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  • North Hollywood Shootout

    I always thought the movie is based on this North Hollywood shootout and on the story leading up to it (because there are definitely similarities), but this shootout happened in 1997 (2 years after HEAT came out).  If you haven’t seen the 1995 movie HEAT, it’s seriously one of the best movies of all time.…

  • Army Ranger’s 1989 Tacoma Washington Shootout With The Crips Gang

    Wtf 🤣?  I had no idea it was that real in Tacoma: Very interesting story worth watching.  They should totally make a movie based off this.  They wouldn’t even have to take any creative licenses, it’s so bizarre on its own. Thoughts? Gat tip: CS

  • Church Shootout In A Music Video – God & Guns

    Brotha Ruff Brings it… the action starts at 3:06: And when I say action I mean, corny church shootout between good and evil using automatic 1911 handguns.   The special effects are so bad it’s hard to watch.  I especially like how “Evil” has on a slick rick style eye patch and wave cap.  You all…

  • The Herd Will Not Save You

    If you enjoy this post, check out more from Linoge over at Walls Of The City. If you’re not already following his site, I highly recommend you add it to your daily gun blog rotation. Personally, I find this video fascinating: But not for the obvious reasons. Oh, sure, it was a masterpiece of advertising,…

  • Purolator Shootout

    This is Purolator’s way of saying cardboard oil filter endcaps suck: Cool, i’ll take any gun related commercial where guns aren’t villainized. They have a couple other non gun related commericals on their youtube channel which are decent too. Hat tip: Earl

  • Lego Shootout

    They have ample opportunity to take out the shooter: But instead they just stare in disbelief.  Stop motion photography blows my mind… it looks so time consuming.