New Jersey Police Take 33 Rounds To Kill A Pit Bull

Neighbors are seeking an apology from Camden police after a Friday night incident in which they say a dog was shot by officers who were carelessly firing on a street crowded with children.

The dog was killed around 9 p.m. Friday after officers responded to calls of a fight between teenagers in the Baldwin Run neighborhood of the city’s Rosedale section.

But neighbors are also concerned by what they said is an excessive use of force after bullet holes were found sprayed around the neighborhood. Shots went through through the walls and windows of a home four houses away and punched holes in several vehicles parked in nearby driveways.

Neighbors said they counted 33 rounds of bullets based on the police investigation on Saturday.


  1. There was a wandering dog, the police showed up
  2. The dog was a pitbull
  3. It’s name was capone
  4. Camden NJ is so gangsta that not even google street view goes there.

The conclusion is unsurprising.  Chances are the police are gonna get away with this one. Sad…

How were the police able to get that many shots off so quickly?  Are they using high capacity assault clips now? :P


9 responses to “New Jersey Police Take 33 Rounds To Kill A Pit Bull”

  1. What the Hell is Jersey’s deal, a responsible kids has a few LEGAl guns in his car and he does hard time while the cops run around in baggy jerseys (see First 48, Season 5, Eisode 3; undercover my ass) killing pits with gear they’d love to see banned… something about the senseless killing of dogs really frosts my balls, so to speak.

    first btw

  2. WOW they need to all be fired poor dog 33 rnds bad aim and/or over kill

  3. Ozwald Avatar

    oh new jersey, you make kandahar look like a fun weekend destination.

  4. Same thing happened here in New Zealand a year or two back. Around a dozen Police AOS (Armed offender Squad) were supporting a drug raid in a suburban neighbourhood when one of the offenders dogs got loose. A large rottweiler from memory. The dog was just trying to run away from the scene when several of them opened fire with Glocks and M4’s. Roughly 20 rounds were fired from around 10 to 15 metres. None of them hit (lucky for the dog) but only God knows where the rest of those rounds went. It was all caught on tape by a news team, but I can’t find it on the news archives. At the time no one said anything about it the shitty marksmanship, let alone the recklessness of shooting in the first place, I couldn’t believe it… and people wonder why we are reluctent to fully arm or police?

  5. One shot from a Remington 870 would have solved the dog issue.But Only if the said dog was attacking someone.

  6. mlk18 Avatar

    Clearly it was 4 officers, each firing from a 10 round magazine. We all know that any magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds would have instantly resulted in mass casualties.

  7. triplek Avatar

    The article they were there because of teenagers having a fight? Oh well, I guess a pit bull looks like a teenager.
    And they fired 33 rounds at the dog? What were they shooting? BB guns?

  8. Evon Shires Avatar
    Evon Shires

    Had a Cop Killing Pitbull situation in Chicago neighborhood about 3 yrs. back that almost got a few of my neighbors carted off to jail. Young stray FRIENDLY female Pit was in park playground when cop pulled up. Mr. Officer Macho evidently was afeared of dogs – SO IN FRONT OF ADULTS + CHILDREN ALIKE – put 1 round in the dog’s head + stood there watching it slowly + painfully whimper + bleed out till it finally died. THE SPECTATORS WERE NEEDLESS TO SAY UPSET + OUTRAGED because the dog was gentle + should’ve been taken to the pound for adoption – + if he HAD to shoot it, he could’ve used a bit more brass + ended it QUICKLY! What’s wrong with these Bozos with Badges?

  9. Sally Mattson Avatar
    Sally Mattson

    Hello Matt, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are one Awesome man. Your love for animals and everything you do is just Amazing! An old buddy of yours has told me so much about you. I salute you sir! You are a true hero! God Bless You!!!