Larry Vickers Walking A Tank Dog

would make the most epic Halloween costume ever:

Tank Dog Weapons Test:

“Listen up homes I got something to tell you.  Stop what you’re doing and mix me a drink.” -The LAV

Sadly no one I hang out with would get the Larry Vickers reference.   Who wouldn’t like a tank dog though?

Anyone have any other good gun related Halloween costume ideas?

Tactical super ninja Rich Graham would be another funny one that only you guys would get.  There would have to be a “Poppy” reference incorporated somewhere into the costume too.. maybe attached at the hip, or a mirror that said “Poppy” on it. :P


7 responses to “Larry Vickers Walking A Tank Dog”

  1. Is that Poppy in the costume?

    1. You’re just jealous ’cause you know you don’t as good in treads as I do.

      1. You’re just jealous ’cause you know you don’t look as good in treads as I do.

        I meant to add “look,” oops.

  2. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    Thats the best use I’ve seen for thoes little rat dogs.

  3. I like the AR15 Leash she has!

  4. On the one hand, I just love that the treads actually move. On the other hand, unless they are Swedish, put the damn barrel on the damn turret!