Is FPS Russia Running Out Of Ideas?

Besides the fact that FPS Russia shoots weapons I only dream of, this video was lame:

What do you guys think?  Is he running out of ideas?


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  1. As was to be expected when everything you do is show shooting videos. In FPSRussia’s case it escalated faster because of his choice to up the ante with every video. It’s also a reason for me to not watch Hickok45 videos anymore.

    Howevery unpopular my opinion may be in these circles, I think Nutnfancy has way more to offer in variety and insight.

    1. Jared C Avatar

      nutnfancy was ok to watch in small doses. but when he started huffing and puffing for 45 mins on some bullshit course shooting shit with a duracoated mosin with a red dot, enough was enough. i rather listen to a lame ass with a fake accent shoot cool shit than herp derp’s ramblings about some tapco’ed the fuck out gun of his.

      1. Amen! 45 minute videos discussing the “philosophy of use” around a hunting knife or some stupid ColdSteel modification and shit Tapco kits. I second that.

        1. I come up firmly in support of NutnFancy. If I’m considering budgeting for gun or a knife, etc. I don’t just want a regurgitation of the manufacturer’s sales blurb. I don’t want an “unboxing” either; that’s a waste of time. I want details, especially if my purchase is likely to be online without any “fondle time”.

          Of course, I also like GunWebsites, Hickick45, Military Arms Channel…pretty much anyone who loves guns and wants to share it. Hell even Tex Grebner is worth an occasional listen. If it gets dull I jump ahead, or turn it off.

    2. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      First of all Nutnfancy if full of himself. He has nothing to offer in variety or insight since all his stuff is basically about him shooting a weapon. Emphasis on HIM. Being tasty doesn’t count either. Not to mention that whole operator operatin in operations doing operator shit gets old sometimes.

      And seccondly, you’re right. When you ante it up, you can only ante it up so much and so far. Especially with firearms. Pants can only go up so high around the waist. It was bound to happen.

      I’m just glad he dropped the D-bag attitude and style. Now he’s actually muddafuckin cute. And gets to play with awesome shit. Shame it took till now for it to happen D:

      1. I don’t think many people can put themselves out for scrutiny on a regular basis unless they have a pretty solid ego.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          But that ego is such a turn off to the average viewer. Hence why we make fun of Nutnfancy, and my used-to-be-raging at fpsrussia.

          1. Dunno man, it just never bothered me. I’m not even sure I can see it; the dude is constantly self deprecating, constantly pointing out that he is not an expert knowledge-wise or skill-wise.

            I do like Sturmgewere’s (Military Arms Channel) style of presentation a lot better; more direct, less fluff, more dispassionate. The trouble there is that he doesn’t cover as wide a span of topics.

            FPS Russia is obnoxious but has cool toys; he will run his course fairly quickly, as you suggest. There’s only so many “cool” guns to blow through, and then you’d better have something useful to add to the conversation, like Jeff Quinn. That guy can make a muskets look fresh and cool.

  2. I think his class 3 dealer just doesn’t have any new toys to let him borrow.

  3. Dillankid Avatar

    I don’t think he’s running out of ideas quite yet…he just got screwed with dud rockets. He’s got some minigun videos and other things coming up, but he’ll certainly run out of rungs on the ladder eventually.

    I wish he would do some reviews/disassembly instructions/things like that. It would open up another side of the YouTube market for him and keep his stuff going for a while. The accent may be annoying, but you don’t get the stuff he does without some pretty good knowledge on it.

  4. Like you said he gets to shoot weapons we can only dream of and he gets to blow up stuff. Nothing wrong with that.

  5. I think it was just a not-so-great one. Not every video has to extraordinary. There has to be no indication of decline or incline for that matter.

  6. I want to see an AT4, RPG-7, and/or an M60 versus a car(s) that is/are remotely controlled, with a cardboard stand-up of Ronald McDonald in the driver’s seat and Burger King in the back.

    Then I want to see a life sized Snuffaluffagus flamethrower-ed and molotov-ed. Only after that I think he’s out of ideas.

    1. That would be well worth the watch!

    2. Dillankid Avatar

      I am so going to e-mail this idea to him and cross my fingers…

  7. Yep. That converted “LAW” was huge disappointment.

    1. Actually he was firing the sub caliber training insert. They have a solid chalk ‘warhead’ that breaks into a puff of blue ‘smoke’. I qualified with one 31 years ago. Five practice rounds the one live HEAT.

      1. then one live HEAT.

  8. I’m just glad to see that he finally started wearing “Eyes and Ears” for years he hasn’t been wearing any PPE setting a bad example for all the kids watching his videos.

  9. FPS'MERICA! Avatar

    What do you expect when he takes requests from his facebook audience… thousands of 12 yr olds with COD Complexes who get doe-eyed when browsing the airsoft section at wal-mart. Some videos are entertaining but the fussian accent and lack of safe gun handling still troubles me. I think if he spoke normally, and wore eyes / ears on a reg basis WHILE shooting awesome Class III guns, I would be more inclined to watch. But the machismo bs to impress the kiddies… he’s just youtube’s birthday clown.

  10. bigghoss Avatar

    the fake accent is fucking stupid. if it weren’t for that I’d like the guy.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      But it makes him so attractive D:

  11. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Where does he get all the weapons he shoots? What country is his in? What is that stupid fake accent he has? Is it Austrailian?

    1. bigghoss Avatar

      dunno. USA (pretty sure). retarded fake russian.

    2. SPC Fish Avatar

      hes he is shooting all of that in the USA. all of it is perfectly legal and licensed (when needed). I wont put it past him to start traveling to other countries to shoot a little more “exotic” weaponry. you can rent some awesome stuff in some of the old soviet countries

  12. His name is Kyle Myers and he lives in Georgia (the state, not the country). If you look up one of his video game videos from his other channels, he sounds nothing like he does when doing the fake accent.

  13. What the the hell is the point of taking a recoilless rifle and making it fire a .50 BMG?

  14. farmboy7.62 Avatar

    “Leave FPSRussia Alone”!!!

    I imagine those videos are very expensive to produce. Two of those “law” rocket rounds were 1K!!

    1. Those weren’t real LAW rockets…

  15. by, “real” I mean those weren’t full size or full power. The blue usually indicates trainers. Have a gander at what a real one looks like and compare it to what you see a minute into the video.

    1. Here is what he was shooting. A re-loadable sub caliber insert is added to a fired LAW tube.

  16. Meh.. I got bored after few videos.
    It’s probably ok for someone in army, to watch this(as long as you are not already sicks of weapons because of constant drills), but he is incredibly boring as a host.
    So.. yeah. He is popular mainly because it is all these weapon demonstrations in one style and in one place.

    On rare occasions you find some new weapon and want to see it in action. Then you know where to find the demo.

    Also it is funny that birds seem to not give a fuck about the explosions hah