40mm Bean Bag Grenade To The Chest Like A Boss

Downtime in the military looks painful:

The saftey nazi in me noted that the magazine was still in the shooters rifle.   Was it loaded? Maybe, maybe not?  Either way, with only 2 triggers to pull on that gun, id rather be 100% sure that the only one which could possibly discharge a round, would be the non-lethal one.

Kind of reminds of of the getting shot on purpose bullet proof vest incident… although not quite as stupid.

Any of you guys ever done (or witnessed) anything thing like this?

Hat tip: Branko


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  1. talk about getting beanbagged!

  2. Yeah one of our butterbars shot my team leader in the back with a cheeto maker at the range, but he was wearing a vest at the time and wasn’t hurt. Sgt Benitez was bright orange from the knees up. Why they give lieutenants any weapons at all is beyond me.

  3. Standard practice with the M203 is to use the magazine as a pistol grip. Quite normal for an empty mag to be in place when in a range environment with that system.

  4. 032125,

    Why they give enlisted people pay is beyond me.

    When we made our last rotation, I had a firm rule. No digital evidence. Do something stupid…. fine with me as long as no one is hurt. But never, ever, ever post evidence on the Internet.

    I would not take a soldier with me who was stupid enough to do something like this.

    1. shit, before our last rotaton, during a mission brief a Major decided it would be cool to stick his jumpdrive in the computer and record/copy the whole brief so he could go show his family and friends.

      now there is a NO JUMPDRIVE rule so i cant even get the manuals i need without checking out a gov computer during certain hours only.

    2. Some one sounds like Major. Butthurt, go sit down sir and let us lowly enlisted do all the work.

      Fucking tool.

      1. Molon Labe Avatar

        Anecdotal story about what a tool an LT is and video proof of enlisted guys acting retarded.

        You were saying?

    3. Because someone has to unclusterfuck what the butters screw up.

  5. ENDO, You may have to look for it, but in the early 2000’s there was some Army guy who convinced an Afghan to shoot him with an AK. Goal was to have the round hit the soldiers IBA, but the Afghan missed and shot the fool in the leg. LMAO over that one.

    1. I think that one was fake. Not sure though.

      1. Dave, I had some questions too, but the copy I watched had a US Army Safety Center tag on it. IIRC, that indicated that someone thought it was real. I’ll do some searching around.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I definitely have to see that.

      1. Mike, found it. Want me to post the URL or send it to you?

        1. Never mind, found your address…

  6. This is only one in a long line of stupid things soldiers have done to amuse themselves during downtime…back when the heaters in MRE’s were introduced and troops discovered how to make MRE grenades you could judge how much troops were not doing in the field by the number of “booms” heard in the woods…

    Well, at least they know their LTL rounds work…damn, he was one big SOB….

    1. Yeah I can’t count how many times I’ve been flamed online for bitching about the vids coming out of our stationed troops. “How DARE you suggest they shouldn’t video tape themselves doing massively asinine and/or ethically questionable things while on duty and representing our country in a foreign land! They work HARD! They DESERVE TO HAVE FUN!” And no I am not making that line up. I basically got kicked off of a car forum a few years back cause someone posted a vid of soldiers throwing live goats into the lion pen at the afghan (or iraqi, cant remember) zoo and cheering as they watched the starving lions maul these things on live camera. I think my exact quote was something like “You know, I’d really like to see videos of them getting some work done instead of acting like drunken frats boys.” Treason, I know.

      1. Well, to be honest, they’re not /really/ doing anything to begin with. What’s left to do in Iraq? There’s no WMDs, Saddam is LONG since dead, the Republican Guard is disbanded…so you end up with videos like this while soldiers are bored out of their wits, sitting on FOBs in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere, Iraq, occasionally clearing a city or shooting back at people pissed off that Americans have a habit of blowing away innocent civilians.

  7. My Joes did it smarter. They just wrapped a tennis ball in tape and took turns throwing it at each others stomachs from 3 feet away. The hours flew by.

  8. This isn’t going to be the last time people do stupid things like this.
    On the “Dudesons movie” they show the aftermath of a guy getting shot by a beanbag from a shotgun. The guy who was shot had internal bleeding in his lung.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow that must have been painful.

      Also, “because of the insurance…” and then proceeds to say how he lied *facepalm*

      1. The reason he did such is because they do so many crazy stunts. In fact, they’re almost exploiting the Finnish health care system to the max because of it. Unlike jackass were almost everyone is stoned or drunk doing stunts, and quite happy they (those on jackass) are making a lot of money, the Dudesons film all their own crap and do all their own stunts, most times even voluntary or because they are (or appear) bored. I think the only time I’ve seen any of the Dudesons frown is when they’re in intense pain (broken bones) or the one time someone destroyed a sauna. Other than that they seem to have no problem laughing about pain and continuing with stupid things. Including air-rifles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2iprBHJjI#t=1m55

  9. Mr. Normal Avatar

    Anyone happen to catch the Sons of Derp (rerun) last night?

    The “Taser/Saiga” contraption test… and concept in general. Pointing a loaded shotgun at someone you intend to hit with less-lethal seems like a fundamentally horrible idea from the start. There’s a reason officers carry Tasers where they do.

    Also seems like someone forgot to tell Commander Beendonealready Taser already makes a 12ga projectile that doesn’t require you to bolt up a ridiculous mount to deploy a Taser device from a shotgun.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      “Pointing a loaded shotgun at someone you intend to hit with less-lethal seems like a fundamentally horrible idea from the start. ”

      I laughed pretty hard when i read that. It’s true, dont get me wrong, but it just sounds funny.
      Like, this needs to be a rule or on a shirt or something.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      *facepalm* seriously? Man that show gets under my skin… I’ll have to look for that clip on youtube

  10. Interesting. I cannot remember which Call of Duty / Modern Warfare / clone it was, but during my last deployment, us SWOs would absolutely pwn the Marine officers we were transporting, much to their chagrin. One of my favorite tactics was to run around with the M16+underslung grenade launcher and pop the grenade into folks close enough that we were inside the arming distance – for some reason, the game almost always counted that as a one-hit kill. One of the Marine officers pretty much came unglued about how that could never happen, and the game was not realistic, etc. etc. etc. Guess he was right. At least about beanbag rounds.

    I still won ;).

    1. Wow seriously you pwned marines in a video game!!!! Dude you rock at life.

      1. Apparently you missed the point – it was only so amusing because they were so damned mad.

        Me, I knew they would kick my ass in the carbon world, so I did not quite understand their reaction.

  11. Doesnt have to do with this post, but i think its safe to say Top Douche Bag goes to Jake on the blue team. The guy is a major asshole who thinks his shit doesnt stink.

  12. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Also that guy who got shot by that 40mm bean bag grenade is sexy. Anybody who thinks otherwise is jealous of it >.<

  13. Hahah this is my husband n he still has a scare from this I can assure u it wasn’t fake just happens to stumble across this