Like Bricks Hanging Off An Assault Rifle

Training to compensate for muzzle DIVE?  Wait… what?…

Source – NYpost & NationalPost

The rifles are apparently QBZ model 95 or 97 bullpups.

Not too sure what that little training exercise acomplishes, unless its simply set up to break their spirits when they realize they can’t hold those bricks up for very long.

I’m surprised guy #1 in the 2nd picture didn’t get the cane.  He’s cheating by armpitting the rifle. Guy #2 is just an idiot.

Hat tip: Jared C.


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  1. Haha, “the cane”.

  2. aaaaand this is why one American solider is worth ten Chinese ‘soliders’. The whole Confucius self-perfection ideal only works when your tireless practice dosent defeat the ideal your trying to become. I dont care how many people they have over there, they are literally being trained to miss with brilliant example of anti-training.

    keep it up, PLA (pun definitely intended)

  3. Good lord this is almost as dumb as how N.Korea there soldiers punch a tree for 5 hours in order to “toughen them up.”

    Furthermore, isn’t this training actually going to hurt the soldiers’ performance? I mean, muscle memory being what it is, training to handle a front-heavy rifle will force your body to hold it a certain way. And when you’re actually in battle and using a non-weighted weapon you’ll have to compensate for recoil and weight distribution that you aren’t used to.

    Also, being able to hold your rifle for prolonged periods of time doesn’t mean shit in a modern war-zone. We have bipods and a little thing called “prone.” Don’t matter how long you hold your weapon if you can’t shoot for shit.

    All this “self-perfection honor martial arts conditioning” eastern junk doesn’t help you win wars, just ask Imperial Japan.

  4. QBZ-95 for sure. This is probably some sort of odd strength training thing. I can guarantee you that that bullpup feels like a nerf gun once they take those bricks off!

  5. muzzle dive? no. strength training, yes. they cant be shooting those guns, all that weight directly attached to the barrel would drastically effect POI.

  6. He needs to tuck in his boot laces too..

  7. kvålseth Avatar

    There is definitely merit to the idea of shouldering a heavy rifle for as long as possible to build up static endurance but this is not a good execution of that exercise.

  8. Rickenbacker Avatar

    I dunno, are these real soldiers or is this some Airsoft crap? I notice they all have their fingers on the trigger!

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    I suppose having your nose in the ejection port is a fine way of cleaning out the sinuses.

  10. HAHA! Rittre do you Americans know! This secret Chinese training may rook sirry to you, but it make sordiers super strong!
    We defeat Capitarist pigs!
    China strong!

    (As a serious note, this looks more like discipline training than anything else. Keep your rifle steady, for as long as you possibly can, with a heavy weight at the end.)

    1. “Goddamn Mon-goe-reans!”

      1. “How come every time Chinese try to make a wall goddamn Mon-goe-reans have to come tear it down!?”

  11. Still waiting to read ballistic data on those 5.8×42mm rounds

    1. I hear that they’re leaps and bounds more accurate and powerful than both the 5.56 AND the 5.45. At least, that’s what the Chinese Government says, but I trust ’em. After all, when’s the last time a communist government ever lied to anyone?

      1. Yeah, somehow they claim that they’ve managed to get lacquered iron casings to outperform brass….. =P
        Still waiting for some guy to write about the facts, plain and simple, without the ‘superior performance’ propaganda bullcrap

  12. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
    Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    These guys just HATE their barrels !!!
    Or maybe this is a new type of free floating barrels :) ))))

  13. Actually, the first guy in line is the one cheating by tucking the butt under his arm. The guy with it on top of his shoulder is making it harder. This is either patriotic grandstanding for the “Democratic Free Press for the “People’s” Republic” (double quotes intentional) or the most idiotic method of training muzzle control ever. I’m gonna go with both.

    Maybe their scheme is to make us think they’re incompetent?

    1. Judging by the amount of stone strapped to those gun barrels I’m sure this is suppose to “show-off” the strength of their soldiers.

      I would only be impressed if they an empty shell balanced on the end of the barrel too.

      1. Crunkleross Avatar

        Yes while in the crane stance that would be awesomeness.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ha yea good point.. i’ll change that in the post.

  14. So they discarded their bayonets and opted for something akin to a medieval flail.


    1. Chinese steel is crap anyhow!

      1. Totally, I heard that shit is made in backyard blast-furnaces or something.

  15. safegunuser Avatar

    maybe all the silly chinese training we see is disinformation

  16. [pedant]

    Actually, the second guy in the second picture is making his life harder for himself. With the weight dangling at the ends of the barrel, their forward (left) arm becomes the fulcrum for the lever. His right arm and right cheek are holding the rifle from tipping forward. Conversely, the guys with the rifles tucked into their shoulders are having an easier time, since their shoulder is typically stronger than their faces.


    ‘Course, it could just be that Guy #2 breaks boards with his faces, and considers this child’s play…

  17. wtf kind of guns are those?

  18. Ergonomics on the gun are crappy, especially the front of the trigger guard. Unlike the F2000 or Tavor, you can not grab onto the front trigger guard with your hand.

  19. My question is do they have an import ban on cinder blocks?

  20. There camo looks like its from Endor from return of the jedi.

  21. Gunny2862 Avatar

    Check the guy ?Officer? in the back who looks ready to shoot the first one to lower his bricks – incentivizing performance perhaps?

  22. Lol. Looks like this is just creating poor form by forcing all the shooters to lean back.