family comes up with.