AR-15 v.s. AK-47 v.s. Mosin-Nagant

A very long internet classic:

AR15: You can pick off prairie dogs at 300 meters all day long
AK47: You can pick off a deer pretty easy at 300 meters
Mosin-Nagant: You get out of your truck, see an elk on top of a hill, and realize you really can use iron sights that far.

AR15: You measure your misses by sub MOA measurements
AK47: You miss and, and aim a bit lower this time.
Mosin-Nagant: Even if you miss the shockwave of the bullet will kill the animal.

AR15: You are careful to keep in clean in the field.
AK47: You don’t worry so much about some dirt getting in it.
Mosin-Nagant: It still has gritty grease inside it from when the Finnish army put it into storage.

AR15: Your bayonet will do an alright job of butchering your kill if needed.
AK47: The bayonet doubles as a decent hunting knife.
Mosin-Nagant: Your bayonet can be used to spit roast an entire pig.

AR15: Nice and light for carrying over obstructions.
AK47: Handy package for carrying over obstructions.
Mosin-Nagant: You can pole vault over obstructions.

AR15: Can’t run dry or you get seizure.
AK47: Can run dry, but may cause laquered ammo to stick in chamber.
Mosin-Nagant: Just handling the bolt gives it enough oil to operate smoothly.

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What your wife does after she finds out you spent the tax refund / stimulus payment on a –

AR15: She yells at you for spending the whole thing on a plastic varmint rifle.
AK47: She is disappointed at what an ugly rifle you spent half of it on.
Mosin-Nagant: She doesn’t even notice the Mosin-Nagant because of the diamond ring you got her with all the left over cash.

AR15: Melts IN the fire
AK47: Starts ON fire
Mosin-Nagant: Starts THE fire

AR15: With a custom barrel, Varmint Scope, and gunsmith trigger job, you can vaporize prairie dogs at 600 yards.
AK47: With a good rain, you can wait hidden in the mud at the side of a watering hole and wait for the game to come to you for a shot within 10 yards.
Mosin-Nagant: With a solid shooting position, you can hit that deer on the other side of the valley… and recover the bullet in the tree it was standing in front of.

AR15: You can buy 100 round magazines that require dry-carbon lubricant.
AK47: You can do push-ups on your 30 round steel mag (Saw this in a SPETSNATZ documentary).
Mosin-Nagant: You can use the buttstock to pound in a tent stake and if you don’t have tent stakes, the bayonet will work as one.

AR-15: Carried by elite special forces and highly-trained American soldiers
AK-47: Carried by illiterate peons and unwilling conscripts.
Mosin-Nagant-Nagant: Carried by Vassily Zaitsev.

AR15: Might just stop that charging terrorist with a three round burst
AK47: Would stop the terrorist in his tracks
Mosin-Nagant: Would stop the charging terrorist, his three buddies, and blow up the IED in the next block from the shockwave of the bullet…

AR15: Shoots a .22.
AK47: Shoots a carbine round.
Mosin-Nagant: Shoots a cannonball.

AR15: Shot by the free world
AK47: Shot at the free world
Mosin-Nagant: Almost free to shoot

AR15: Shoot it in the air it goes a mile
AK47: Shoot it in the air it goes 1/2 a mile
Mosin-Nagant: Shoot it in the air and someone in Berlin gets hit by a bullet.

AR15: Made out of used cars and recycled milk jugs
AK47: Made out of oil rigs and packing crates
Mosin-Nagant: Made out of old water pipe and goat carts

AR15: Sounds like a pop gun
AK47: Sounds like a machine gun
Mosin-Nagant: Sounds like the Trinity Atomic Blast

AR15: Sometimes mistaken for a toy
AK47: Sometimes mistaken for random parts
Mosin-Nagant: Sometimes mistaken for an artillery piece, or an anti-aircraft gun

AR15: Pray (it works) and spray
AK47: Spray and pray(you hit something)
Mosin-Nagant: The hammer of God

AR15: Makes grown men laugh.
AK47: Makes grown men cry.
Mosin-Nagant: Makes grown men incontinent.

AR15: Finicky when dirty.
AK47: Still works when dirty.
Mosin-Nagant: Arrives Dirty from the Distributor.

AR15: Don’t run over it…it will Break
AK47: Run over it, it still shoots.
Mosin-Nagant: Run over it and it will flatten your Tires!

AR15: Makes a Pop when fired
AK47: Makes a Boom when fired
Mosin-Nagant: What the hell was that ???

AR15: Ok, I got One!
AK47: Ok, I have 3 different ones.
Mosin-Nagant: Ok, I have Mosin-itis and have 14 and looking for More….

AR15: Makes a small hole in a tree
AK47: Makes a medium sized hole in a tree
Mosin-Nagant: Blows tree in half making firewood available.

AR15: Kills rabbits and coyotes
AK47: Kills pigs and small deer
Mosin-Nagant: If you can’t kill it with a Mosin-Nagant, it can’t be killed

AR15: Safe to stow in poly bags
AK47: Safe to stow in a rice paddy
Mosin-Nagant: Safe to stow in a landfill

AR15: 100 round beta c drum mags you can load with a speed loader
AK47: 75 round drum magazine you have to reload individually by pressing a lever
Mosin-Nagant: You can store 20 of them in a drum with about 1000 rounds on stripper clips

AR15: Has a nice Airsoft copy
AK47: Has a nice Airsoft copy
Mosin-Nagant: Who needs Airsoft when you can fire blanks.

AR15: Makes a nice paperweight
AK47: Makes a nice doorstop
Mosin-Nagant: Makes a nice baseball bat and way cheaper then aluminum

AR15: Loyal following of people that have more money than sense.
AK47: Loyal following of people that have a longer police record than the range of the rifle.
Mosin-Nagant: Loyal following of people that have more rounds of ammo than they got hairs on all family members’ heads combined.

AR-15: Your enemies will giggle
AK-47: Your enemies will take cover and swear as they ready their weapons
Mosin-Nagant: Your enemies will flatten themselves to the ground and offer up prayers of salvation to whatever god they believe in…then they will die.

AR-15: Drop it from ten feet and it shatters.
AK-47: Drop it from ten feet and it still works.
Mosin-Nagant: Drop it from ten feet and it’s more lethal than a lawn dart.

AR-15: You can melt it with a magnifying glass.
AK-47: Under a magnifying glass, you can see the ingrained dirt.
Mosin-Nagant: Under a magnifying glass, you can see the soaked-in BLOOD.

AR-15: Safe, Semiautomatic, Full-Auto (more like full-JAM)
AK-47: Safe(dubious), Semiautomatic, Full-Auto
Mosin-Nagant: Kill, Maim, Destroy

AR-15: When you run out of ammo, duck for cover and spend 15 minutes cleaning and reloading
AK-47: You could probably rig it up to fire chain-linked ammo
Mosin-Nagant: When you run out of ammo (never) you can shoot chaff and langrage from it (wikipedia that)

AR-15: My daddy bought me this weapon for my birthday
AK-47: I saved two weeks’ paychecks to buy this.
Mosin-Nagant: I think it was free…

AR-15: My rifle floated away in the flood
AK-47: My rifle was submerged for three weeks by the flood and still works
Mosin-Nagant: I fired my rifle and the flood waters parted…

AR15: You keep your bayonet in the kitchen because it is a good steak knife
AK47: You keep your bayonet in your toolbox because it is a good wire cutter
Mosin-Nagant: You no longer fix your bayonet in the house because the last time you did you poked a hole in the ceiling when you stood up

AR15: For $1000 you can get one
AK47: For $1000 you can get two and 300 rounds of ammo
Mosin-Nagant: For $1000 you can get 16 of them plus a Bulgarian armory’s worth of surplus ammo

AR15: Can start brush fires with incendiary ammunition.
AK47: Can start brush fires by dropping it after the handguard catches fire.
Mosin-Nagant: Can start brush fires by firing from anything lower than a kneeling position.

AR15: Built with custom parts, nice trigger, all the bells and whistles $1500+
AK47: Modified with aftermarket and 1,000 rounds of ammo not even $1500
Mosin-Nagant: Stock, with 1,000 rounds maybe $300, meaning you get $1200 to spend on more beer

AR15: Takes a few men out in a sweeper movement
AK47: Takes most men out in a sweeper movement
Mosin-Nagant: Shoot one the sonic boom will handle the rest

AR15: Used in negotiations
AK47: Reason for negotiations
Mosin-Nagant: Negotiator

AR15: I think I felt it kick
AK47: Kinda like a 20 guage
Mosin-Nagant: Dislocation
Mosin-Nagant with heavy ball: Where’s my freaking shoulder

AR15: Takes 3 rounds to take out your enemy
AK47: takes 30 rounds sprayed and hopefully you hit your target
Mosin-Nagant: 1 shot, 50 kills

AR15: More options than a custom Rolls-Royce. No two guns are alike.
AK47: Same number of options as a Toyota Corolla. Most guns look alike.
Mosin-Nagant: Options: You want a bayonet with that?

The limits of customizing a-
AR15: How much $ you got.
AK47: What you can find in the Tapco catalog.
Mosin-Nagant: How much duct tape Bubba’s got.

AR15: Such light recoil, you could put on over your balls and fire.
AK47: Recoil manageable enough for anyone to use it.
Mosin-Nagant: Recoil that registers as small tremors in the earth itself.

AR15: Bullet starts tumbling the moment it meets sufficient resistance, like paper
AK47: Bullet will continue trajectory until it hits something solid, like a deer
Mosin-Nagant: It keeps going and going and going….

AR15: You probably drive a Lexus
AK47: If you’re lucky to possess a vehicle, it’s referred to as a “Technical”
Mosin-Nagant: You hang truck-balls off your trailer hitch, and you’re proud of them.

AR15: Lots of fancy optics available
AK47: You can bolt some stuff to the side
Mosin-Nagant: Who cares about optics when the barrel is long enough to smack the enemy over the head without even leaving your foxhole.

AR15: Used by special forces to kill terrorists
AK47: Used by revolutionaries and any two bit nation’s illiterate conscripts to kill each other
Mosin-Nagant: Used by Simo Häyhä to kill Russian conscripts

AR15: Requires over 1000 rounds to break in
AK47: May need some breaking in
Mosin-Nagant: The stripper clips require more breaking in

AR15: Can take down smaller sized game.
AK47: Can take down average sized game.
Mosin-Nagant: Can take down satellites.

AR15: Invented 50 years ago by a consummate engineer
AK47: Invented 60 years ago by wounded tank sergeant
Mosin-Nagant: Invented 117 years ago by two drunks on a budget.

AR15: Star wars
AK47: Holy wars
Mosin-Nagant: Class wars

AR15: Makes small holes
AK47: Makes big holes
Mosin-Nagant: Makes black holes

AR15: Nice lightweight ammo can be carried in quantity.
AK47: You can carry a chest pouch with lots of mags with no problem.
Mosin-Nagant: Ammo is also used in tanks, and larger artillery pieces.

Domestic uses of the bayonet:
AR15: You affix it to your rifle and use it as a dibble to plant tulip bulbs in the garden.
AK47: You affix it to your rifle and use it to trim low-hanging tree branches.
Mosin-Nagant: You affix it to your rifle, accidentally stab it into the ceiling and bring down a square foot of plaster, and spend the next week sleeping on the couch because your wife is pissed off at you.

AR15: Comes in Pink Hello Kitty and Barbie
AK47: Comes in Pink Hello Kitty
Mosin-Nagant: What’s pink?

AR15: Iran-Contra was a cover-up
AK47: Afghanistan (1980) was a cover-up
Mosin-Nagant: Chernobyll was a cover-up

You call the thing with the ammo in it a “clip” and…
AR15: Your buddies glare at you and don’t speak to you for a month.
AK47: Your buddies smile at you with their gold teeth and “blast another cap.”
Mosin-Nagant: Your buddies smile at you because it’s one of the few times you all get to call something a “clip”… and be right.

AR15: Clean with fancy lubes and solvents with special tools.
AK47: Clean? In Soviet Russia AK clean you!
Mosin-Nagant: Squirt some Windex down the bore. Ready for another 500 rounds tomorrow!

AR15: You can be an expert with this rifle after basic training
AK47: You can be an expert with this rifle after a seminar at the Holiday Inn on AKs
Mosin-Nagant: You can be an expert with this rifle after spending 30 minutes on the internet reading forums, and watching youtube videos

AR15: Can shoot a squirrel and have a great meal
AK47: Can shoot a squirrel and have some meat left to eat.
Mosin-Nagant: There is a tail left around here somewhere.

AR15: Puts some countries air force to shame
AK47: Used by countries who can’t afford an air force
Mosin-Nagant: Could be used to take down an air force

AR15: Shoot one and you’ll be owning one soon!
AK47: Shoot one and you will buy some high capacity magazines and 1000 rounds of ammo
Mosin-Nagant: Shoot one and you will own 15 and want another!

AR15: Goes pew pew pew
AK47: Goes pow pow pow
Mosin-Nagant: Goes BOOOOOOOM!

AR15: Made by a stoned Eugene
AK47: Made by an injured Kalashnikov
Mosin-Nagant: Made by a drunken Belgian and a crazy Ivan

Owners drink of choice
AR15: Cognac
AK47: Malt liquor
Mosin-Nagant: Brake cleaner

AR15: Makes a tiny hole with no fragmentation or undue extra injury, in accordance with the Geneva Convention
AK47: Makes a big hole and sometimes flings severed body parts around, not in accordance with the Geneva Convention
Mosin-Nagant: One of the reasons the Geneva Convention was written

AR15: Can shoot it off your head and it won’t kill you
AK47: Shoot it off your head and you die
Mosin-Nagant: Shoot if from your shoulder and you need it popped back into place

AR15: Used to kill Enemies of the State.
AK47: Used by Enemies of the State.
Mosin-Nagant: Enemy at the Gates.

AR15: Good for shooting poodles.
AK47: Good for shooting enemies of the state
Mosin-Nagant: Good for shooting light armored vehicles

AR15: Keeps gunsmiths in business
AK47: Keeps drug dealers and terrorists in business
Mosin-Nagant: Keeps Chiropractors in business

AR15: Built like a Toy.
AK47: Built like a Sewing Machine.
Mosin-Nagant: Built like a Tank!

AR15: Too much Plastic.
AK47: Too Much Sheet metal.
Mosin-Nagant: Too much of everything!

AR15: stays in the Vault.
AK47: not allowed in the vault.
Mosin-Nagant: Can be used to Pole Vault!

AR15: In your Heart you think it’s ugly.
AR15: In your Heart you know it’s ugly.
Mosin-Nagant: You’re afraid to call it ugly!

AR15: It doesn’t go anywhere near <shudder> water… Unless you’re drinking Evian
AK47: If water touches it, it would mistake it for a cleaning solvent and fall apart
Mosin-Nagant: Row-row-row your boat, gently down the Volga…

AR15: If it gets in the Mekong river, you need to clean it before firing.
AK47: If it gets in the Mekong river, shake the water out before firing.
Mosin-Nagant: Used as an oar to paddle up and down the Mekong river

AR15: Used to attack soldiers building a bridge across the Mekong
AK47: Used to protect soldiers building a bridge across the Mekong
Mosin-Nagant: Used to actually build the bridge across the Mekong.

AR15: Plastics make it possible
AK47: Sheet metal make it possible
Mosin-Nagant: Driftwood make it possible

AR15: Nice useful little round.
AK47: Very functional round.
Mosin-Nagant: Anti Tank Round

AR15: Useful against unarmored foe
AK47: Useful against armored foe
Mosin-Nagant: Useful against foe on the other side of the battlefield!

AR15: Useful for hosing down forward edge of the battle area…
AK47: Useful for hosing down sky over forward edge of the battle area…
Mosin-Nagant: Useful for hosing down rear of the battle area, enemy reserves and basic training camps at home…

AR15: Thousands of moving parts, held together by hundreds of bolts, screws, and precision welds.
AK47: Several dozen moving parts, held together by a few screws and some drunken Ivan’s light-sabering with an acetylene torch.

AR15: Owner votes for John McCain
AK47: Owner prays for Barack Hussein Osama
Mosin-Nagant: Owner can overthrow the government no matter who becomes president.

AR15: One tenth the firepower at 10 times the price
AK47: Half the Firepower at twice the price
Mosin-Nagant: 10 times the firepower at one tenth the price

AR15: Turns little rocks into pebbles
AK47: Turns big rocks into little rocks
Mosin-Nagant: Makes molehills out of mountains

AR15: One inch groups at 100 yards.
AK47: Five to six inch groups at 100 yards.
Mosin-Nagant: Muzzle is one inch from target at 100 yards.

AR15: Designs drawn on blueprint paper by stoner and a team of experts in a R&D facility
AK47: Designs drawn on notebook paper by Kalashnikov in a Soviet hospital
Mosin-Nagant: Designs drawn on cocktail napkins by a drunken Sergei Mosin-Nagant in a bar

AR15: Clean with a bunch of cloths, patches, picks, brushes and don’t loose the small parts. Clean every 100 rounds.
AK47: Run a patch down the barrel, wipe out the chamber every few months.
Mosin-Nagant: Throw it in the dishwasher every couple years.

AR15: New shooters love it because of good ergonomics and light recoil.
AK47: New shooters love it because of light recoil.
Mosin-Nagant: New shooters required to sign a waiver-absolving owner of physical damage incurred from recoil

AR15: Usually equipped with flash hider to reduce muzzle flash.
AK47: Can be equipped with flash hider to reduce muzzle flash.
Mosin-Nagant: Muzzle flash can be used to summon the mother ship.

AR15: Can be used to defend home against crooks
AK47: Can be used to defend Oil Tanker against Pirates
Mosin-Nagant: Can Replace one of the Deck Guns on the Kirov Class Battle cruiser

AR-15: Defenders
AK-47: Invaders
Mosin-Nagant: Victors

AR15: High cost, high maintenance.
AK47: Low cost, low maintenance.
Mosin-Nagant: What are these cost and maintenance things you speak of?

AR15: Your rifle takes a few hours to sight in, starting at 50 yard and moving up to 200, making minute adjustments with a small screwdriver.
AK47: You slide your rear sight around until you hit the target.
Mosin-Nagant: You hit your rifle with a hammer to sight it.

AR15: Arm of the free world
AK47: Arm of everybody else
Mosin-Nagant: Arm of Chuck Norris

AR15: Politicians fear it.
AK47: Media fears it.
Mosin-Nagant: Zombies fear it!

At an indoor range.
AR15: Gets people’s attention because of it’s wonderful accuracy.
AK47: Gets people’s attention because of it’s rugged reliability.
Mosin-Nagant: Gets people’s attention because muzzle flash sets off sprinkler system!

As for accurizing.
AR15: You buy match grade components installed by professional gunsmith and spend thousands of dollars.
AK47: You buy GOOD ammo and optics and spend hundreds of dollars.
Mosin-Nagant: You use an empty soda can, some sand paper and spend seven bucks!

AR15: You can put one hole in a paper target at 100 meters with 30 rounds.
AK47: You can put a .30″ hole through 12” of oak, if you can hit it.
Mosin-Nagant: You can knock down everyone else’s target with the shock wave of your bullet going downrange.

AR15: When out of ammo, your rifle makes a great whiffle bat.
AK47: When out of ammo your rifle will nominally pass as a club.
Mosin-Nagant: When out of ammo, your rifle makes a supreme war club, pike, boat oar, tent pole, or firewood.

AR15: What’s recoil?
AK47: Recoil is manageable, even fun.
Mosin-Nagant: Recoil is often used to relocate shoulders thrown out by the previous shot.

AR15: Your sight adjustment is incremented in fractions of minute of angle.
AK47: Your sight adjustment goes to “10”, and you’ve never bothered moving it.
Mosin-Nagant: Your sight adjustment goes to 12 miles and you’ve actually tried it.

AR15: After a day at the range, you detail strip your rifle and thoroughly clean and lubricate it with only the best products.
AK47: After a day of shooting out back you run a quick patch through the bore and throw your rifle in the back of your truck.
Mosin-Nagant: Cleaning….and maintenance?

AR15: Millennium Falcon
AK47: Star Destroyer
Mosin-Nagant: The Death Star

As for accessories.
AR15: You have a never ending list of high dollar tacticool accessories.
AK47: You have a never ending list of Chinese made tacticool accessories.
Mosin-Nagant: You have carry strap and ammo what more you need comrade?

AR15: Cost a lot of money
AK47: Cost some money
Mosin-Nagant: free with purchase of bayonet

AR15: Backordered.
AK47: Backordered.
Mosin-Nagant: Mail ordered.

AR15: When out of ammo you would rather die than risk damaging your $1200 rifle buy using it as a club.
AK47: When out of ammo your rifle makes a nice club.
Mosin-Nagant: Your rifle is a club that can shoot people.

AR15: When on patrol in Vietnam ammo is so light you can carry around 900 rounds of ammo with you.
AK47: When patrolling your warlord’s territory, you carry all the ammo you need in the back of a technical.
Mosin-Nagant: When sent to battle at Stalingrad you are only issued a stripper clip of ammunition and told that you would find your rifle laying on the ground.

AR15: Got it by joining army
AK47: Got it with one paycheck
Mosin-Nagant: Got it by saving beer cans

On prairie dogs:
AR15: You sit back with your buddies poopin them all day long 651hits 3 misses.
AK47: You and another person go to a dog-town fire 4,000 rounds and each get one be cause they were 8 feet away and deaf.
Mosin-Nagant: You go with 3 other people get the first shot at the first P-dog you see and wipe out the entire colony, leaving a crater that the people who find it claim was a meteor impact.

Regarding muzzle blast:
AR15: Makes a popping sound that is hardly noticed at a public range.
AK47: Makes a hearty boom that usually gets noticed at a public range.
Mosin-Nagant: Makes the Earth tremble and two guys in Bavaria look at each other and ask “vat da hell vas dat?!”

AR15: Looks like a toy
AK47: Looks cobbled together from spare parts
Mosin-Nagant: Looks like a Kentucky Musket of DOOM!

AR15: Sworn at by three generations of American soldiers and Marines
AK47: Brought back as a proof of kill by Carlos Hathcock
Mosin-Nagant: Carried by Samo Hayho, Vasili Ziatsev and feared on both sides of the battle line in the hands of snipers.

AR15: Flash suppressed, super stealthy
AK47: Why worry about stealth when you and your comrades can pour a wall of lead onto the enemy?
Mosin-Nagant: Blinds anybody within 150 meters who’s not wearing welding goggles.

AR15: Can use the bayonet to whittle
AK47: Can use the bayonet to kill an enemy or butcher food
Mosin-Nagant: Bayonet used to cut the sheet metal parts they use to make AR’s and AK’s

AR15: Underslung grenade launcher can take out a dug-in enemy at 300 meters
AK47: Underslung grenade launcher makes a lot of noise and a huge dirt crater
Mosin-Nagant: Who needs grenades when your bullets are so big they can kill tanks?

AR15: Inspired by science fiction
AK47: Inspired by a need for a reliable, selectable-fire weapon
Mosin-Nagant: Inspired by men with balls. Men with HUGE, HAIRY BALLS

AR15: Comprised of several hundred moving parts, usually falls victim to Murphy’s law
AK47: Comprised of as few moving parts as possible, almost impossible to break unless something goes REALLY REALLY WRONG (which might IMPROVE the accuracy)
Mosin-Nagant: Has only one moving part, is held together by only two screws, and damned well outshoots both of the above.

AR15: Rust is your mortal enemy, you clean your gun five times a day.
AK47: Rust might become a problem in a few years, you clean your gun once a month.
Mosin-Nagant: Rust makes your rifle look more authentic.

AR15: You clean your rifle with molecularly engineered precision $1000-ounce synthetic lubricant
AK47: WD-40 is acceptable
Mosin-Nagant: If everything else runs out you can clean your rifle with your own piss

With regard to sound volume:
AR15: Suitable for use with a sound suppressor because its tiny bullet is already quiet.
AK47: No need for a sound suppressor because the enemy will be flat on the ground with their hands over their ears, hiding from the sheer volume of fire.
Mosin-Nagant: You don’t need a sound suppressor, because after the first shot the enemy will be totally deaf anyway.

How long does it take to learn to care for your rifle?
AR15: It will take a drill sergeant about a week to teach you what you need to know about how to disassemble, reassemble and maintain your rifle.
AK47: A good gunnery sergeant can teach you how to care for one in about 4 hours.
Mosin-Nagant: You can learn how to take it apart and put it back together in about 15 minutes with the manual and a couple of YouTube videos in front of you.

AR15: Must be carefully cleaned every 100 rounds or so.
AK47: Only have to worry about cleaning if using Wolf ammo
Mosin-Nagant: Cleaning? Consists of getting liquored up on vodka and peeing down the barrel to get rid of corrosive salts from milsurp primers.

AR15: Opened by pushing 2 pins
AK47: Opened with a swift kick
Mosin-Nagant: Opened with a 2X4 and a ball peen hammer

AR15: Mostly made out of expensive polymers
AK47: Mostly made out of cheap stamped metal and particle board
Mosin-Nagant: Mostly made out of “whatever the f*ck the comrades could find lying around the People’s Factory”

AR15: can probably put together a nice one, due to the popularity of ownership, for under $1,000
AK47: Can probably get a decent one, or refurbished one, for under $500.
Mosin-Nagant: Can probably buy rifle, 440 rounds of ammo, and a case of Windex for under $200.

AR15: Won’t work unless you clean it every day
AK47: Should be cleaned at least once a year
Mosin-Nagant: Was last cleaned by a Russian conscript in Berlin in 1945

AR15: If the firing pin breaks you send it to the factory for repairs
AK47: If the firing pin breaks you buy a new one
Mosin-Nagant: If the firing pin breaks you just screw it deeper into the bolt

AR15: Your accessories cost more than the rifle
AK47: All your accessories cost around $300
Mosin-Nagant: All your accessories come free with the rifle

AR15: Accountant’s Rifle
AK47: Factory Worker’s Rifle
Mosin-Nagant: If you can fill out an application, you can probably already afford it

AR15: Tax return will get it
AK47: Tax return will get you 2 plus mags
Mosin-Nagant: Tax Return will get you a case plus enough ammo to last you till doomsday

AR15: Made when jet passenger flight was fairly regular
AK47: Made when knowing how to fly could make you an officer
Mosin-Nagant: Made when hot air balloons were considered the ultimate flight technology

AR15: Buttstock is collapsible, only used to aid in shooting the rifle
AK47: Buttstock is also good for knocking some oppressor’s teeth out
Mosin-Nagant: Buttstock is good for use as a sledgehammer, crutch, club, or boat oar


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131 responses to “AR-15 v.s. AK-47 v.s. Mosin-Nagant”

  1. AR: Cleaned diligently after every range trip
    AK: Cleaned every few months
    Mosin: Last cleaned in Berlin, 1945 by an illiterate Ukranian peasant.

    1. Damn that list was so long I missed the fact that it was already written (just saw it as I scrolled back up)

  2. I get why it’s funny, but are there any people who honestly believe the Mosin is superior to the other two rifles. Or is it just a joke?

    1. I take it as a joke but there seems to be this Fad with them growing and growing now that Gander has boxes of them to give away. Tons of guys in my area buying them up cheap and bragging about them. I don’t know what the allure is with them. Neat looking, cheap, can’t hit shit with them. One guy I meet was bragging his was a “Sniper Rifle in WW2”. I about fell over laughing at that.

      1. There’s such a thing called “Bedding” and “Floating”. Might want to get in to it, silly child.

        I’d trust my accuracy on a Nagant over either of the two, but as for combat… Not so much.

        1. Pretty much.

          But that requires one to learn about firearms, instead of just throwing money at them.

        2. So yours is spot on. Good for you. I was referring to those that are buying them in my area for $100…they are in boxes to dig through at Gander and they can’t hit shit with them.

          If you’ve got one squared away and shooting accurate, good for you.

          /silly child….haven’t been called that in 30 some years..

          1. Leude Sedah Avatar
            Leude Sedah

            All Mosin Nagants cost around $100 to $200. Not because they are bad guns, they are excellent rifles. The reason that they are so cheap is because there was over 17 million of them made during the war. And as for the sniper rifle half-ass remark, have you ever heard of Simo Hayha? He is the sniper with the most confirmed kills in the history of war, and used a Mosin Nagant for his entire campaign. With no scope. Eventually the Russians got so frustrated with him that they started calling in airstrikes on what ever locations they believed him to be at.

            1. Kurt Cook Avatar
              Kurt Cook

              …and he survived the war.

              1. …and finally died in 2002

      2. Relorian Avatar

        Mosin’s are pretty accurate out of the box. You can tinker a little with them, do some bedding and floating and make them shoot as well as most of the overpriced deer guns you’ll see round hunting season.

        The ex-Sniper ones are better out of the box than their conscript cousins and once proper optics are attached in proper ways (Not some craptastic scout mount that cost’s 3.50 on ebay) they are more accurate than most of the deerguns you’ll see.

        If you personally cant hit shit with a mosin I rather feel sorry for you.

        1. Again, if people have them that shoot great, awesome. My reference was to the Fad in my area, guys are buying them up cheap and they can’t hit shit with them. When I say shit, sure, they can shoot good at 50yds but stretch it out and most guys I talk to aren’t grouping worth a damn with them. Why? Because they bought a cheap one that has seen a rough life.

          If anyone brings a well keep accurate one to my range I’ll be glad to brag it up. So far I haven’t seen that from the guys I’ve talked to. Most guys I know outside the tubes buy them because someone else has one..

      3. cant hit shit with them?
        ur the kinda person who just pulls the trigger huh?
        sad really.
        the essence is lost to people like you

        on another note AR-15s do suck i really dont understand why people get the blasted thing.

      4. Razzledazle Avatar

        I was told that they were an inaccurate rifle when I picked up my M44, but I have no problems consistently hitting a 3″ target at 150-200yards. I’m no expert, but I don’t think that’s half bad.

      5. definitely comical, however Mosin’s seem to be taking off as a go to gun in the prepping community. I really think if someone wants a bolt action long range rifle a 308 from a pawn shop that comes with a bushnel scope for $300 is a better bet, although not a good choice if you only own one gun. I know too many preppers that seem to think they can get a mosin and consider it their SHTF rifle that I made a video. I hope some of you all check it out.

      6. Hey jackass the top 2 snipers of ww2 used a mosin nagant.

        1. I am not arguing against that fact, when was WW2? oh right 69 years ago. I am not bashing the Mosin, I own one and its a lot of fun. My point is that for the same money you can get a modern firearm that will be more accurate. If you happen to be able to shoot 800 yards with iron sights than power to you, I can’t. My main point is that for an introductory firearm, aka for preppers who do not have much firearm experience, the Mosin is really not the best bet for their first gun. watch the video before you call me a jackass.

      7. Cant hit shit? I did very little work to mine and its now a 1000+ yard hunting rifle. It just depends on the one you get.

      8. I own all three and my 1943 ishevsk 9130 mosin nagant is exponentially more acurate reliable and powerful than any intermediate cartridge fired from a carbine I’m talking sub moa at 300m and 2″at 600m iron sites completely stock 1943vintage

        1. Curtis Avatar

          This is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. A 2″ group at 600 meters is under 1/3 MOA. No Mosin Nagant shoots 1/3 MOA, very few modern rifles shoot that well. Then there is the fact that you would have to have the best eyesight in the world to achieve that type of accuracy at 600 meters. What I’m saying is that would not even be possible.

          The Mosin is a piece of shit by modern standards, I don’t believe any of these claims made of them shooting MOA or better.

          One of three things is going on here, likely all three.

          (1) You don’t have any idea how to measure a group.

          (2) You have never shot 600 meters in your life.

          (3) You are full of shit.

          1. clastor Avatar

            at modern standarts 16 isn’t better so much as it has as much conditions to live as iphone not to be broken, (2) it was said-“everybody will deaf after first shot”, also if without jokes – its a rifle, so if you want to deal with a group yourself without even three of M-N-you’re dumb. it works. it has firepower and that’s enough to shoot and to kill, other
            conditions and characteristics(when/where/how/why do you use it). depend on the individual situation and additional equipment.

          2. You make me laugh, comrade. To the gulag with you.

    2. It’s superior to having $150 down on layaway towards one of those other two rifles. As to the effectiveness of one person armed with an AR or 10 armed for the same amount of money with Ngants I’ll leave to the rest of the internets to debate.

      1. I’d go with the one dude armed with an AR-15. It’s got a 30 round (or more) mag capacity plus 1, a reload time of about 3-4 seconds (how long it takes me to reload), minimal recoil, and modern iron sights. Plus all those fancy attachments.

        Dudes with the Mosin got 5 rounds and a heavy-ass bolt action rifle that isn’t nearly as versatile as either the AK or AR. Reloading is pretty slow and the sights are from the 19th century. Good for sniping I’d imagine, but an absolute nightmare when it comes to charging and assaulting positions. Just ask the Japanese.

        Of course it depends what environment this hypothetical 10-on-1 battle takes place in. And my opinion is both highly subjective and uniformed.

        1. Are you serious? Maybe the guy with the AR would have a good chance in a movie.

          1. any Rocky 1-5 film…..

          2. clastor Avatar

            actually such opinion is have chances to live. nowadays you must be skilled to use such old guns as i think, actually if could be even three guys with AR against ten…they could have chances to win according to better self accuracy(without thinking about eyes, skills of shooter and so on) of AR. in use it have only three critical conditions-water, mud and melee fighting so 50/50…

        2. Relorian Avatar

          I’d rather ask the Russians who turned the tide of the European war by sending wave after wave of people only holding 5 rounds and picking their rifles up off their dead comrades infront of them. Worked pretty well for them when assaulting Germans and later in Korea, Americans.

          The Japanese should have focused more on shooting instead of mass waves of bayonet charges.

          1. The Koreans and Chinese suffered twice as many casualties as did NATO forces during the Korean War. And the Russians lost twice as many men as did the Nazis.

            And as far as I know the Communist Koreans failed their main objective, the takeover of the Korean peninsula, as the war ended in a stalemate.

            And I would like to point out that the Russian’s wave tactics may not have been what won the war. There were probably other contributing factors to the Reich’s downfall (I’m sure there are some you can find through the “Google”). After all, wave tactics didn’t exactly work out for the Russians in WW1.

            1. Well, they didn’t fail their main objective, and the war never ended.

            2. but then there were people like simo hayha, 1 man working alone killed 700 russians in 100 days with a finnish m91 mosin

              1. clastor Avatar

                *Finnish*. as i know they had tough and skilled shooters. nuff said

            3. clastor Avatar

              ww1 was the stupidest of wars(personal opinion). also all this trench warfare, the war of attrition didnt make good conditions for “zerg rushes”.

          2. RichardGA Avatar

            From what I’ve read the image of the Red Army sending two men out with one rifle in WWII is a piece of fiction only found in novels, movies and video games. In reality they produced so many Mosins and PPSh-41s that they never had a shortage of small arms during the war. If the Soviets were experts at anything, it was mass producing insane numbers of rifles.

            1. William O. B'Livion Avatar
              William O. B’Livion

              They were better at mass producing bodies.

              Dead ones I mean.

            2. Unfortunately its true.
              People who were in Gulag for political or economical reasons had choice to go to war. And if they survived – clean record. Special battalions. Two people per riffle and officer with machine gun to shot them if they run. This is what I been told by my grandfather – a prisoner of gulag. Staying in Siberia over winter was worst then trying to survive.

        3. In almost any gunfight scenario, 10 vs 1 wins. One man can only shoot in one direction at a time. Best case scenario (considering all have equal skill), is that the AR pins one down while the rest riddle him with 8-9 rounds of 7.62X54r FMJ, and that’s not even considering the vast advantage that the Mosin has in range over 5.56. Numbers are HUGE in a gunfight. Heck…if they didn’t care for their lives, ten guys with knives could take down one guy with an AR.

          1. That might be true if we still fought in line formation as we did a few hundred years ago. Today, it would depend on the skill of the shooters and the environment.

        4. japanese had arisakas, my mosin gets 4″ at 200 yds arisaka i had was getting 7″ at 150

        5. with an Archangle stock it becomes more effective but the question I’d ask is why when the money spent could go towards something more effective.

          1. clastor Avatar

            effectiveness rarely depends on only the instrument. you can buy something more accurate, but not so strong, easy to handle and qualitative

        6. Is capitalist pig of criticizing design of glorious Sergei Mosin? Perhaps you met him in bar, exchange stories of many rifles design! Will not happen because you are of American capitalist pansy.

    3. Sgt Shack. Avatar
      Sgt Shack.

      in some ways it is superior, in some ways it isn’t. it’s an old Battle Rifle or Sniper Rifle not a Modern Assault Rifle. yeah it can be used in front line combat and still is as both a Sniper and Battle Rifle but it’s not a ” one gun solves every issues”. plus it does give the AK jealousy issues when it comes to reliability. you just can’t fire it as fast which isn’t a good or bad thing.

      i spent 5 years in the army and another 9 years besides that shooting AR’s and after the 3rd one blew up in my face from a defective rim i had to give up on it.

      after seeing an Iraqi bury, and then 12 months later dig up an AK in Iraqi sand and use it for ” celebratory fire” i bought one, modified it to the point where it looked like ” an AK that the US Military would use” and the accuracy was okay, but it just wasn’t what i wanted.

      since then i’ve bought a 1955 M44 Mosin Nagant and an 1939 M91/30 Mosin Nagant and i haven’t looked back. the M44 i am keeping original just because of looks but the M91/30 has a new ATI Stock, ATI bolt and scope mount kit, a bipod and a Kowa 3x-9x scope and it performs like a modern SWAT or Military bolt action sniper and i routinely have friendly competitions with the police from my city and 3 nearby cities and i may not always beat them, but i give them a good run for their money with that old Russian Surplus ammo.

      that 7.62x54R is almost a ballistic twin to the old 30-06 and the Russian Spetsnaz, Finnish, Iraqi, Afghan and several other armies still use a Mosin Nagant for sniping/long range marksman ship.

    4. The mosin is superior. It may be sad but the mosin is an all purpose tool.

    5. Economy wise; hell yes…
      care about a hole at 300 yards; no

    6. Maybe not superior over all, but I would not trade mine for all the ARs in the armys stores.

    7. Yes. Shot the first; want the second; own and love the third.

  3. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Depends on the quality and manufacture of the Mosin. Iraqveteran8888 on youtube has had a series of videos on the Mosin and while mostly good, he does detail a few things. And the whole availability of Mosins is a problem. You had practically half of Eastern Europe equipped with this before the AK, so of course there will be QC issues.

    That said it’ll probably end up being my first gun unless I get my hands on a M1917.

  4. AR15: Cost a lot of money
    AK47: Cost some money
    Mosin-Nagant: free with purchase of bayonet

    This is totally true

  5. Have 2.
    They both shoot.
    All above is true!!

  6. Is it sad that I really do own 12?

    1. Yes.

      1. To remedy this, you must give 11 of them to me. I’ll give them a nice home. :-)

    2. Only?!

  7. ATI has a polymer stock for the Mosin-Nagant rifle. Midway sells them. Makes it look like a sporter rifle.

    1. Make them look like a disgrace!

      1. its a MASS produced rifle, put a new stock on a couple million of them and theres still going to be 8 million original ones

  8. While this were funny to read about half were complete fabrications.

    1. Waaah. The very statements people make in here illustrate the snobbishness of “modern, hi-tech, gee-whiz wonder weapon” owners. As I said at the other post, if I want an AR, I’ll take it from someone that doesn’t need it anymore.

      1. The only snobs I’m seeing are Mosin snobs. It’s like the arrogance of poverty.

        1. clastor Avatar

          lol, like “you don’t have-you cry”?? forgot this stereotypes, nobody cares about that, even those who tried the AR and then Mosin say that last is superior. your kids’ arguments are like words of those who bought expensive iphone but never tried to understand it’s system.

  9. Ha all the a r boys getting there plastic panties in a bunch truth hurts lulz a k and mosin out perform the a r easily the facts are present everywhere just ask anyone who served in iraq ha I love this I own 2 of these mentioned and it’s so funny because it’s so true the stand in place accurate mosin rifle and the incredibly reliable a k the a r may be cool but let the‘cool‘kids play with their air soft gun I’ll stick to my glock of the long gun world. Perfection

    1. Good lord, I think Poppy just got unseated as ENDO’s resident king troll.

      1. No, I troll with class by worshiping shitty firearms instructors and spewing godawful pseudo-intellectual rants wherever I go.

        This guy “Jim” just threw in some poor grammar and called it a day. It’s lazy and doesn’t have quite as much impact because no one can understand what the hell he’s talking about. It’s amateur trolling at best, definitely not worthy of my highly envied “King Troll” title.

        1. I have to agree. At least Poppy’s bullshit is origional bullshit. This guys is an amateur.

    2. I do like my Mosins. A lot. Some people are simply too serious.

    3. “Glock of the long gun world” ? In what way is a Glock like a wood-and-metal battle rifle…?

    4. And with either a romanian or bulgarian ak with a fresh barrel it is amazingly accurate at 100m iron sights pow bullseye pow nail holding target pow keyhole target as it flutters to the ground it’s not ment to be a long range gun because its not a long range cartridge

  10. Wow my bad. Did not realize how serious this was. U mad BRO ? you like yours I like mine. Damn dude going after my grammar and lack of intelligence I feel really sad now. Troll flame whatever I thougt it was funny and read things i might have said once myself in one form or bad for knocking the greatest lulz in the firearms world. Bet you think kimber makes the best1911 too or the m9 is totally awesome because the military uses it. Flame away….



      1. Lol I have a small penis too don’t feel bad it happens

    2. Just checked Poppy’s comment and he didn’t mention your intelligence at all.

      You see, what you did there is called projection. You took something you yourself felt(that you lack said intelligence) and projected it on Poppy, interpreting his words to mean that he also thought you lacked intelligence.

      1. “because no one can understand what the hell he’s talking about.” I m not so smart sometimes on the webz sometimes.I made some poo‘s I’ll be back

  11. i like all three. I like the mosin because of the history it has and because Vasily Zaytsev used it during the siege of stalingrad. But for defence AR or AK will do.

  12. I take it all back the a r platform is superior. I just want to apologize. The above posts were out of line and the comedic point of view was mis-understood. Strangers of the internet, please forgive me.


    1. clastor Avatar

      what is actually happening? with that pUppy, with “trolling” and “intelligence”, i lost theme…

  13. I know what is meaning of “accountant’s rifle”. Humorless paper pushers. Scheist!

  14. nitpick: the dudes are named Sergei Mosin and Leon Nagant. still laughed my ass off.

  15. Funny. I enjoyed it.

    But the comparisons could have been Ford Mustang, Chevy Pickup, and Horse and Buggy. I cannot imagine the horror of fighting/clearing in a building with a Mosin-Nagant. Nor could I imagine handing out 30 rd magazines from the back of a truck and telling the conscripts that an M4 would be laying on the ground towards the front. There is no perfect weapon for all occasions.

    1. Sgt Shack. Avatar
      Sgt Shack.

      an M44 wouldn’t be TOO bad for roomclearing ….. the M91/30 would be fantastic because you’d bayonet them before you got into the room ;)

      1. clastor Avatar

        you would clean the room with Mosin before you enter it-“penetrates a brick”, but if without jokes i’m actually agree with you two

  16. cute, but wordy. i like this version:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      that’s already linked at the bottom of my post

      1. Great minds think in the same ruts. :)

    2. I miss HeadsBunker.

  17. Two hours? More like 45 minutes. awesomeface.png

  18. I think the mosin would make a great sniper rifle for revolution. but not to take on an army of course.
    and why get an AK47 when an SKS would be so much more logical

    1. clastor Avatar

      cause it’s not an assault rifle with it’s personal features, superior firepower/lack of accuracy in comparison with any modern or simply sniper gun. also i think AR could be something between these two guns but with lack of comfort in handle and qality.

  19. I seriously lol’d at this. I am a loyal Mosin Nagant lover since I first shot it when I was twelve. But as what DJ said, I would choose the SKS over the AK47 any day. Fully automatic means a bunch of rounds headed down range and looking like a moron. I have been trained with the M16 which is practically the same as the AR15 and hate the bitch. If it’s too dirty, wont shoot. Well if I’m in a middle of a warzone, not given a chance to clean my weapon, I’m just screwed. But, the weapon is good, don’t get me wrong, just not my cup of tea, let alone is pretty expensive.

    1. clastor Avatar

      plus and plus. but yourself you can “hone”(“zatochit” in figurative sense) even skewfaced AK to mid-range needs) also my teacher of LFB(life safety basics), being passed military “job”, said that ak isn’t so inaccurate. when my class trained to shoot from it, most of us made half or more hits…there were also discrepancies in the verification, contribute to the deterioration of the results.

  20. The mosin may not be the hammer of God. But what has been written about muzzle flash and firepower. Took my mosin to the indoor rifle range. Lights are only on the the targets at 100 yards. Guy next to me is shooting magnum something or other. My muzzle flash lights inside of the lanes like a strobe. Kaboom…….Mr. magnum utters explitive. Woe be unto the target that hides behind a tree. For my Czech surplus 54R goes through a 20″ diameter tree and throws up huge clods of dirt behind it. Getting hit by that round would be disastrous. Think about it Hinkley used a short barreled 22 in his attempt on Reagan. 4 people went down and not one jumped up and shook it off. Even after going through a tree the 54 is going to deliver some serious energy.

  21. I have to be honest, a good old Remington 12 gauge makes wayyy better home defense than a fuckin rifle that will probably kill the neighbor’s new born. I personally own a mosin, and have shot AR 15’s and M-16’s, and an SKS, but not an AK, and I have to say, AR’s are nice, but not worth the money proportionally. Of all of the guns out of those, the SKS was far superior. AR’s are just flimsy and temperamental, AK’s are for taliban, mosin’s were made for killing nazis, (respect), and SKS assault rifles are just bad ass. And a 12 gauge trumps all of them here in the US.

    1. clastor Avatar

      maybe it could be good for mid- and close range shooting as shotgun, but as it tough and easy as russian ones?

  22. the wolf Avatar

    the mosin is a great rifle my great grandpa was a sovet soldier in ww2 i own his old mosin and it still accurate as hell i love mosins

  23. Alex, the SKS is not an “assault” rifle it is in fact an outdated, irrelevant piece of shit similar to the Mosin. LOL @ SKS being called a “badass assault rifle”. It’s more suited as a hunting rifle….

  24. RE:
    “AR15: Millennium Falcon
    AK47: Star Destroyer
    Mosin-Nagant: The Death Star”
    I would like to point out that the Millennium Falcon destroyed the second Death Star and aided in destroying the first. Also, many Star Destroyers got blowed up but the Millennium Falcon never took a scratch. Last, the Millennium Falcon was a piece of shit that only worked half the time and was won in a bet. This comparison only work size wise.

  25. usmosinman Avatar

    I personally own two mosins, both are under moa at 100yds. Never had a miss fire our a jam. Great guns and for a few bucks can out shoot anything. And would I trust my life to it over an ar, any day.

  26. AR-go broke buying it
    AK- go broke shooting it
    MN- GET broke shooting it

  27. Mosinman Avatar

    I can’t help but laugh, some of these are rediculous but true. Last year I dropped a real nice 12pt buck in its tracks at around 200 yards, only reason I had the buck was that my friend who I was taking hunting had his brand new $800 30-06 miss fire, this was not ten minutes after he asked if I was joking with my old clunker of a gun that supposedly no person could get top group. He didn’t believe me when I told him my shots overlap at 100 yards with my hand loads. He traded the 30-06 on a new shotgun and a mosin the next month.

  28. wanderer Avatar

    One time I was shooting my mowing with a lake as a backstop. It madea cool whizzing sound when it bounced of the water. Also when I triedthrowing the bayonet at a block of wood I couldn’t get it to stick. I’m 13

  29. Sorry I spelled mosin mowing by accident

  30. Bottom line, would rather fight one clone of myself armed with an AR-15 or 3 armed with AKs than 10 armed with Mosins. If the SHTF and u personally need to send 1,000s of rounds downrange in that big of a hurry, my friend your standing to close to the fan. Cheep bullets and a bolt action rifle built like a brick will let you last a lot longer. 10 armed with mosins could well have many times more rounds than 2 with ARs and make much more efficient use of them. Why buy an AR when for the same price you could have an army?

    1. clastor Avatar

      lol, ar or army, but here are some issues-conditions, skills, mosins are more survivable but in fact that ar has same accuracy and more rounds,,, so much people-so much @wathces@

  31. RichardGA Avatar

    AR-15 – You’ll never get it to work without some gun oil.
    AK-47 – You’ll never need to worry about gun oil.
    Mosin-Nagant – You’ll never get all of the Cosmoline out of the action.

  32. Austin J. Avatar

    I guess no one stops to think about this… But if we were in an apocalypse and gun stores are handing out these 3 guns (yes I mean giving out)…. Are you really going to argue which one is better and die? Or are you going to take the gun and live? It just depends on what your doing and where your planning to build your fort I guess… If your somewhere with open lines of fire, almost no close quarters, you can see someone coming from far away… MOSIN NAGANT will rip them in half easily… Close/ medium mixture such as an urban area would be great for an AK…. AR15 is good if your trying to be stealthy and hide in some woods or the shadows… It all depends on the person…

    I would probably choose the carbine version of the mosin nagant… either the m38 or m44.

    Personally… I have shot all 3 and I consider the:
    AR15 – good, tactical, smaller rounds than ak or mosin, ammo is plentiful…
    AK47 – a shorter range weapon, good rate of fire, plenty of ammo, good tactical, medium to close range gun.
    MOSIN NAGANT – a great outdoor shooter, Close quarters not so much.. but search up how far you can kill from and it makes up for it.

  33. i’ve got one- good bore but forearm was twisted and warped so i chopped it off and rasped the remaining under channel 1/16 of an inch – shimmed the trigger – put a spring on the trigger – and filed the top of the rear sight ( both the vee and the elevation slide ) the result is i now have a rifle that has a light trigger pull , will put 3 shots in a 3 inch circle at 100 yards open sights, and the modifications cost nothing. —— as soon as i can buy a kinetic bullet puller and a press with the proper dies i will convert surplus ammo to whatever bullet diameter, wieght, and type i desire —- oh and a pachmyr slip on small size butt pad reduces felt recoil to about that of a .410 shotgun

  34. rev. dave Avatar

    I had 2 91/30’s, an M44 and even a Chinese T-38. Loved them. All gone now, but what’ s not to love about a gun that costs less than 5 paper boxes of Wolf ammo for it? I didn’t pay $100 for any of them. They’re gone because I can’t see well enough for iron sights any more, and attaching optics was too hard for me to figure out, but IMO it’s a fine gun (tho’ not FINE gun). It’s more serviceable than my old carcass has been and almost as easy to clean. And Mosins and their ammo, parts and accessories are all cheap enough to buy specifically for hiding away in case you ever REALLY need a gun. You can push fries out a window for a living and still afford a serious battle rifle if you buy Mosins.

  35. whoever Avatar

    Have one mosin and had one missfire, can hit targets at 300meters w/ironsights and cleans it with windex. Now i know why samo hayha and the soviets used it.
    P.S. Its the only know gun that can make Chuck Norris piss in his pants.

  36. AR- Used by military elite
    AK- Used by military deficient
    Mosin-used by the hobo down the street and his band of brothers

  37. fun Read!

    IF SHTF (and free guns about) (lol?)
    Given the choice between the three, I’d probably take the AK-pattern rifle.
    I don’t have any experience with ar’s, so I’d want to go with what I know.

    Now, I don’t have free gun choices… i’m just a typical poor college student, so price is a BIG deal

    Instead I have a nice pair of mosins that I can trust. Pretty much all stock…

    I can make ~ a 6″ group at 75 yards in ~10 seconds. Trying to aim better doesn’t seem to help (I’m somewhat nearsighted, so I can hardly see targets at that distance :( )

    I’m planning on setting one up with fiber-optic sights (and possibly shortening the barrel) this summer, and the other with a proper scope. (I can adjust scopes to fit my eyes ftw)

    The big deal at the moment is: where do you get ammo? You can still buy mosin ammo pretty easily, anything else, notsomuch.

  38. Daniel Avatar

    Not many people know this but all three rifles were used in vietnam. i know this because my dad was there.

    1. All of these were used in Vietnam and my grandpa even brought a mosin he found there home and as much as I love my 91/30 mosin he pointed out that he had an m14 that was just as reliable as an ak as accurate as a m16 and as powerful as a mosin therefore m14 is the way to go

  39. I have an AR and Im purchasing two M91/30s. One will stay original and the other is an Archangel stock conversion.

  40. ar15:very acurite by the time you shoot some one you have to shoot them three more times because you shot someone with a rabbit cartridge the ar is a POS the joke gas system the bigger joke . the cartridge is so great thats the reason the military is looking for a replacement rifle and a REAL cartridge. instead for a 22 caliber rabbit rifle.

  41. I do not remember hearing about dead soldiers found with there cleaning rods down the ak47 barrels trying to get the chambers cleared. thats right it was the AR cap gun.Any one who thinks this is a great rifle needs to quit playing video games and stop watching movies.

  42. ar15: If a jam occurs, field strip and clean it.
    ak47: It doesn’t jam.
    Mosin-Nagant: Can this even jam?

  43. The Jim Avatar

    I love gun hipsters. You state bullshit and feel like your opinions have any validity.

  44. ar15 – can by 10 skirmishable airsoft ones for price of real one
    ak47 – can buy 6 airsoft that are basic skirmishable for one ak
    mosin – can buy 15 mosins for one airsoft mosin…

  45. the sadness thaT I Have been undergoing noticing that the ar-15 platform is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen make me sad that my father had to carry this piece of shit firearm into vietnam makes me annoid every time i think of it this weapon is the biggest turd i have ever seen shame on us for desinging this peice of shit

  46. This is the most laughable post ever. It actually makes me sad because fellow preppers convince themselves of false ideas just because they can’t afford something else. I’m completely broke and don’t even want money very much, so don’t get the wrong idea about me… but the idea that a 5-round bolt-action rifle is anywhere near the class of a 30-round semi-auto is beyond idiocy. I would love to have a Mosin over just a pistol or something like that, but never over a having a modern defense rifle with a sidearm as backup.

    If you want to snipe people, fine. If you want to arm 10 guys instead of one, that’s smart. However, if you want to survive multiple circumstances in a variety of environments you might want to think about a semi-auto hi-cap rifle after you secure a Mosin. You may also want to think about ammunition availability, any not just what is in your local store… because a firearm isn’t much more than a stick or knife without it’s ammunition.

    What about steel-core and other ammunition that will go through rifle plate armor? Do you know anything about that? (not saying you don’t) And a 12 gauge for home defense is great except if the attacker has body armor and you don’t hit their head. If they have rifle plate armor you’re not only going to want a rifle but ammo that defeats rifle plates. Maybe you’re going to want something like that .223 steel core ammo or a .308 semi-auto loaded with the same deal. Also, did you know that a human IS a varmint size ‘animal’? Fighting humans is all about shot placement because of this and also the varying degrees of personal mental determination that humans can possess vs an animal. You might shoot a guy with a .50 bmg and blow his arm off but he still keeps firing with the other one if he’s on drugs or has a mental structure that overrides normal bodily reactions. Chances are… the person breaking into your space might be one of the two.

    As for the bullet, do you all really think it’s as simple as bigger=better? Velocity means a whole lot more than mass. Imagine a train hitting you at a crawl, just shoving you back.. yet a tiny .22 size bullet traveling at great velocity will tear you apart. There isn’t much difference within each caliber class when targeting humans, however there is a difference between classes such as a sniper rifle and an assault/defense rifle. That’s really the main point though, isn’t it? We have a bunch of people pretending their 5-shot bolt sniper rifle is a personal defense weapon for shtf. If you have 10 guys to arm, great, get mosins if you can’t afford 30-round semi-autos… but quit pretending the mosin is an all-purpose SHTF weapon just because you refuse to accept obvious reality due to your financial situation. I’m poor, but I saved for a Ruger SR556 Gas Piston AR-15. If you don’t know what Gas Piston is you should look it up, it’s much more reliable – close to the best of both worlds as I could find without compromising either. Before that I had a POF 308 (AR10) which was also fabulous but I wanted to carry more ammo for suppressive fire.

    So far with the Ruger SR-556 I’ve had no jams, the best accuracy of any rifle I’ve had, and the selection/availability of ammo and ammo types provides the option to go with something for long range, something that expands for close unarmored targets, and steel cores for defeating some types of rifle plates. Some people say its the gun, some say its the caliber, I say it’s the specific ammunition type. If you’re all honest with yourself I don’t see how you could ever say the Mosin is a viable all-purpose SHTF rifle, but I would definitely use one for hunting and sniping.

    If the Mosin is all you can afford that’s fine but you better be willing to invest in non-detection measures and know the serious limitations of that rifle instead of spouting a bunch of non-sense that even an untrained 10-year-old could see through if they were more honest with themselves than many of the people posting here.

  47. I see all the butthurt guys here defending their rifles. Show of hands, who here has ever needed to take a shot at 1,000 yards? How about 500? Despite the (horrifically annoying) prepper masturbation fantasy of having to defend your bunker from people who want your MREs after the end of the world dujour (economy, nuclear war, polar shift, etc.), the only time you’ll probably ever have to fire your weapon is within about 100 feet, and actually most likely in your living room at a moron with a crowbar. You don’t need a “sniper rifle” for that, you just need a rifle. Are bolts cool? Hell yeah, I wish I had one. Can an AR-15 in 5.56 hit 1,000 yards? In the right hands maybe, but it really isn’t meant for it. Any semi-automatic in .308 would do just fine; you want to brag to all your gun-ignorant friends that you have an army rifle? Why not buy a surplus Garand? Heck, the AK-47 is as reliable as any bolt-action, it shoots faster, higher capacity. Is it lacking in any way other than you don’t get to say it’s a “sniper rifle” ? I doubt it.

    1. Home defense 12g 3in 15pellet 00buck all day mosin is a fantastic hunting rifle and we haven’t won a single war since switching from .30 to 5.56mm and don’t say dessert storm because we are back over there it’s. a pissant cartridge as far as rifles go might make a nice race gun n good for pest control i.e. prarie dogs but that’s it.

  48. Roy Jaruk Avatar
    Roy Jaruk

    If you are in the Resistance and are armed with an AR-15, you can deal with that nosy colony of prairie dogs 200 meters outside your perimeter.

    If you are in the Resistance and are armed with an AK-47, you can deal with that nosy SEAL Team hiding 300 meters away by the riverbank.

    If you are in the Resistance and are armed with a Mosin Nagant, you can deal with that nosy reconaissance satellite that is just coming up over the horizon.

  49. NYCFarmboy Avatar

    AR….If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards, dont worry he wont notice the round was too quiet
    AK….If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards ,then you have some explaining to do to all the scattered wounded in the neighborhood
    MN…If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards, reload! the sonic boom made it deaf so it can’t hear you, its pissed itself catatonic and it actually may just die of fear anyway

  50. NYCFarmboy Avatar

    AR….If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards, dont worry he wont notice the round was too quiet
    AK….If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards ,then you have some explaining to do to all the scattered wounded in the neighborhood
    MN…If you miss your deer shot at 150 yards, reload! the sonic boom made it deaf so it can’t hear you, its pissed itself catatonic and it actually may just die of fear anyway

    I Just got my MN Hex ’32 (not a hex I know) first time owner. Deer nuisance permits came through a week ago.
    I was cleaning the gun on my porch when my buddy told me he got them and there was a big fat preggo standing in my soybeans at 150. He heard me take the shot, shaking, over the phone. Missed! But she literally stood stock still and pissed herself while I jacked another one in the chamber. The soft point did its job on a neck shot, making the whole thing feel like a bag of marbles.
    **Note…I was shooting some of my MILSURP Salty MiniBalls during the day and hadnt cleaned her out yet (yes HER)(I like Russian chicks , shoot me) . After I used the two Soft tips (Sellier and Bellot) I found that my cleaning of all those corrosive salts was a lot easier, and the bore was much cleaner looking before cleaning besides….Fun Fact

  51. I started my military career with the m16.while at the range one day had the poetry its to fire an ak47.have never owned or fired a moslin but can see its usefulness.the m16 wasn’t designed for killing hit an opposing combatant 2-4-400 meters away the tumbler round did its took him out of the fight and usually 2 of his comrades had to carry him off.1 shot 3 targets gone.
    The ak47 was designed to put down a wall of lead to stop your enemy and if allowed to place accurate rounds down range killed .i found it to be sufficiently accurate 1-200 meters and iffy past that.both of those were chosen for what they did.they filled the in the day 5.56 ammo wasn’t found on the battlefield unless on dead fellow combatant.the ak47 is more widely used and in most battles on both sides so ammo was available.
    No best I can tell the moslin was very similar to anything the locals had ever used so they didn’t need training on firing or maintaining it.only 5 shots requires shot placement to be effective so here’s how I see it.
    M16 30 shots maybe 2 hits but 6 combatants download to 400 m away
    Ak47 30 shots 1 hit.dead men don’t require treatment so 1 hit -1 combatant down.
    Moslin 5 shots maybe 3 hits 3 dead up to 6-800 meters away.plenty of time to reload so 5 more shots 4 dead at 2-400 m away.
    For a poor country trying to survive I believe the moslin wins out followed by the ak47
    Both cheaply produced and cheap to fire ,but if your country doesn’t care to throw money around the m16 eventually wins out because we have the best trained military in the world and don’t drop our weapons and run when it hits the fan.
    Use what you have the best access to ,and the best ammo supply to.train and be proficient in what you choose,but don’t worry about picking up whatever is handy to get the job done.
    Personally I’d take the ak47 or Sks,as my main arm.for aggressive moves.the moslin for early engagements,the m 16 until they reach my door ,then my trusty 12 ga pump .
    Whatever I can get it done with even if it’s a knife or rock,go down fighting,screaming,and covered in someone else’s blood.the same as you came into this world.
    Signed. Disabled special ops veteran and patriot.

    1. clastor Avatar

      about “best trained millitary”-depends on your point of millitary svc. if about US or RF-i can’t really know in fact of lack information. also dont agree with your counts of “down” as therea re “personal factor”-so someone could fight even being deadly damaged, someone wouldnt carry his mate for any reasons. other is truth

  52. Joshua Gray Avatar
    Joshua Gray

    I own both ar15 and m91/30 mosin nagant and i love them both greatly. The mosin is the first gun i ever owned (gift from my grandfather), first gun i ever bought is the ar…. will never sell either one.

  53. AR15: Sports Car
    AK47: Pickup Truck
    Mosin-Nagant: Tractor

  54. Mosin really does take the cake, as stupid as it sounds them 5 bullets will change your life, by ending it. 1 bullet can go through a Nazi soldier, and his wife, 4 kids and the neighbors cat, then you have 4 bullets left to hunt bears, then you have a over sized toothpick and a nice canoe oar and or anchor! All for the price of a Benjamin.

  55. -comes in a box like legos and plenty of instructions options
    -comes from a dealer who got it from an undisclosed source
    – might come across one in an old Russian shipping crate