May I Suggest That Mr. Bond Be Armed With A Revolver?

Late-May of 1956, James Bond author Ian Fleming received a politely critical letter from a firearms expert named Geoffrey Boothroyd.  It Began:

I have, by now, got rather fond of Mr. James Bond. I like most of the things about him, with the exception of his rather deplorable taste in firearms. In particular, I dislike a man who comes into contact with all sorts of formidable people using a .25 Beretta. This sort of gun is really a lady’s gun, and not a really nice lady at that. If Mr. Bond has to use a light gun he would be better off with a .22 rim fire; the lead bullet would cause more shocking effect than the jacketed type of the .25.

May I suggest that Mr. Bond be armed with a revolver?

All valid points.

Ian Fleming was impressed with the letter, and wrote a classy response:

Then the coolest thing happens.  Fleming introduces a “service armorer” into the Dr. No book, and names him Major Boothroyd! The character also appeared in later films. (wiki)

A BBC interview with Boothroyd – HERE

Excuse me while I go craft letters to authors, and movie directors on why they should use Glocks in an effort to get a character named after me. :P

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9 responses to “May I Suggest That Mr. Bond Be Armed With A Revolver?”

  1. michael Avatar

    wow what a great find. imagine that happening today.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      “Hello good sir, I read your novel the other day and saw that your main character was carrying a pair of gold-plated tiger-striped Desert Eagle revolvers and thought to myself how silly of a firearm this is to carry.
      I would humbly like to suggest that you rewrite the character’s firearms into a single pistol, perhaps a 10mm, or a .45 ACP, something with equally decent stopping power but a little more practical.
      Thank you for your consideration,

      Author’s response, these days at least?

      1. Does anyone recall Rogue Spear (Rainbow Six II) on the PC? I recall the developers refusing to budge on their misinformation that the Franchi SPAS12 was a select-fire weapon capable of full-auto operation.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          The Spas-12 can do what now? O.o

          Now i’m glad i never bought into that double rainbow six bullcrap.

          1. Cameron Avatar

            Most of the older games are extremely good, and definitely not the SO ULTRA TACTICAL BREACH THE DOOR IN SLOW MOTION shit of these days. It’s more like “Red Team you take that door, Blue Team that one, flash and clear, on Zulu.”

  2. That is just about the coolest thing that I’ve ever read. Imagine having a logical discourse with an author, and have him not only reply…but reply with respectful appreciation. Simply amazing.

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    “Excuse me while I go craft letters to authors, and movie directors on why they should use Glocks in an effort to get a character named after me”. Glocks? MORE GLOCKS? YOU MUST DIE! As a character in an upcoming novel, who was over-affectionate of his glocks. :/

    And this would NEVER happen today, mostly because writers and directors are asshats with no sense of giving thanks or appreciation. They all feel that you give them an idea, especially if it’s a good one, they are owed it, and shouldn’t pay you any mind for your contribution.

    Ian Flemming was a pretty cool guy. A Bro. Nobody alive today can even compare. The world is lacking in bros, and that makes me sad :C

  4. Of course in all fairness to today’s writers; for every well written and intelligent letter they receive, they probably get 99 offers to cut off their skin and wear it like a (insert author’s name here) suit and random photos of people’s junk.

  5. Raph84 Avatar

    Couldn’t get the BBC link to work, but here is Mr. Boothroyd on youtube