Tex Grebner – “I Just F’ing Shot Myself” Feat. Negligent Discharge

Needs MOAR bass!

Remixed from the video I talked about in “When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches“.


9 responses to “Tex Grebner – “I Just F’ing Shot Myself” Feat. Negligent Discharge”

  1. settles Avatar

    Thank You! I needed that.

  2. Something tells me the guys at 4chan can do better. And no, I’m not linking to /b/….

  3. pro= my entire office could hear me laughing at this vid!
    con= my boss is here today :(

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      That’s why I always come to this site when the boss is out of the area :-)

  4. LOL.

    1. I was hoping maybe it would be a litle longer. I loved the part of that video when he says “My training kicked in. I called my mom…” Nuff said. LOL

  5. holy shit that was funny!

  6. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Cant breathe. So damn funny.

    Someone download this for whenever it gets pulled from youtube. Because this is fantastic.

  7. We thought we’d do a little parody involving Incontentent Discharge: