More Photos From Afghanistan

For the past couple years, AP photographer Kevin Frayer has witnessed and documented wartime events in the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Afghanistan. Frayer, a native Canadian, is currently based in New Delhi, India and covers South Asia for the Associated Press.  Check out the full photo set – HERE

Among the thousands of photographs taken every year of US military operations in Afghanistan, viewers can see glimpses of the varied landscape of the country. Click HERE to view the full image collection of Afghanistan from the air.


2 responses to “More Photos From Afghanistan”

  1. Pic 54, first set – denver post. What the heck has that grunt (RH of pic) got on stapped on his pack? Is that a weapon or some kind or an optical device?

    1. If I remember correctly, its an SMAW bunker buster. Whats interesting about this launcher is that it fires a 9x51mm tracer bullet (a 9mm bullet which is crimped into a 7.62x51mm case) as a spotting round.

      P.S. For the second picture in the post, I still find a right side feeding 50 cal really strange looking for some reason. It just doesn’t “feel” right