Looking Down Barrel – Negligent Discharge Into Hat

Fake, I can tell by the pixles at 23 seconds:

I wasn’t even going to post this, but you guys have been emailing it to me non stop.

Hat tip: Steve, Bryan, Frank, Kevin and anyone else I might have missed


9 responses to “Looking Down Barrel – Negligent Discharge Into Hat”

  1. I have no other recourse but to call bullshit, simply because the amount of luck involved in this particular video goes beyond the billion to one ratio. First, he would have to have the camera rolling. Second, he would have to have a 12 gauge hang fire (I personally have fired literally thousands of 12 gauge without a single misfire of any type). THEN, he would have had to somehow pump that gun twice without ejecting said hang fire. ON TOP OF THAT, who looks down the barrel to check for misfires? Are we on looney toons now? But to top off everything, even if everything I mentioned above goes perfectly to plan, he still would have to have the gun pointed at just the right angle to blow his hat off without seriously wounding him. Not going to happen.

  2. not to mention, listen to the sound of the round that took his hat off. now listen to the first two. notice anything missing? the 3rd shot didnt echo through the forest like the first two. in fact, it stopped rather abruptly.

  3. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Also, wouldn’t he have HORRIBLE powder burns if that was real. I mean at that range just because the round didn’t strike you dosent mean you would be “OK”.

    Lastly, since when does a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, just go off like that?

  4. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I’m prepared to believe this. Back in 04 on my first tour, we were shoulder firing a 240B to get rid of a crappy looking belt (rust, dirt etc). My friend was firing it when a round got stuck in the chamber and failed to fire. He then pointed the muzzle at the ground and started ripping on the charging handle. On attempt 3 or 4, the round goes off and the round impacted just inches from his foot. In my nine years in the infantry I’ve seen probably six or seven true hang-fires, mostly in MGs, but I have seen one in an M16 and one in an M9. Hang-fires are rare, but not unheard of.

    The shotgun very well could have had a hang fire if the genius in the video had been feeding it old, corroded or dirty ammo. Corrosion on the cases seems to be a common denominator in the hang-fires I’ve seen. Of course I am slightly suspicious of the video just because it is on the internet, but given my personal experience, I’d say it’s entirely possible. Also a good time to remember the rule of “don’t point a gun at anything you don’t want to destroy”, you know, like your head.

  5. If you believe this is real, you should get your eyes checked. Look closely at the video right before the “discharge.” The whole gun moves before the blast.

  6. Great cartoon.
    Now for the climbing over the fence episode.

  7. It has to be fake, a bullet would just pass through the hat, it wouldn’t fling it off. At least I don’t think it would.

  8. The Dog Avatar

    There’s should be some powder burns on the brim. That looks like it was shot from a dozen feet off or so.

  9. You can see his hat move as he leans down to “inspect” it. The sting to pull it off his head was too tight…LOL