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  • Youtube Kid Shoots Gun And Pwns The Libs

    I present to you, Autumn’s Armory: I don’t see the problem, since she’s under supervision and is taking safety very seriously.  I saw a thread somewhere though (which I can’t find now), where people were LOSING THEIR MINDS. Thoughts?

  • Looking Down Barrel – Negligent Discharge Into Hat

    Fake, I can tell by the pixles at 23 seconds: I wasn’t even going to post this, but you guys have been emailing it to me non stop. Hat tip: Steve, Bryan, Frank, Kevin and anyone else I might have missed

  • Guns And Basketball

    I’ve said this before, but HickOK45 from YouTube is the man: It’s important to practice both your ball handling skills and your shooting technique. This drill demonstrates that practicing both simultaneously could improve performance in each individual skill area. The shooting starts at 1:43 Glock19 at 200 ~100 yards while dribbling a basketball.. are you…