Get Your Face Broken By This Buffalo NY Cop

For taking pictures:

An NFTA (transit) Police officer threatened and swore at me while I was making a video of the aftermath of a fight at Thursday at the Square in Buffalo NY.

“If you take my picture again I’m gonna F***ing break your face.”

The man didn’t want his picture taken… as a person… not as a police officer.

As always… very reasonable. :roll: Who wants to be this guy still has his job?


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  1. Wow what a tough fat ass he is.. lol not as a cop as a man.. you wouldnt last 30 seconds fat man

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    He probably still has his job :/
    He’s no Officer Rivieri, that’s for damn sure.

  3. Hmm…. we have far too many laws in this country, but I sure wouldn’t mind a federal law declaring it specifically legal to record the actions of any uniformed police officer, with penalties to either a municipality or state that tries to make it unlawful, or for the actual cop if they attempt private retribution.

  4. Philip Avatar

    He’s probable mad because the camera adds 10 pounds.

    1. How many cameras did he eat?

    2. lone survivor Avatar
      lone survivor

      There’s a site called photography is not a crime. They talk about things like this.

  5. You have no expectation of privacy in public ….

    1. Bill, you hit the nail on the head. Sounds like terroristic threatening to me.

  6. Another nail in the coffin of equality, building a state of rulers(and their enforcers) vs. the ruled.

  7. If he’s threatening him “as a person” and not as a cop, then as others have said on other websites, this is a private individual with weapons on him and a dangerous attack dog threatening someone. The photog should call the cops.

    911 Dispatcher: “This is 911. What is your emergency?”

    Photog: “Hey, there’s this private person with a gun and a German Shepard who just threatened to break my face. Yes dispatcher, he’s big, threatening, and has a gun and other weapons on him. He’s just standing around in public. ”

    That’s what he should’ve done. You know, for the lulz.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      Best. Comment.

    2. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      And when he gets taken to court, tell the jury “I think he was gonna eat me D:” And act all devastated lol.

  8. And because no one will actually do anything about this, more and more a$$holes like that will get jobs for the police departments and become the new SS stormtroopers who will never stop to question if anything they are doing is violating anyone’s rights.

    Such vermin don’t think of themselves as public servants.

    In a righteous world, that guy would be surrounded by people within earshot, beaten to the ground, have all of his equipment confiscated and then dropped off at the precinct or office that he works out of with a stern warning to his commanding officers that such a prick had better never, ever show up in a uniform again.

  9. bigghoss Avatar

    as soon as you put on the uniform everything you say and do is a representation of the organization you work for weather it’s a PD or macdonalds. if I were his supervisor he’d get suspended and when he got back he’d get shit details until his attitude and interpersonal communication skills improved.

    and as one human being to another threatening someone and being a dick without first politely asking them to stop what they’re doing is lower than dogshit in any situation. in a uniform or out this guy is a piece of shit.

  10. I’m about 99% sure that what was said there qualifies as assault in Washington State.

    I imagine others states are similar.

  11. wry762 Avatar

    Talk to an attorney. You can probably do this for free, or $50 at the most. If the $50 is an issue, set up
    a PayPal account and we’ll kick in for it. The attorney will advise you as to what your rights are, and what the best approach is (filing a complaint, civil suit, criminal charges, etc.).

    If this had been just some random asshole, then sure – let it go. But it was a LEO. They’re supposed to be held to a higher standard. “As a person, I’ll f****** break your face”? Really?

    If he had said “Excuse me – please don’t take my picture again” then I wouldn’t be writing this.

    And if he wasn’t hiding behind a badge, then he would have been halfway towards second place in a gunfight. He’s open carrying, got in your personal space and threatened you. Oops – I just noticed, it’s in NY state. In my state, we have shall-issue CCW.

    Don’t let the video go to waste. Maybe it should be posted at


    P.S. – As someone else mentioned, you may have been in danger of being eaten. Hopefully he had recently topped himself off on the dog’s food before this incident.

  12. This makes me sad. If anything he should be happy the guy was taking his picture. The more good cops are video taped the more evidence they have that they didn’t do anything wrong when a case goes to court. Personally I would want a video camera installed in the badge. lol