AR-15 Laser Gun

Screw regular ammunition, I want a laser AR-15:

Now this is a good use of an airsoft gun.  I thought he was gonna shoot the cat for a minute…

How long until the military is melting taliban heads at 800 yards with a high powered version of this?   Not soon enough…

Throw caution to the wind, bust open your bluray player and build your own… but remember The goggles do nothing

Hat tip: Justin W


14 responses to “AR-15 Laser Gun”

  1. JWhite Avatar

    Thought you might like that! I almost want to go out and buy some Tokyo Mauri knock off and rig it with a repeating laser!

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Why dont we have laser rifles yet?

    1. I can already see the antis complaining about high-capacity batteries and crying out to ban evil red beams, because green and blue beams are nicer. “You don’t need a laser to hunt!”

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        I dont think you could even hunt with a laser to begin with. You could, but not without causing massive fires wherever you go xD

    2. Cameron Avatar

      That one guy, because to make a military grade laser rifle, one that could actually kill, would take a huge amount of energy. It’s more energy efficient to shoot a bullet than laser a guy to death.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        I still want a laser AR. If we can come up with a fukkin rocket pistol and rocket rifle set, we can make laser rifles with SOME feasibility.

        1. What rocket pistol?

          1. That one guy Avatar
            That one guy

            Gyrojet son.

            1. oh, yeah, those. (Did you know there is a project to get those things redesigned and marketed)

  3. Andrew Avatar

    I thought he was going to shoot the cat…. Protect your seeing balls with laser goggles.

  4. Why is he doing this indoors?

  5. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    You mean, I was hoping he would laser the cat!
    Just imagine hooking up a car battery to power this!
    Just the thing to hunt cockroaches or spiders with,

  6. I was going to build a 2 watt 808spectrum infrared laser at one point. But then I realized I could blind yourself just by looking at were the beam would be (which would be invisible though, cause it’s IR)

  7. I want one disguised as a broom to take out the flying rat population my way.