Blanks Or Not, This Guy Is A Douchebag

No one has ever died or been injured from blanks though right? *eye roll*

Whether you hate on him for his shooting technique, trigger discipline, that dumb looking hat/scarf combo, or the “I’m gifted” t-shirt… I think we can agree he’s a douchebag.

Also, few things piss me off more than when I see someone pulling the trigger so fast and not even counting their rounds and then continue to pull the trigger long after the magazine is empty.

Isn’t it the “props master’s” job to make sure idiotic displays like this don’t take place?

Hat tip: DFHD


19 responses to “Blanks Or Not, This Guy Is A Douchebag”

  1. What is that large black pistol he’s using? I saw that in Umshini Wam and I haven’t figured it out yet.

    1. It’s a special blank firing pistol, used in europe usually.

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      It’s a Zoraki 925 with the extended magazine. The small one is a Zoraki 914, both can be bought from the Maxell corporation (who are the only U.S importers of Zoraki blank guns)

  2. yup. he’s a douche.

  3. Three words:
    Jon-Erik Hexsum

  4. Dillankid Avatar

    I watched the thing muted (at work) and am still so annoyed at the guy I want to punch my screen…

    1. Ryo Ohki Avatar

      Oh, you missed out, when you get home play it with sound and the DBag effect is increased by 3 fold.

  5. This guy is waaaay more dangerous than the Luchador dude and kids.

    Someone obviously forgot to teach this guy anything about firearms safety. And he’s dressed like a douche bag in the process. Is he Jake Zweig’s cousin?

  6. Did anyone notice the hipster-style mustache tattoo on his finger? He’s a little old for that, isn’t he?

  7. What’s with the video’s title? I watched it and kept expecting this fuckstick fine specimen of humanity, to suffer grievous harm from his stupidity.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea, a classic youtube bait and switch! :/

  8. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    I’m surprised that he didnt fire either of those in Full-auto, both the zoraki 914 (silver pistol) and 925 (black pistol) have a full-auto function.

  9. Are you fucking kidding me?

    *palm face*

    Fucking people. Herp a durp. He must have muzzled everyone there dozens of times. Way to go.

    Woudl have been great if he looked down the barrel and it fired and he died. Would have saved us from one less douch bag with a “toy” gun.

    Its just blanks… it doenst fucking matter afijseghsdkjhg Fuck im annoyed.. Damn you Mike for finding this shit!

    *Hat tip*

    1. Fuel on Anti-Fire :/ Play that shit on mute and watch the concerned parents chime in.

      Its the shoulder thing that goes up… and the douch bag the dies from blanks.. Same thing.

  10. Didn’t Bruce Lee’s son get killed with a blank firing gun while filming a movie?

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Jet lee is still very much alive, Bruce lee died while filming the crow because a foreign object was in the barrel of a blank gun being used. (blanks are never supposed to be pointed directly at actors anyway, they point them to the left or right).

      However, actor Jon-Eric Hexum died while being stupid with a blank gun.

      1. Jet lee is still very much alive, Bruce lee died while filming the crow because a foreign object was in the barrel of a blank gun being used.

        Really? Are you maybe talking about “Jet Li”? See how that’s spelled different, because they’re not related? And Bruce Lee died almost 40 years ago; it was his son, Brandon, who died during the filming of The Crow.

        1. Ernest Young Avatar
          Ernest Young

          Sorry, I was incorrect, yes, Brandon lee is not Bruce lee. and Jet Li is not related. Li/lee is the Chinese word for fire and is the equivalent of the last name smith in the U.S, that is too say, VERY common.

  11. The combination of his face, tshirt, lack of trigger discipline and the fact that he keeps pulling on the trigger expecting for some reason the gun to magically fix the malfunction and start firing again makes him a really large douche bag.