Gaston Glock And His Lovely New Wife

After a seven-year relationship and a few days after his 82nd Birthday entrepreneur married Gaston Glock, the 31-year-old Kathrin Veldenerin Tschikof.


Gaston actually looks pretty healthy for 82, hopefully he’s got a decade or more left in him.   If she does one thing, it should be to push him to make a rifle before his time is up.

/end glock fanboy rant.


29 responses to “Gaston Glock And His Lovely New Wife”

  1. a Glock rifle ?? now that’s a good idea.. why haven’t I thought of that before :D

    1. Cause you aren’t G. Glock !!!

  2. I hope I could do as well at age 82… Go Gaston!

  3. She is the only Glock that should have a big hump in the back.

    1. You, sir, just won one MILLION internets!

  4. But if Glock made a rifle / carbine… wouldn’t that negate the market for Glock stock adapters?

    1. not likely, unless the carbine is just a bodykit for the pistol

      1. I made the statement slightly ironically. See the advertisement on the right side of this page.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Nah, I’m not worried about it.

  5. For sure he loves plastic!

    1. Crunkleross Avatar


  6. Look like ol’ Gaston took some ques from Hugh Hefner.

  7. Crunkleross Avatar

    She is in the running for number one glocksucker that’s for sure.

  8. Looks like the geh marriage thing is legal in Austria. He looks like a prissy queer who likes to get spanked and she looks like his whip-wielding tranny toy.

    1. Jealous much?

      1. Nope. He’s welcome to him.

  9. i think she’s just in to him because no one shoots like Gaston.

  10. no one tromps around wearing big boots like Gaston…

  11. a glock rifle? just not ANOTHER ar15 platform, for the love of gawd….

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ugh no kidding!

  12. This explains why Gaston’s not paying attention to the Gen4 QC issues…

    1. whats wrong with it? Mine 22 gen 4 functions great and i had it for few years with no problems

  13. She is a sucker and she seems to be glad ;-)

  14. In fairness, the couple have some facial similarities. I wish them well.

  15. she needs a conversion kit for her face

  16. Her name ist not “Veldenerin”. She lives in Velden, a village in Carinthia.

  17. So since this Twatikof chick has been in the picture all of Gaston’s immediate family have been pushed or fired from the FAMILY business. Make me wonder if and when Gaston kicks the proverbial bucket if his business will be selling guns or shovels to clean up horse shit.

  18. I think Gaston is doing just fine. Only an envious person would begrudge an old man a little love.