Winning A Pin Match Two Different Ways

You decide which one you like best.

Style #1:

Style #2:

I would have finished #2 off by saying “Spare beeee0tch!” Under my breath, as the camera zoomed in while I slid my sunglasses on and my theme music played.


4 responses to “Winning A Pin Match Two Different Ways”

  1. Dannyglover Avatar

    That second one was great but they are both way better than this guy

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea that guy is brutal! I posted that vid a while back.

  2. Hey, they all fell down… that is the only requirement, right? :)

  3. did the same thing at a ‘FireLine’ shooting contest – got asome funny looks as they did not have a rule for “knocking all the pins down with one round!!!” – Never got that cup!