My Blog’s 404 Page Now Seems Inadequate

You guys need to watch this:

So awesome.  

For those that don’t know.  404 is an HTTP error that a server returns if it can’t find the page you specified.  To see mine you can type anything random after the / in in your address bar then hit enter.



12 responses to “My Blog’s 404 Page Now Seems Inadequate”

  1. This is the best 404 error I’ve ever seen. I love nerd humor. I love military humor. This is the perfect blend of both.

  2. Love the elbows way up in the air.

  3. The one bit of criticism I have, is that they break the first rule of How Not To Be Seen.

  4. Watching this again, I can’t help but wonder what good the red dot on the forearm top rail does since the weapon (airsoft, no doubt) has a carrying handle that would prevent you from seeing through it. I’m sure I shouldn’t over analyze this; these guys probably have no experience with real firearms.

    1. I saw the same thing and was about to comment about it.

  5. theblackknight Avatar

    Yeah those chicken wings ruined it.

  6. Awesome! Love the “I’m out!” * Dives to the ground, rolls on his back with his chin to his chest as he reloads at the top of a berm. All in good fun though! Wish we could do a dope ass 404/500 video like that. All I need is Magic Bullet and well be A-O-K.

  7. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor


    1. A sphincter says ‘what’?

  8. That’s bad ass!

  9. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Are you familiar with My little pony, friendship is magic?
    And forever will you hear “So awesome” like that.

    And this was okay. Cool even.

  10. Pretty sweet video.