Gun Safety Advice From YouTube

Interesting, I didn’t want to punch Richard Ryan (the kid without the beard) in the face as much as I normally do.

I didn’t think his obnoxiousness in some of his other vids was an act, but it must be.


10 responses to “Gun Safety Advice From YouTube”

  1. thebronze Avatar

    That was INCREDIBLY lame.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    You need to calm down with the wanting to punch people in the face.
    I know, some people just deserve it, but that attitude is going to get you put in jail D:
    Which would suck. You make this place cool :c

    And i chuckled :3. Russian roulette somehow translating to everybody screaming lol? You pray, you pray now GI. Bakbakbak GI you pray and whatnot.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      One thing I learned that is for every one person that “wants” to punch someone in the face, there are a dozen that actually will when alcohol is involved. I’m confident that someone else has already punched these guys in the face for me, I just haven’t witnessed it. :P

  3. I don’t think anyone in that video knows what di di mau means.

    1. ozwald Avatar

      i once knew a stripper named Didi Mau.

  4. Ah a FreddieW collaboration. The ‘firing’ of the guns gave it away.

    Deer Hunter – true – not many younger generation people get the reference so that may get lost.

  5. If your into the gun related youtube videos you would have understood this clip more. I thought it was hilarious especially after seeing Freddie behind the camera after his buddy went off with the chain gun. Look up some of Freddies work on youtube, its good for a quick youtube clip…

  6. I really like freddie’s stuff, it may not be the most realistic, but it’s like a good action movie. Just mindless entertainment for a few minutes.

  7. Does it make me a “safety Nazi” if this was painful to watch even knowing it was fake?

  8. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    I watched that and came away thinking about how that can be described as a social commentary on the gun culture for a lot of people (NOT ALL! – no hate mail please). So many idiots out there on youtube and at the range have horrible discipline when it comes to safety! They act like a lot of the guys on this video…

    That said, I was pretty upset with the video and safety and what-not… until I realized it was a FreddieW video and the purpose it served. I think those guys did a pretty good job…