Call Of Duty Elite

Funny video, and the idea sounds cool, but also like a bit of a money grab:

I’m sure a lot of kids will be hitting up their parents for some cash for this.

The Call Of Duty Elite website where you can register for the beta – HERE


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  1. Total money grab. has been doing the same thing for Halo games for the last four years for free.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      But Activision has a great new feature over Bungie: You get to pay to use Elite!

  2. It just seems like they’re desperate to call attention to LITERALLY ANYTHING that they’re doing differently because there’s so few things that fit into that category at this point. MW3 is exactly the same game as MW2, just like Black Ops was EXACTLY the same game as MW2 (Just reskinned and with a storyline so thin you could see through it after the third level). Only this time, it’s being made by a worse team of developers since Activi$on shafted infinity ward by firing the department heads and refusing the rest of the team royalties owed to them and like 90% of that team left because of said incident. So now CoD is in the hands of an untested developer named sledgehammer and the people who used to make mods for the Infinity Ward CoD games and release them as brand new full price experiences named Treyarch. Treyarch for example made World at War, a game which inexplicably featured attachments like red dot sights in a world war II setting. But it’s not like any of this matters because people will continue to buy the same game 90 times in a row as long as they’re made to think it’s something different. Also this game makes 14 year old kids think they’re competent shooters which bothers me.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      World At War didn’t have red dots…Aperture sights (that were only realistically used in aircraft) yes, but no electronic optics…

      Other than that…spot on. LOL’d @ Treyarch being a glorified modding team :-D

      They have something similar to the COD Elite for WaW already…apparently they’re trying to hype it as something new and make you pay for it now? Stupid. I’m getting closer to cancelling my pre-order and going solely with BF3 by the day…

  3. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    You mean that just because I can make a head shot at 400 yds with a dragnov on my toy box doesn’t mean I can do it in real life? -I joke :)

    I do think that the future of gaming has to include things like facebook, and the option to form teams and clans or what-not is neat… I bet that if these guys came out with a version that was in an IDPA or 3 gun setting you guys would be more likely to engage in it.

    OR… you could save the $ you’d spend on it and go buy another gun! :D

    -I thought the video was cool.

    1. Activision should see what Valve’s stat tracking on Steam looks like for games like Left 4 Dead. All free of course, along with all of the dlc for the game too.

      And seriously, THOSE are the graphics that people cream themselves over? The 360 must be really holding back their visuals or the team is just really lazy…

      1. It’s the second one. I’d encourage you to look up a game called Skyrim and it’s associated E3 2011 demo. That was also run on a 360.

  4. Todd S Avatar

    Fun vid… I’m glad to see that Mark Hamill is getting voice work these days.

  5. Since no one in the comments knows exactly what they’re talking about, everything in this video all the options and cool shit that hes talking about is free. Yes 100% free. None of the paid options for the premium service have been announced yet. And after getting a ton of feedback on the situation Activision will probably make purchasing it worth the wild for the hardcore gamer that this is targeted at. For the dudes who haven’t hit 15th yet this whole product isn’t even worth paying attention to.