When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches

YouTube’s TexGrebner ventilates his leg with a FMJ .45:

At least he takes responsibility for his actions.  I wouldn’t quite call the occurrence “unlucky” though (as he does in the video description), when it was clear negligence.

I’m not a huge fan of push button retention holsters… this is why.

The best part is “After I got shot, my training took over… I called my parents”

I got a kick out of this one youtube comment by user asystole599:

Practice like you play man….. you shoulda dropped to your back and unloaded on the target. Don’t get in the habit of giving up after you get shot. As bad practice caused this negligent discharge….bad practice will keep you from shooting the bad guy who gets off the first shot.

Hat tip: Michael R


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  1. What a moron wow this is why the south lost lmao!

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Dont go there man >8C

      And he’s lucky it wasn’t loaded with hydroshocks. A hole is one thing, a chunk missing is a whole other O.o

      1. I agree!… punish3r need not go there!

        1. I also agree. I’ve been to the south on many occasions. It is NOT enjoyable, don’t go there.

          1. That one guy Avatar
            That one guy

            You were probably in the dirty south. The southeast. Where incest babies really happen :C. Come to the southwest. The good south :3

            Just dont go to far west. That there’s political country. Swarzinnerggiggar, polygamists and whatnot lol.

            1. lone survivor Avatar
              lone survivor

              Go to Arizona, remaking America one state at a time!

    2. NikonMikon Avatar


      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        Easy boy. Dont attack him just yet. And if that was directed elsewhere OHGOD he’s coming right for me! *dies*

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          Nah I’m not, just the dummy who said the south lost etc. I’m not even from the south although I live here.

  2. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. And why the Brady campaign is on our ass all the time…. I consider it very lucky he didn’t kneecap himself

  3. brent Avatar

    i fucking hate all the comments on that video about the serpa holster. i used one for 2 deployments in iraq, and i use one now for my p30. i havent ventilated myself yet. you dont need to mash down on the lever so hard that your finger goes in the trigger. youre doing it wrong. idiot. i always knew either him or cokeman or tmhonfire would have an ND one of these days. its all these guys that have had no formal training trying to teach others, while practicing shit wrong and acting like they are the go-to guy on tactical shit.

    1. ozwald Avatar

      i think brent hit the nail on the head.

    2. Der der der. I went to iraq blah blah blah. Who cares? Those holsters suck and the only people that don’t think so are the suckers that own them.

      1. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

        Ya know, I’ve never used one like in the video…

        But I gots to say that if were in the military, I’d regret fighting to protect jerks like you… just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you should exercise your first amendment by being a dick to a prior service member… not to mention your generalization of the product and anybody who uses them makes you sound like you lack intelligence.

        1. 032125 Avatar

          I was in the military and hate the “I was in XYZistan so I must know” mentality. Every experience is a microcosm; a tiny sliver of reality, and cannot be taken as expert knowledge. There’s also enough FOB queens in the world to render “I was in Krapslapistan” relatively meaningless (NOT pointing that at you Brent).

          I think Grebner has balls for posting, but we knew that this was going to be a ridicule-fest. It shouldn’t lower his standing as a commenter to anyone who already had a realistic understanding of his credentials (which are zero), and he should keep posting. He loves guns, we love guns. No need to hate.

          1. brent Avatar

            I know what you mean man. I was a grunt, but my point was that over my time there, my serpa earned its salt. I’ve always seen people say oh the serpa suck and I bet they jam with rocks and sand. Ive never had a problem with it and I’ve put it thru its paces vs someone who takes it to the range every other weekend. And then someone reads someone bad mouthing it and then they regurgitate the same judgment. If the serpa was as bad as people think, no one would own one!

            1. ringo45 Avatar

              A lot of people own shitty equipment.

          2. Thank you. Not to mention, unless you happen to be a member of the Navy SEALs, DELTA, or some other such group, the United States military has probably the poorest pistol training available in the world. A reasonably competent person with a pistol can “qualify” to Army standards with his eyes closed and ammunition to spare. So going to “the sandbox” sounds cool but is no way a basis for an “expert” opinion. Pisses me off because BRENT apparently uses it like a cool guy card and then attaches it to unrelated opinions.

        2. You wouldn’t have to protect me. As a matter of fact I have military service, of what type and duration doesn’t concern you. Neither does it have any bearing on this discussion. Oh, wait, to people like you it does… der der der… insert my military experience here…. insert my opinion of a product… = rational argument.

          My “generalization” that makes me sound like I “lack intelligence” is in fact, facts. The SERPA holster is designed to be operated by using your index finger in a motion that mimics pulling the trigger. Can you use this holster safely? Yes. Does that make it a good design? No.

    3. Molon Labe Avatar
      Molon Labe

      x2. Two tours to Iraq, one to Trashcanistan and never once had a problem. The guy trained himself poorly and suffered as a result.

      Quick aside: an easy trick is to actuate the paddle with your middle finger. Not only is it long enough not to naturally fit inside a trigger guard, it tends to want to fall below the trigger guard in a natural draw. If Cletus had learned how to do that, he wouldn’t have test fired his pistola into his leg.

  4. amen to that .. ya dont blame the equipment its his own damn fault he was born the way he is!

  5. Glock27 Avatar

    “I called mommy” than “called 911”.

    1. HalarityInsues Avatar

      I wonder if his mom told him it was okay and that lots of men suffer from premature discharge.

  6. This is why I want my holsters to be consistent and dumb – I basically want a pouch that holds my pistol securely and nothing more. No goofy thumb switches or levers activated by an index finger for me. If I had to have a retention mechanism of any type, I’d want it to be a strap that either uses a snap or Velcro that could be deactivated by tucking the strap behind the holster. If I was required to have a holster that had either a thumb or index activated retention device, I’d ensure that all of the holsters I train with have exactly the same mechanism.

  7. Paranoid in Montana Avatar
    Paranoid in Montana

    Practicing with two different guns in two different holsters back to back. I can’t imagine using both a striker fired and a 1911 as carry guns in the same period of time. On the draw, I don’t want to be thinking about whether or not THIS gun has a manual safety. Talk about setting yourself up for failure!

  8. Tekkie Avatar

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how this was caused by a push-button holster. It appears in the slow motion portion that this finger hits the trigger in the beginning of the draw. I don’t understand how a non-push-button holster would have kept him from doing this.

    I have used the Serpa holster for many years and have always found that the placement of the button facilitated indexing of the finger all the way through the draw. Maybe you can clarify your specific issue with push-button holsters Mike…

    1. Cameron Avatar

      What it looks like to me is that he drew the gun, but instead of waiting until the gun was clear from the holster, and that both hands were on the gun, and that he started pointing it at the target before putting his finger on the trigger, it looks like he pushed the button and brought his finger to the trigger in the same motion, which means he was probably automatically still retracting his finger at the same time, and bang.

      1. it a draw style that a lot of these self defense guys are using. For some reason they have their elbow pointing in the air and hand behind their head and they draw with the other hand. I supposed the non gun hand is for distraction…? 0_o I dunno, I just have seen a few of these videos from guys … most of the posted videos have been from here and they are quite comical.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Like a couple of the other guys on here mentioned, the average person does not practice enough (myself included) to completely eliminate the potential mistake of pushing your index finger against the holster all the way through the draw and then hitting the trigger.

  9. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Oh and “speed kills.” Now write those two mantras down.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha nice

  10. Frank Avatar

    As soon as I saw where he got shot and how, I immediately thought of Sammy Davis Junior’s commentary on proper handling, “Or you’ll find out immediately why Chester walks with a limp”.
    Dialog starts at 0:34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6aNzFYHyz8

    I feel bad for the poor fella.
    But it’s a good thing he’s alive AND took responsibility. The last thing anyone needs is anti-gun-nuts saying how firearms need to handled only by the police, military, and various parts of the government (*cough, DEA*).

    Evidence of negligence:
    Police – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aSJgcpqePk
    DEA Agent (ideally everyone has seen this by now) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIJOVD8hwY

  11. Considering some of the horribly negligent stuff we see on YouTube where people are damn lucky they didn’t ND, this is not too bad.

    Yes it was negligent, but he’s not the retard some other people are. This guy actually tries to practice safe firearms handling. That’s more than you can say for others.

  12. Torontogosh Avatar

    I actually am impressed that he made that video. Frankly, there is a lesson to be learned, and despite the fact that he was going to get mocked to death, he went ahead and posted. Frankly, if I shot myself, I wouldn’t announce it to the entire internet, especially if I made gun training videos…

  13. I give the guy some points for manning up to what he did, and attempting to educate others. At least he wasn’t like that ghetto ATF agent with the “Glock 40”.

  14. looks like from the slo-mo he put his finger on the trigger before he had the gun on target. big dumb. keep that finger straight till that gun is upright.

  15. Quint Avatar

    I’m supreised that the vortex or whatever it’s called, that the bullet leaves in it’s wake didnt absolutely destroy his leg. I’d have thought that a wound like that would have left a very large exit hole in his leg.

    I love the way he says “I just…fucking…shot…myself”, like it’s a statement he’s reading off a piece of paper. You can tell the reality is just starting to set in at that point.

  16. Way to go, Quick Draw. ““After I got shot, my training took over… I called my parents” LOL. Instead of dialing 911…….. “Mommy, Daddy, I got a owee”. Priceless.

  17. That is too funny. Did he say he’s an instructor?

  18. “This is my safety” comes to mind.

  19. Mobiaxis Avatar

    He keeps saying “thing just happen…”

    No, things don’t just ‘happen’, they happen as a result of something one did, or did not, do. To prevent those things from ‘just happening’, don’t do the things that cause them to happen, in this particular case, operating beyond one’s skill level

    FWIW, on the SERPA holster, curling the index finger into the trigger guard after depressing the release lever seems to be an entirely foreseeable action. Maybe proper training can eliminate that behavior, but I have enough deficiencies I am trying to train out of my system without having to worry about one that I myself voluntarily introduced by my choice in gear.

  20. Why in the hell was he standing right up against the target???

  21. I’m with Russ — I want a pouch not something active. I’m 5’11” and have “gorilla” arms. I wear a an extra long sleeve. I’m also a lefty.

    My best holster is something down my thigh about four – five inches from my belt for open carry. My best concealed is on my right side back with the holster left leaning and the butt short of my spine.

    The SERPA holster is a nice idea — I might do it if they can find a left mounted that is on a drop holster and I can open carry. I would never do one in a concealed situation. I have this thing about blowing out my spine with a 9 or .45. I don’t even like carrying hot that way with a pouch, but it is the best solution I have.