Walmart Bringing Back The Guns

Walmart announced this week that it is bringing firearms back to hundreds of stores, meaning almost half of the retailer’s 3,600 locations will sell shotguns and rifles. These will be both in rural stores, but also in slightly more urban locations.

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I buy a lot of ammo from walmart because it’s the cheapest around.  I’d like to see them start carrying handguns in all the stores, I bet they could leverage a sick deal on Glocks.


15 responses to “Walmart Bringing Back The Guns”

  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    Eff yeah.

  2. PFULMTL Avatar

    I still think it’s retarded that they won’t sell ammo past 9pm. Does Sam Walton think all gun crimes happen at breakfast?

  3. The Wlamarts around me never stopped carrying guns.

    They have some sort of policy against handguns, but rifles and shotguns are fine and dandy.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oops I misread your comment. Yea mine have always carried them too. I read somewhere that handguns were sold in Alaska walmarts, but no where else.

  4. The Walmart outlets near me have always had long arms for sale. They do however, not stock anything in the, “tactical,” flavor.

  5. Chefjeffh Avatar

    Obama said in 2008, “In times of economic trouble people stick to guns and religion” it’s a sign of the times, and in light of Osama’s death sales will be BOOMING. Free bible with every gun.

    1. triplek Avatar

      You said it right. I agree with you especially about the free Bible’s!.

  6. If the damned unions don’t stop Walmart from opening their first stores in NYC and DC, I’d love it if they sold firearms in those locations. It would drive the city liberals bonkers!

  7. Are all their guns going to be cheaply made in China too?

  8. Someone else posted about this and suggested they carry AR-15s and accessories, though not too seriously. The massive head implosion that would result would make any black hole created by the LHC seem puny.

    That would be worth seeing, though.

  9. ozwald Avatar

    not to be an elitist or anything, but i’m not sure if i want to live in a place where the wal-mart clientele can readily purchase arms…

  10. I wish our Walmarts up here (Canada) carried ammo, let alone firearms.

  11. bigghoss Avatar

    I went into wal-mart the other day to buy some ammo and as usual I was asked if it was for a handgun or a rifle. I replied with a polite “Both actually, not that it matters”. She told me only to answer “rifle” because wal-mart doesn’t sell handgun ammo so if I said it’s for a handgun she’s not suppose to sell it to me. then she rang me up anyway. I guess all the other times I bought “handgun ammo” the cashiers just ignored that. then the cashier told me it’s nobodies business what I do with it. The corporation annoys me but there are some good people working at my local branch.

  12. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Hooray for more walmarts selling guns again. Boo for the fact that they’ll rarely have anything cool and almost never carry soft points for anything.

    The only cool thing i’ve seen at the local Walmart (And it’s Texas, something cool ought to be there) was an M1 garand for Seven hundred. That was the only time i ever contemplated robbing Walmart lol.

  13. William Avatar

    The Wal-Marts in Alaska sell handguns and handgun ammo. The selection is not very good and the prices are higher than elsewhere – but they have it. I was visiting the Midwest and was going shooting with a friend. He had a .410 for my son and I bought ammo at the Wal-Mart there. I was amused by how few shotguns and rifles they had and no handguns. The gun counter clerk was horrified to hear that the AK stores carry handguns. I told her I can buy a handgun at my favorite grocery store. She was further horrified that I can buy it and take it home the same day. I told her I can carry it out of the store, open or concealed. One more reason that I refuse to live in the lower 48.