Chicks (With All Their Clothes On) With Guns Book

Coffee table book for the more sophistacated “girls with guns” connoisseur:

Not quite sure who their target market is, but I applaud the effort.  Rather than spend $30, it seems I could just get the same experience by walking into any given gunstore, or to any shooting range in the world that happened to have a girl in it.   The girls in the pictures are pretty, but big deal?

As you can tell, my first thought was that a “girls with guns” book, where the girls have all of their clothes on would be a huge flop.   Doesn’t look like it according to amazon sales ranking:

I’m still wondering if the apparent success of this book is from the pure shock value that EVIL GUNS still have in mainstream culture.  According to the book’s website Media page it got a lot of exposure in some of the big magazines and on some popular news websites.  Probably a lot of “OMG that woman looks just like my mom/aunt/sister and shes holding an evil fully automatic assault rifle with extended clips and a shoulder thing that goes up!”

You can buy it on Amazon – HERE

What are your thoughts?  Something you would by for yourself, girlfriend, friend, wife?


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  1. Lol, that whole faux liberal rant reminded me of what my Sociology teacher told us in regards to gun advertizing that’s aimed at women, “it’s inherently sexist because it implies that women are weaker than men and require protection. It shows us just how biased the religious-right is.”

    This is the same women who told us that we live in a rape-culture where women are physically abused and taken advantage of near-constantly by evil white men.

    I no likey college.

    1. You went to the wrong classes. The engineering ones are full of old car loving climate change deniers. It’s like Fox News, except you get a job at the end of watching it.

      1. I’m not very good at the maths, so I chose the social sciences.

        I think I’d much rather be a garbage man at this point. If it means I don’t have to hear one more English professor equate Communism to “the love of God.”

        1. The older you get, the more you notice how packed to the gills with unfiltered horse shit the average college professor truly is. The less math oriented the degree, the worse they stink. The English building is practically condemned. I’m almost 30 and I have to wear a gas mask around campus now.

  2. I received this book two days ago from Amazon, and opened it up right away. Although it’s a handsomely produced collection, the majority of the photographs look a bit overly posed. A decent number are fairly interesting, and a handful are sublime.
    Geographically, most seemed to be culled from Montana, Texas and Connecticut. I would have also liked to see more of the deep South and the Southwest represented.
    I think Kyle Cassidy’s “Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes” does a better job of surveying the breadth and depth of American firearm owners.

  3. More pictures, with their accompanying captions, can be found in this article:

    I wouldn’t buy it, but I can see why it would be interesting. I kind of like photography books like this – portraits of people and explanations, in this case of why they own guns or their history as gun owners. If it were just photos without captions I don’t think it would be very interesting at all though.

  4. I wouldn’t buy it, but I wouldn’t complain (much) if I received it as a gift. I’d rather have ammo and pistol magazines.

  5. NMM1AFan Avatar

    That top photo looks like the cover of a Pedersoli catalog.


  6. Do a google image search for: israeli women with guns
    Lots of women in Israel with guns.

    1. …..and theyre FOOKIN HAWT!

  7. I’m for it, big time.
    The biggest victory we as “gun people” ever made was the incredible popularity of CCW laws. All of a sudden, it wasn’t some crazy, unshaven fringe type who owned guns: it was people the average guy knew, worked with, was related to, hung around with on weekends. Since we were ‘everyone’, gun rights were everyone’s right. Overnight, the gun grabbers weren’t ‘us’- they were ‘them’, ‘that crazy guy over there’.
    Now books like this one and the “People of the Gun” book that came out a few years ago are pointing out that an increasing number of gun people are gun ladies, and pretty cool ones at that. The point is being made that if gun rights are everyone’s rights, then they are women’s rights too. This is another battle won in the war of perception.

  8. Would I buy this book? No.
    Not really sure who the market is for this book.
    I’d rather spend my money on ammo and accessories.

    1. Agreed.

      If I want girls, I’ll Google “Anime Porn Tentacles.”

      And if I want guns I’ll either play Battlefield Bad Company 2, goof around with Airsoft, or visit the local gun-range.

      Since this book neither delivers females I can (reasonably) fap to nor guns I can play with, I’m gonna have to pass on the purchase.

      1. “And if I want guns I’ll either play Battlefield Bad Company 2, goof around with Airsoft, or visit the local gun-range.”

        Wait, so you don’t even own a firearm? Wtf dude.

        1. I’m living in a college dorm at the moment, so I can’t exactly keep my guns over here.

          And even if I was home with my firearms (not mine per se, I was too young to purchase guns when I left for college), I’d still have to visit the local gun range to fire ’em. I live in a suburban neighborhood with houses on all sides, so I don’t think my neighbors (or the local law enforcement), would take kindly to me firing off a 1911 in my backyard.

          1. 1. Get your CHL
            2. See if your state laws override your university’s probable ban on firearms
            3. If your state basically bans CHL holders from being on campus, MOVE. If not, see five.
            4. Never go to school in a libby state, without the law on your side.
            5. Not owning a firearm is an excuse, and horrible one, especially since none of your excuses are religious/firm beliefs.

            No excuse. If you can buy your hippy PBR, t-shirts, airsoft, hiding in your closet with your laptop to browse your gun fetish, and NOT buy a firearm of own (your very own), why are you here?! Don’t tell me you’re one of those CoD people…

            No more excuses, buy one before the year is over!
            Or you will be!

            1. PS: Get to the choppa!

              1. 1. Can’t, I’m 18. In Washington it’s illegal to concealed carry before the age of 21. Because only people over the legal drinking age get mugged, didn’t you know?
                2. They don’t, that was made crystal clear to me during orientation.
                3.Again, I’m unable to. Freshman are required to stay in the dorms, even though I’m technically a Junior. To reiterate a previous point, it sucks.
                4. I live in the Pacific Northwest unfortunately, every State is a liberal state. And I ain’t living in Montana, place has bears and lions and shit.
                5.But I don’t have any money!

                Dude, there are no colleges that allow firearms. And I’m not going to risk a prison visit and expulsion just so I can make some sort of symbolic 2nd Amendment argument whilst on trial.

                Besides, Beer and t-shirts do not equal killing tools that propel hot pieces of lead at 1000+ feet per second.

                1. Poppy, wrong.
                  Woohoo! :D

                  If you’re not old enough, fair enough. :D

                  1. “Can’t, I’m 18. In Washington it’s illegal to concealed carry before the age of 21. Because only people over the legal drinking age get mugged, didn’t you know?”

                    Washington is not Oregon. I know the Twilight movies were filmed there so it may be a bit easy to confuse the two, but they aren’t the same.

                    Trust me.

                    1. “[The] Pacific Northwest unfortunately, every State is a liberal state. ”
                      I posted a link to show you otherwise. Yes, you are under 18, and you took my “fair enough” as “who cares.”
                      Obviously you don’t.

                      I said that in that manner to show that your statement is “fair enough” to me as a rebuttal. You are 18, thereof you ought not to break the law, which means you could probably make friends with Jake Zweig. :D

                      No offense, but you still can own rifles as far as I’m aware of, so get on board, and do it! Do it now!

            2. As a gun owning college student, I can say with no shame or doubt whatsoever that you are out of your fucking gourd if you think switching colleges simply to carry on campus is justified. The number of colleges that allow carry on campus is almost non existent, and even out of those most don’t allow them in the dorms anyway. As far as point 5 goes, he has an excuse much stronger than personal beliefs or religion driving him. Its called STAYING OUT OF FEDERAL PRISON. If he goes to a public college or university (which he almost certainly does) than carrying on campus is on the very very short list of things you do not EVER want to get caught doing.

              Looking at the other side of things: curriculum, class size, opportunities, and tuition are much more important factors in school selection over ‘can I pack my glock in my backpack?’. Your choice of college is one of the biggest ones you’ll ever make, and can literally determine the quality of the rest of your life.

              I will end this by saying I am not naive about this either. I understand that the American college campus is one of the more dangerous places most of us go to regularly in our travels, and I would very much love to have my concealed carry piece with me while on campus. I cannot fight the law though, so I do the only thing I can: I live off campus, and I keep my 40 in my locked car when I am here.

              Poppy, if you like your school don’t leave just to own a gun. Get off campus housing as soon as it’s available so you can own firearms, and get a car so you can keep them in there when you’re at school (if that’s legal in your state. It might not be).

              Oh, and Frank… if you were joking, then congratulations, you just trolled the shit out of me.

              1. “If he goes to a public college or university (which he almost certainly does) than carrying on campus is on the very very short list of things you do not EVER want to get caught doing.”

                I agree with you 100%, you pretty much explained everything I tried to imply by saying “I’m living in a college dorm at the moment.”

                I’d give you plus one internets, but I don’t have any on me at the moment. So here, take my limited edition Ayanami Rei “action figure” instead . It’s kinda sticky, but that should all come out with a little bit of some rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease.

                1. mmm…. blue hair…..

                  um…. I think we should leave before the nerd police call their SWAT team on us….

                  1. Either that or Chris Hansen.

              2. “Your choice of college is one of the biggest ones you’ll ever make, and can literally determine the quality of the rest of your life.”
                I’m sure a lot of parents said that to their children before sending them to Virginia Tech. Speaking of Glocks…. lol

                Vhyrus. Yes it was a troll, albeit an aggressive one, yes.
                As for backpacks? Maxpedition fits a full-size USP 45 tactical fits with two mags no problem. How do I know? Do I really have to say? :D

                Poppy, you’re in WA, so you ought to get on board with northwestfirearms.

                Y’all should get to the choppa- Now!
                This website needs a forum

                1. I….I’ve been trolled…. I wrote a fucking dissertation…. against a troll.. I got trolled… I GOOOOTTT TROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEDDDAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


                    1. That laugh will be the soundtrack of my nightmares. 0_o

                2. OMG an ENDO forum would be the bestest thing ever.

  9. I would purchase this before I bought anything with some overly doctored plastic girl wearing a bikini and displaying poor handling of a firearm on it.

    1. Amen.

      I’m actually surprised by a lot of the responses, here. What’s so offensive about breaking the taboo of females loving firearms?

    2. I think you’ve got a good point there – this is way better than some calendar of silicone implanted models that have never actually used a firearm.