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  • Pull Up With the SIRT STIC – Let It Hit



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    Pew pew pew đź”´: Interesting how the pistol fits in the AR style chassis.  I wasn’t expecting that. I’d like to tell you guys how much the SIRT STIC is, but their website isn’t working (Database error). Thoughts?

  • DIY Laser Kid Styropyro And His Amazing Builds

    This guy is a character: 1:13 – HE RAISES MOTHS?  I’m not a fan of moths.  I don’t get freaked out by them, but I just don’t like them.  My girlfriend, mom, and sister absolutely lose their minds if a moth gets in mix.  It’s entertaining. Lasers are so damn cool.  If I had a…

  • Negligent Discharge Into Hand While Checking Laser

    Ugh… this guy and his derpy accomplice: WTF?  Really?  Who are these two? The dance at 0:18 is killer.  I wish he would have hit a dab after, just to finish it off. 0:21 – The biggest concern for derp #2 at this point was the gun falling on the floor.  Nice save though I…

  • Turning On Your Tactical Light And Laser By Pressing A Pre-Trigger Trigger

    OH Lawd this is beautiful.  What could possibly go wrong? Here is a incredibly long video of the installation and function: Why?   Just…. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? If you try to go to the company website triggerpointtechnology.com you’ll see there is a “this site is no long available” message.  Astonishing, I wonder why? *throws money at screen and nothing…

  • SureFire Cat Laser

    Another one I missed from April Fools day which I think is worth posting: Awesome stuff.  Man that Terminator laser is grail status.  They are forever in the history books for that one. The best part about lasers and cats is you can aim the laser at your buddy’s crotch without him knowing… then the…

  • Lockheed Martin Laser Weapon Turns Up




    30kw laser weapon disabled a truck from more than a mile away in their recent tests: Full story on the Lockheed Martin website.  I wish there was a video up of that… I’m sure it probably just looks like a cutting torch taken to the hood, but it still would have been cool to put…