I Got 99 Problems But 6 Glock 18s Are Not Among Them

Oh to have problems like the police chief in Greenwood Indiana:

Greenwood Police Department has six Glock machine pistols and 10,000 rounds of corresponding ammunition, but Chief Rick McQueary says he doesn’t want his officers carrying them.  McQueary is working with city officials to determine what to do with the guns. They may be sold to another police department of destroyed.

Full story – HERE

A part of me died after reading that article.  Worst case scenario I don’t know why the chief doesn’t just tell them to keep the switch flipped to “semi”.  Problem solved.

Most people don’t know that the Law Enforcement price for a Glock 18 is only around $500.  Unfair!


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  1. Good lord set them on Semi-Auto. HERP DE DERPITIY DOO. And if they suck so much why did he buy ’em in the first place?

    If only there were some sort of attachment he could buy, one that would decrease recoil and increase stability. A device of sorts that would effectively render the G18s as sub-machine guns, by bracing the weapon against the officer’s shoulder or something. If only such a product existed, sigh…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha nice one!

  2. > And if they suck so much why did he buy ‘em in the first place?

    Because 18 must be a newer model than 17 and therefore better. :)

  3. @poppy “one Central Indiana department has guns and ammunition that the chief didn’t order and doesn’t want.” Apparently he didn’t order them

    I feel like a plausible, but unlikely thing that happened was:
    Officer ‘Smith’ was supposed to fill out paperwork on an order sheet for new parts or something from glock, but defaults that job to his son. His son, who plays call of duty or w.e. wants to see a “G18” in person, and writes that down as part of the order, and sneakily writes that in.

    either that or what alien426 said, someone thought 18 was better than 17 =P

    Also, I don’t get why they’re trading in the ammo, was it from FMJ to JHP or something, because 9mm is pretty common, and it would surprise me if they didn’t issue handguns in that caliber

  4. So have a Glock Armorer convert them to semi-only and issue them into the department?

  5. i bet the previous chief ordered these things and now the new chief is all “eeewwww!”.

    1. LOL! Right? If they didnt know what to do with them how did they get ordered? $500, hell…. with the $200 tax stamp, I’ll take 2 :D

  6. Obviously the police chief has never heard of these before http://www.endotactical.com/products.html Problem solved. Leave the stock on at all times so they cannot be holstered (safely) or mixed up with G17s.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      There’s an idea I can get behind!

      1. It makes a lot of sense as it’s cheaper than buying MP5s outright, and 33 round mags are available for the Glock.

  7. I’m curious as to what real-world application the G18 has seen. I looked up models over at Glock’s website to see what their official statement of use would be, but the 18 is nowhere to be found.

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I believe certain agencies in Europe use them, I’ve also heard that the German Airport security are sometimes issued Glock 18s

      1. I have also wondered why these exist. It’s more of a “because we can” type of concept I think. I see no practical application where a full auto handgun would be ideal. Every other full auto handgun I can think of comes with a stock to make it usable.

        1. Ted N(not the Nuge) Avatar
          Ted N(not the Nuge)

          Because we can is a perfectly valid reason.

          Just hope the derps find something to do with them other than destroying them. That’d be at least another 3 grand of taxes down the drain.

          Have they been shown the ENDO stock yet? If so, I hope they order em.

  8. every body can you tell me where can i find glock 18c