Obama Over Bin Laden’s Dead Body – The Action Figure

A perfect example of why people that don’t know anything about guns, shouldn’t produce something to do with guns:

Bryan pointed out that the rifle is a Russian AN-94 assault rifle.  Anyone wanna bet they just googled “Assault rifle” and decided this looked the meanest. *facepalm*

More pics – HERE

Also, maybe I’m the only one that is bothered by this, but I hate that people even give Obama even a shred of credit for Bin Laden’s death.  It really diminishes the accomplishment of the military in my eyes.  Makes about as much sense to me as giving the weather guy credit for a sunny day outside.

The action figure is unsurprisingly Chinese made.  If you want one, they are $130 – HERE

Hat tip: Bryan


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  1. Not only is the weapon wrong, the shoes are wrong–or did yah’ll forget the breathtaking report that Obama rushed back to the White House STILL WEARING HIS GOLF SHOES!?!?!?

  2. At first, I thought they had modded a Htiman (Agent 47) diorama. But I guess there is none with that pose.

    As for crediting Obama: It’s just the same type of humor as the Lincoln-riding-a-bear picture; a statesman in an over the top action scene.

  3. I would order it if he was wearing his peace prize

  4. The Chinese used the AN-94 and the AAA rating thing, as a hidden insult to us. Its there cultural thing, they do it all the time.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hahaha seriously? That’s pretty sly.

  5. Interesting. I’m not the biggest Obama fan in the world although I did vote for him. Apparently I made a bad choice. I would ask that you think a bit. If Obama is to blame for all our countries problems, then he certainly gets credit for being Commander and Chief when Osama was finally put down. I don’t think that diminished the military in any way. Can’t say that I’ll be buying a doll. :)

    1. For “thinking about it overnight” and then finally saying ‘Yes’?
      Dude, what kind of credit devolves to someone who makes a decision that would have been political suicide to punt?

      1. Miguel collazo Avatar
        Miguel collazo

        You mean like when Harry Truman thought about it all night and then said yes to dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? Or how Jimmy Carter said yes to the attempted rescue of the American hostages but things went wrong and at least two helicopters crashed and he bore the responsability for it? That is what presidents have to do and they praised if it goes well or blamed if it goes badly. It does not take away or have anything to do with the men and women that risk their lives when they try to carry out the mission!

      2. You mean the decision that his opponents would have criticized as literally invading a foreign country if it didn’t go off as planned, right?

    2. “Yeah, it was kinda a no-brainer. Hell, if Osama Bin Laden had been President he would have told them to go kill Osama Bin Laden.”

      My friend Moe, who’s massive leftie, admitting that the praise Obama got for saying was a bit much.

  6. w2ell, I am not exactly in the same boat as Brice when it comes to voting for him, but I will give credit where its due…if there was actually a presidential permission needed to take him out he obviously did it. I wonder though, how much of that decision may have been predicated on getting those pics of him in his C-I-C mode watching it go down live to give him “street cred”…

    Still, the decision to off him was made 10 years ago when he took responsibility for 9/11. The time and place were all that were variables in the equation.

  7. Well said Brice. The leader getting all of the blame for things he only had a minor part in and no credit for successes with the same involvement is wrong.

    I certainly don’t think that Obama deserves much credit for the death of Bin Laden but he did make the call to go in. I don’t have any inside intelligence but from what I’ve heard it was not a 100% sure thing that he was in that compound and yet Obama did decide to go in.

  8. Agreed Huey. I mean, if we’re going to give someone metaphorical presidential credit for killing him, and make an action figure around it, then it should be George W standing over him. That being said, I’ll certainly give credit to Obama for giving the green light to take him out (then again, what president would not?). I’m pretty sure that is the extent of his involvement in making it happen though.

    Looking forward to 2012, and God Bless America!!!

  9. I agree that credit given to Obama for Osama’s death is like thanking Ronald McDonald for one’s Big-Mac. One doesn’t thank the clown for the burger, as he (the clown, or in this case Obama,) did not make it. The guy in the back working under shitty conditions to get it to the customer made it.

    This statue is a goddamn joke.

    1. Really? This statue is a joke? I thought it was %100 accurate to what happened.

      1. I agree. The statute is an exact replicas of the death of Osama. I saw it on both CNN and MSNBC. I also believe Michael Moore is going to make a documentary about it.

        1. For a moment, I wanted to find out where you guys live so I could super punch your nuts into oblivion. Then I realized you were joking…

          1. And if I was serious you would have been right to do it.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      One doesn’t thank the clown for the burger

      hahahah I like that a lot better than my weatherman one.

  10. I will say if I ever did find a pic/vid of Obama wielding a nikonov, his chances of getting my vote next year would quadruple….. meaning he’d have a 40% chance of getting it instead of a 10% chance.

  11. More like a 4% chance.

    He’s not a commander. He’s a stuttering cluster fuck of a miserable failure.

    Do you honestly think ANY president would refuse to give the “kill butt laden” a green light.

    He gets no credit from me, except for doing his best to ruin this country. Him, and most of those peeches (peacock, all for show, otherwise worthless + leech, sucking the life out of America) that reside in the DC toilet should all be flushed.

    1. Bearfoot Avatar

      Yes, yes I would considering it was very possible that that could be considered an act of war.

  12. I refer to them as this administration as the “governmental flock of seagulls”…they flew in, shit all over everything, and they’ll be flying away next year…

  13. Why bag on the guy? First, he didn’t claim credit. Second, he did give credit to those who did it and to those who sacrificed all to get there. Third, as much as any president can, he does claim whatever relevant credit for being the president who ordered the take-down not that it’s a big deal. If McCain was president, could he claim it? Also, Obama far outweighs his predecessor in terms of doing what field commanders dictate in the theater of war so he’s definitely a more effective and humble war president.

    1. Really? If you think he’s not claiming credit, you’re delusional. Of course he had to recognize the teams that executed the mission. But at a presidential election, he is absolutely claiming credit for making it happen, and furthering his agenda in hopes of re-election. The positive blip in his approval rating went right back down days after the drama subsided and we were back to the domestic mess that we’re in…. the same one this administration has done nothing but make worse.

      1. Edit: that was supposed to be “…at a presidential level..”, not “…election”

      2. Feel free to quote him suggesting he had anything to do with catching OBL. I’ve heard the opposite and have seen no indicators that he’s claiming it was him. I would venture to say that during reelection campaigning, he won’t do the disgraceful thing (rudy g and “9/11” every other sentence) and talk about his success rate at catching terrorists, he simply is not like that. Even Glenn Beck couldn’t fabricate that. Seriously, I know you partisans are incapable of being reasonable, and I’m sure I’m out of line here, but some basic honesty couldn’t hurt you. I wait for a clip or sound bite (try to be honest and give context) declaring his personal success in catching OBL.

  14. I’m sorry, thought this was a picture of one of his campaign stumps.

    I didn’t vote for the man (I saw what he was [socialist/communist roots]) but I give him credit for giving the green light to the Seals. That said, some people talk it up that he actually dropped the hammer on OBL. Hollywood was planning on releasing a movie about the raid conveniently close to Nov next year.


    My attitude is this even a broken clock is righ twice a day, this was one of the rare times the clock was right.

  15. Considering that all reports indicate that the kill was committed with very little, if any, input from Our Glorious President, despite his supposedly wanting to be involved, yeah, I would say this cute little statue constitutes a hell of a slap in the face to the people who actually did their jobs.

  16. The weapon is in the wrong hand.

    Obama is left-handed, just like Clinton, G.H.W Bush, Reagan, and Ford

    Only two of those five were real war heroes.

  17. Benny The Pain Avatar
    Benny The Pain

    Hmm from reading Operation Jawbreaker (CIA ground commander) and Kill bin laden (Delta Commander) both books lead one to speculate that had they got the resources and green light, bin laden would have died in Tora Bora rather than years later in Pakistan (I am shocked to discover like our so called Saudi Allies we can not trust our Paki allies) Hmm in regard to waterboarding, why is it that the Japanese who did this in World War II were hanged, Americans who did this in the Vietnam War were court martialed and while Bush was Gov of Texas a Sheriff who did this was given 10 years?

    That those who said this was not torture when asked to undergo waterboarding to prove it wasn’t backed out?

    Yup us Devil Dogs ask the hard questions (PI Oct 31, 1979)

  18. Keith Belair Avatar
    Keith Belair

    the whole thing was a complete hollywood production and a fraud to save obumbles approval ratings, the real osama dies in 2001, look it up.

    1. Of course.

      You’ve no proof, you’ve no supporting evidence, but your hate for the president is that strong that you’ll believe it anyway. I’m waiting for the rant that’s bound to follow about how I’m a horrible mindless sheep that needs to wake up and socialist, communist.. blah blah blah.

  19. its our bad luck to miss a great person.

  20. if it wasn’t for Obama and all his studying on the where abouts of bin then maybe he would be still til this day trying to figure out where he is ,now is he dead? study the pictures and the different wounds and different wardrobe he was wearing in all photos I say he is some where in the sun drinking a margarita,what happen to his wives and children,i only fear one thing in this world and that is GOD. the second most feared one of his sons or daughters or does the president think they are rehabilitated terrorist. I predict this, I knew a man that was or still is worshiping bin laden and I seen the picture of bin on the wall I ask the man is that your farther and he responded yes like he is your farther, pointing up meaning GOD this shocked me because of the resemblance at the time I was on drugs so it didn’t matter to me today it does because now I know how close to a terrorist I was and I will never forget his face and the hunt is on I will continue to find this man that I thought was so loving and caring and promised he would never hurt me or let anything happen to me, between Worcester and Framingham ma, is where he is and I will do everything in my power to have him exposed before he and his army blow it up. THATS LOVING YOUR COUNTRY (THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ALL ARE TERRORIST OR MURDERS)