Blackwater Video Game

ROFL.. not sure if serious:

Combining Xbox360 Kinect with a game like this is basically a recipe to create the ultimate mall ninja.  The guy in the video is so into it, he reminds me of the Hardcore Video Game Weapon Nerd, except this dude gives off a creepy rapist vibe.

Prediction:  If it’s accurate to real life, players will run amuck without any common sense game constraints (Grand theft auto style) where you can do the grimiest things, this will gain mainstream media attention and soon after they will rename the game to Xe and sweep it under the rug.  Oh yea and in the process the U.S. government will be billed hundreds of millions of dollars.

The official Blackwater game website – HERE

I guess it is real, because you can pre-order it for $50 (October 25, 2011 delivery) – HERE


11 responses to “Blackwater Video Game”

  1. I like how the website uses an image of an ammo can that says “Blank” with cartridges that look like… .45-70?

    I don’t remember the recent history around Blackwater, but I recall Xe is gone and the Blackwater name was bought and whored out to no end. Like to a video game studio.

    But honestly, a shooter with a rating of “Teen”? Pass.

  2. Xe/Blackwater is still around. The only thing that changed is Price left the organization.

  3. NO NO NO

    The game WILL NOT play this way, a shooter requires too much fine, precise control to be converted to a Kinect FPS. And an on-rails one at that. This ad is LIES.

  4. Punish3r Avatar

    ROFL think I’ll skip this one..

  5. go to the website and go to the “tactical” section, then you can see the actual game being played.. (I’m skipping this game)

  6. Ryo Ohki Avatar

    That’s not the BlackWater I know, The guys I got exposed to spent their time gluing quarters to the ground in front of the building and chuckling as people try to pick them up. (Maby they will release a jackass mod)

  7. really?…. ridiculous. great recruiting tool though.

  8. Oh so lame… The graphics are crap, the game play is probably boring. The most likely left out the douchebag contractors wearing affliction shirts and doing roids all day while drinking muscle milk brah!

    As for Mall Ninja… reminds me of that one kid who plays exactly like this dude in the commercial, but at an arcade.. Did you post something about that??? I dont recall… one sec..

    here it is…

    bwahahaha…. So lame.

  9. +1 to rapist vibe.

  10. 1. Go to this page:

    2. Scroll to the bottom.

    3. lol

  11. Alexthegreater Avatar

    In b4 somebody kicks a hole in there TV playing this.