FN FAL Negligent Discharge Into Neighbors Apartment

You can tell this guy loves the sound of his own voice:

This is one of the many things that worries me about apartment living.  You just have no idea what kind of dumbasses live next to you.

Remember do not load a CLIP of ammunition into the rifle.  Do not advance a round into the chamber.  Keep it on safe, and do not pull the trigger when you are in your own apartment.

If your rifle takes magazines i’m sure he would tell you the same rules apply.

I’m also thinking this guy might have broke into his neighbors apartment after he fired the shot, and probably knocked and no one answered.  Why else would the lights all be off?  That person is going to be PISSED when they come home.

Hat tip: Adrien H.


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  1. So he has an “assault rifle?” I thought the FBI made sure “fucking idiots” don’t get a hold of such. Loaded firearms are okay with me, loaded douchbags are not.

    1. Technically he has a battle rifle, not that he would know the difference.

      1. I don’t think he has either, since it’s semiautomatic. He has an “assault weapon.”

        1. At the risk of sounding like a gun snob, an assault rifle by definition must be select fire and use an intermediate cartridge, while a battle rifle is simply an autoloading military rifle firing a full size round. Battle rifles can be select fire or semi auto, but the tendency is toward semi auto, since 308 in a light platform like that is nearly unmanageable under full auto. An FN FAL by its very definition and purpose is a battle rifle.

          1. Fair enough.

            It seems that “battle rifle” doesn’t have a proper definition, and is not a term used in military manuals. The Google search results consensus seems to agree with the definition given in Wikipedia – “While the designation of battle rifle is usually given to post-World War II select fire infantry rifles such as the H&K G3, the FN FAL or the M14, this term can also apply to older military bolt-action or semi-automatic rifles such as the Mosin-Nagant, Mauser 98k, Lee-Enfield or the M1 Garand.”

            I guess the only argument that remains is whether the tendency is towards semi auto or select fire!

            1. I can say that I learned something today though. I always considered a battle rifle to be a rifle having the same characteristics of an assault rifle (select fire, detachable magazine), but firing a full size round. I wouldn’t have considered any of those bolt action rifles to be battle rifles. I guess I would have to disqualify the Garand as well for its lack of select fire and its internal magazine. Maybe the Remington 750 and the Benelli R1 fit into this category as well – semiautomatic, full size rounds (up to a .338 Win Mag in the Benelli and a .35 Whelen in the Remington – I’d rather battle somebody with either of those than a .308!), and internal magazine in both.

              1. *Correction – they actually have detachable box magazines, they fit inside a magazine well and are enclosed by a cover. In that respect, they’ve got the Garand beat!

          2. That’s why brought up the FBI, AFAIK they do a background check on CLASS III items. :)

  2. His training kicked in and he called his parents?

  3. Definitely go into someone ELSE’s apartment to fire your rifle.

    At least he takes responsibility for his actions. Of course, it’s not something he could sweep under the rug. Got to wonder if he went into the other apartment to see how much doo-doo he was in, and if he could just make it go away.

  4. He was probably using a Blackhawk Serpa holster for his FN FAL. I have heard disturbing reports that those holsters cause guns to fire without any input from the gun owner.

    1. For his rifle?

      1. Yes, for his rifle.

        They are slightly larger than the ones for use with handguns.

  5. It sounds like this was a negligent discharge and not accidental.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re definitely right. I just copied what he had for the video title without even thinking twice :/

  6. He’s lucky the round stopped at the adjacent apartment. A 308 could have easily made it to the parking lot with the right angle.

  7. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Still wondering HOW he got into his neighbors apartment.

    1. Told them to let him in to film the carnage or he’d simply cut a hole through the wall with .308s.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        ROFL, that actually sounds feasible for this dude too.

  8. I hear some one in the background laughing at his “jokes.” That could be the neighbor and they could be just as dumb as this guy. For all we know its a college apartment complex, so it’s full of idiots.

    1. Does not explain why all the lights are off though.

    2. Wanna know what I think? AALLL RIGHTEY THEN!
      Doucheasaurus invited his trusty cameraman over to his pad to ‘check out his new toy! It’s just like the one in Black Ops!’ was probably uttered at one point. While demonstrating the weapon, Mr. Saurus decided to demonstrate the loading of the weapon, then proceeded to blow a hole through his neighbors apartment. Since the shot entered the room very low to the ground and was almost parallel to the carpet, I’m thinking either they were sitting on the ground admiring the fine piece of military history, or he attempted to pick it up off the floor and grabbed the trigger. Once the proverbial shit hit the fan, Saurus and friend go into panic mode. They run over to the neighbors apartment and knock frantically, but no reply. The conversation at that point probably sounded something like this:
      “Dude you might have shot him! We need to call the cops!”
      “Are you fucking stupid, brah? I’ll go to jail! We don’t even know if anyone is home!”
      “Well we can’t do nothing… wait. I GOT IT!”
      After gaining entry to the domicile (I’ll leave that to your own imagination), The situation is surveyed and all fears are alleviated when it is discovered that the bullet did nothing more than some impromptu carpentry. BUT, since theyre over there, might as well take a video…. you know, for their grandkids….

      (labored breathing)

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Good theory. Still, shooting a hole in someones house is bad enough (but I doubt it’s a felony).
        Were as Breaking and entering, thats a whole new set of charges (pretty sure that IS a felony).
        and then, to top it off, recording it on youtube, PROOF.

        The only other theory I can think of is that, the cameraman IS the neighbor who was there when it happened (in “Mr.Responsible’s” apartment)

      2. @Vhyrus… freaking hilarious

        laughed my ass off when I read your theory

  9. stomp13 Avatar

    Fuck tard.

    Maybe Im the “odd one” but I have a house full of guns. Only my carry hand gun has a loaded mag, thats NEVER EVER left in the weapon once it comes off my body. My H.D. Shotgun has one of those side saddle round holders, those are full but the gun is empty.

    All other guns and mags are empty. Again maybe Im the “odd one” but I dont see the point of loading a rifle with alive round in your HOUSE outside of shooting someone tring to kill you or zombies.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I’d say you should keep a loaded weapon IN A SAFE AREA, as a line of home defense. Otherwise, yes, guns do not need to always be kept loaded, there is no real reason for having 20 guns all “fully stocked”.

      1. I keep my defense handguns loaded – two Glocks, no round in the chamber, and a S&W revolver, fully loaded. They are out of reach of the grandkids, and as soon as they are old enough to listen and learn, they are getting the gun talk, and their own single-shot rifles, which will only be brought out when I or their parents are there to supervise.

        All other arms are kept unloaded, with loaded magazines convenient, but not immediately apparent to an intruder or visitor. Non-defense guns are always locked up.

  10. I’ve never understood why people would post videos of themselves doing stupid shit on the internet so everyone can see how dumb they are, but this one goes a step further. It’s not even a video of the actual stupid act, it’s him explaining to everyone how incompetent he is. When I do something stupid (it occasionally happens) I tend to try to keep it quiet as best I can.

  11. After reading the up loader comments and finding this gem: “It definitely could have been so much worse. About 5 feet to the left was my girlfriend and baby on the couch…”

    I think we may have found the winner for Top Douchbag.

  12. christian Avatar

    Insanely stupid move by him, but at least he is owning up to it.

  13. No! Don’t give the Liberals ammo! We need to cover this up!

  14. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    Wait a moment, the round went in to the wall at like 3 inches above the ground. Last time I checked couches tend to seat a person (or 2) about a foot (at least) ABOVE the ground.

    1. What’s your point here? If the muzzle had been in a slightly different direction when this retard discharged it, the bullet might not have gone through the wall 3 inches above the ground, it might have gone through at the perfect angle to kill one, or both, of the people on the couch.

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        Good point, I was just questioning the actual possibility of the bullet having actually struck someone. No need to get angry.

        1. I’m not angry by any means. I was just surprised at the comment. It was simply luck, random circumstance, or the grace of God (if that’s your thing) that the bullet was fired at that particular angle. But, after reading the comment on the Youtube page, apparently the apartment manager and the police missed the reality that he could have easily shot through the wall at an angle that would have killed someone.