Most Tactical AR-15 Ever

Try as you will, you will never be this tactical:

Hahah that guy is pretty good. It’s almost like he believes what he’s saying, I love it.  The mispronunciations were a nice touch too.


18 responses to “Most Tactical AR-15 Ever”

  1. No bayonet? Fail.

  2. I almost died when he was talking about the meat snacks and Rolos.

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Sadly, in the end, it’s still just a ramped up .22(5.56mm is still .223. And you cant spell .223 without .22). A plain AR-10 is better than that monstrosity.

    And it’s missing a Pyke, Hammer, Javelin and Bayonet lol. Dem ANMC creatures will eat you alive without them! xD

  4. that was too funny.. ya meat snacks was epic lol

  5. Dillankid Avatar

    E-I-Otech Heat Seeking Night Vision Scope – Where can I get one of those?!?!? And his dot is the rainbow edition? It makes the “leopard” scope night vision all because of a red dot? Wow. I’m amazed at something about this video…can’t quite place what though…

  6. This guy is a freakin comic genius!

  7. Snack King Avatar
    Snack King

    Tactical snacks, just reach back for some quick energy while laying down those thirty round bursts. AWESOME!

  8. Raph84 Avatar

    the RTT CQB man reference @3:27 (“slaying bodies”) was the perfect cherry on top

  9. bigghoss Avatar

    TL;DW only got about 2 min in. almost as funny as the “ninja glock”

  10. I demand that the makers of this video put a disclaimer on it that it’s a joke. Otherwise hundreds and hundreds of noobs and mall ninjas will begin outfitting their AR’s like this.

    1. Antibubba Avatar

      I’m just thinking of that scene from The Graduate, except when The older gentleman gives Benjamin his business advice, he says “Aftermarket AR accessories”.

  11. Critter Avatar

    i gotta get some tactial meat snacks.

  12. I got ur tactical meat treat right here!

  13. Oh gawd I hope the MSM and political hacks use this as an educational video.


  14. What no p-38? How’s he gonna open up that can of whoop ass?

  15. Grant palas Avatar
    Grant palas

    that is BAD ASS on so many levels, i think im going cry.

  16. I had a straight face up until rolos, that was pretty funny but I couldn’t’ help picturing the elitists watching this in disgust.

  17. I just laughed like I’ve never laughed before. Outstanding. Thank you.