Mexican Kindergarten Teacher Calms Students During Shootout

Pretty sad that little kids have to go through stuff like this:

Judging by what I read on the internet, shootouts are pretty routine in some parts of Mexico nowadays.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Aww those poor things. I say we pull out of Libya and invade the shit out of Mexico. If bullets are gonna fly, let them at least be ones that fly for justice. And children. And my sister for when she has to go and visit her husband’s parents and friends there.

  2. All of this is over a plant. Something that grows naturally from the Earth.
    Supply and demand are the problem. Where there is a demand there will be a supply. The fact that it is illegal is the only reason that criminals are required to traffic it. Without that criminalization there would be competition from legitimate providers, just like with alcohol or tobacco, keeping costs of the item down and making the trade less lucrative for criminals. The illegal trade of goods generates higher profits for the criminals engaged in it, therefore putting more money into their hands. Now the dilemma is that this increased cashflow is funding their own war to protect that cashflow. Without the war on drugs, they would not have the same funds, nor would they have a need to use them for weapons. Legitimate businesses do not need to defend themselves violently. Criminal business do because they have no alternative. If you cannot eliminate the demand, you will never eliminate the supply. People will get it one way or another.
    War on drugs. Great idea. Working even worse than prohibition.

  3. MusaJames Avatar

    Living on the Mexican Border isn’t easy on either side of the border but the Mexican side has corrupted exponentially. America’s appetite for drugs is too much for one nation to bear(Not saying Mexico is not at fault). When we killed Pablo Escobar all we did was open the door for the Mexican cartels to battle for supremacy. Taking actions on our side of the border isn’t enough, moving into Mexican territory might be be necessary. Just a few actions might be enough to scare the crap out of those Pendejos.

  4. Antibubba Avatar

    “Duck and Cover” for a new generation.

  5. That is heartbreaking.