Family Sedans And AK-47s – A Regular Day In Saudi Arabia

Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows, although a great American pastime are inherently dangerous,  proven most recently in Reno NV.  For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

Hat tip: Bryan


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  1. sliding past the school bus full of kids at 0:38 is a nice touch

  2. I don’t appreciate a damn thing those hooligans can do. They’re gonna get someone killed. Oh and you do the air races in Reno a dis-service by comparing them to this stupidity.

    The air races are regulated. They have safety margins built in. They don’t happen in congested air ways. These bastards were doing this shit on city streets.

    You lost cool points on this one.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I was comparing them from a spectators point of view. I’m aware that airshows aren’t just something they decide to do one afternoon on a whim.

      1. I really liked it at about 1:41 where they stoned that girl to death for driving a car…(not seen by camera)

        For everyone who has served our country in that dirty, stinking, wipe you ass with your hand, goat raping, idiot filled, America hating hellhole……… I say F you for posting these spoiled idiots.

        I am glad only MOST of the 911 S-heads came from that hellhole.

        1. Dillankid Avatar

          It’s obviously dangerous, and stupid – but they’re no less fantastic drivers. It’s a cool video, from Iraqistan or not. GTS/Solomon – wtf? Taking it a little too seriously.

          1. They are in no way fantastic drivers. They lose control of the vehicle more often than not and the only reason they didn’t hit several other vehicles (like that bus) was because they moved out of the way.

            Real driving skill involves speed without losing control. It looks like this (2:45 for a taste):

            1. Dillankid Avatar

              Ok, I would call the rag heads better than average drivers that can do cool things in a sedan – and Ken Block would be the King of Awesome Drifting.


        2. NikonMikon Avatar

          What branch of ours has deployed to Saudi Arabia?

          1. What branch of ours has deployed to Saudi Arabia?

            How about – Air Force, mainly. Operation Southern Watch. And I believe there are still some U.S. personnel there, specifically here:


            1. US Army maintains some facilities in Kuwait and I beleive one installation in Saudi Arabia. Depends where this was filmed.

              Also, remember, our lovely Misguided Children (The USMC), are anywhere the Embassy is (Embassies are?).

          2. Dept of Energy ;-)

  3. God this reminds me of how crazy they drive over there.

  4. Bunch of goddamn degenerates.

  5. They make us look like submissive Japanese peasants. I thought we were the wild wild west? I wonder if there shooting is as good as there drifting? Anyway, we need to do something, any suggestions?

  6. Kranknstein Avatar

    He keeps doing the same area over and over. Its like he’s going for some achievement on the Xbox. Jihadi Drift….Bringing VBIEDs to a town near you.

  7. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Not seen: Leaning out of the car with a sword and beheading infidels. Like knocking over mailboxes, but Allah approved and Mohamed endorsed.

  8. turn the hazards on for safety reasons

  9. This is the stupidest stuff…there needs to be some video of dead rag heads.

  10. Here’s some bling for ya Mike….:-P

      1. D’oh. Should’ve figured as much.

  11. That’s pretty f***ed up. Might have enjoyed it if they would have rolled during one of those power slides.

    1. Too bad no one stopped them with force, that would have been worth seeing.

  12. Crunkleross Avatar

    Mohamed, that is the third set of new tires you have needed this month, what is the reason?

    Most gracious father, I am very sure the infidels are stealing the tread from my very tires.

    I had the worm writing on the rear window translated it reads.

    Hell no I’m not drunk I’m a sober sexually repressed goat fucking stunt driver.

    1. Outside of the potential and/or close racism, I laughed at what you wrote. Especially after cringing for 5 minutes through most of the video.

      1. It’s not racist if it’s awesome.

  13. Queue the various racist comments against middle easterners….

  14. Crunkleross Avatar

    Oh no, I think someone called me a racist I guess I won’t mention Man Love Thursdays then. LMAO It always turns out that the gun culture has some of the most politically correct folks lurking about just waiting to make something out of nothing.

    The truth only hurts when it ought to.

  15. Well this is pretty much S.O.P. for the youths over there. And there’s a ton of videos like this on YouTube, minus the AK’s of course, but still. I find myself not the least bit surprised.

  16. Awesome driving! I would love to watch police chases that looked remotely like that… Reminds me of this one…

    Good find!

  17. Kuwait disgusted me while I was there. I have never seen a physically dirtier country. Any and every kind of garbage on the side of the road. Burned out vehicle hulls from accidents, including buses… Broken down vehicles, just left to rust… for there, it’s often determined to be cheaper to buy a new vehicle than to repair a broken one… but the trash alone just make me sick.

    I didn’t see anyone doing this while we were there, but jeez, knowing the traffic I saw while there, if they would have done it where we were driving they’d have impaled an 18-wheeler in seconds.

  18. Dougefresh91 Avatar

    I can’t decide whether or not I love that this is being done on a public road with traffic and all.

  19. This is like gymkhana, but only in shitty cars and pajamas.

  20. I can’t remember if this was ever on the site:

  21. Having been in Kuwait and Iraq, this brings back memories of how shitty of drivers they are. You should post the drifting wreck video.

  22. The Dukes of Haz-Harid

  23. I just think this is hilarious. Especially the in car footage with the music. I really don’t think anyone needs to take this as seriously as some are.

  24. I love it, drive like shit and kill each other. Saves me work.

  25. Hey these guys could come state side and teach a tactical driving class to a bunch of civilian tatci-cool wanna bees! Make sure to wear a hat that says Infidel, it’s how I can I identify you as an operator lol.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Make sure to wear a hat that says Infidel, it’s how I can I identify you as an operator

      haha so true, that’s like the operator litmus test right there!

      1. I have been in law enforcement for a long time. I have been contracting since 2007. I have never worked with a guy who actually wore an infidel hat down range. It’s like screaming ” look at me, I am sh1tbag and want to get my team lit up!” I have however scene many fobbits rocking the infidel hat. They usually are operators, operating fork lifts, copy machines etc. I dunno about you Mike but I am sure as shit no trying to be the visible lol.

        Train, eat, workout, eat, Skype, eat, workout, sleep and repeat. 2007-2011

  26. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    …the really ought to stick to camels.

    1. Mohamed Omar Avatar
      Mohamed Omar

      no you americans better be old stupid cowboys.

  27. Mohamed Omar Avatar
    Mohamed Omar

    these arabs are brave.i have watched that’s awesome sliding beside a oil tanker.