Shooting Outdoors Is For Wimps

Real men shoot indoors through doorways and sunbeams, close range with no eye protection at woodpiles:

Looks like it’s probably a basement, so there is likely concrete and dirt separating them from the outdoors.

Am I the only one that has issue with the fact the rounds are likely sailing in between the stacked wood, straight into the concrete foundation?  If you don’t care about your house then fine… but I have a feeling these guys think the wood is stopping what their throwing at it.   .22LR would be fine for a handfull of rounds… but 9mm? .357 magnum? 45 ACP? 30-30?  Yea.. those are taking chunks out of the wall at that distance.

Good for the lungs too!

Hat tip: Adrien H.


19 responses to “Shooting Outdoors Is For Wimps”

  1. A relative of Cokeman?

    1. I’m happy this is the first comment on here. I also wish there was a way to rate up (or down) comments. :D

      1. it’d be really nice if there was a way to rate comments up and down.

        1. Or at least link them to Facebook’s “like” system.

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            I try to avoid plugins. Facebook connect is something i’ll never use on here because the comments are stored on facebook, not on the blog.

  2. I just have one thing to say…. the sound that glock makes when fired in this basement is the most awesome noise I have ever heard out of a gun. It sounds like a kettle drum being beaten underwater.

  3. Matt in AZ Avatar

    Makes FPSfakerussiandumbass look like a genius.

  4. This is getting kinda old. Is this all we get now?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      What is?

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    I know what will happen if you shoot a puny low velocity pistol round into something like that, I think my shin still hurts.

  6. hmm, can’t wait till mom and dad start burning firewood in the winter and a nice puddle of lead forms in the fireplace.

  7. I love that hot water heater…..damn Lithuanians

  8. Did you see the sweet router set up? I bet that conglomeration rocks out some serious bandwidth.

  9. yeah, someone is going to need serious foundation work later on.

  10. Did anyone else catch that F’ing MASSIVE ROUND on the table at about :53 seconds? What the hell is that? Do they have an anti-aircraft cannon down there or something? lol

    1. it looks like a novelty coffee cup.

      definitely doesnt look real and i dont know of any gun that fires a round similar to that

  11. Also, WHY IS IT HOLLOW POINT? Anything that big doesn’t need to expand unless you’re trying to take down like… a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  12. The “OW!” around the 8 second mark is what really sold it.

  13. your mom and dad are going to kill you when they get home.