Call Of Duty: Black Ops Escalation – Call Of The Dead

On May 3rd, download “Escalation”, the second Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, to play as the zombie-killing dream-team of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo against a new and unnerving zombie menace. Set in a mysterious, ice-covered, remote Siberian island and inspired by legendary writer and director George A. Romero, a group of four fearless explorers fight for their lives amidst an army of bloodthirsty Soviet zombies.

SMG? Danny Trejo? Soviet Zombies? Even with my limited amount of free time, sometimes I wonder why I don’t own a game system.


4 responses to “Call Of Duty: Black Ops Escalation – Call Of The Dead”

  1. “ship load”


  2. Priest Avatar

    daww….. Michelle Rodriguez would be a way better gun bunny.

  3. Tendrax Avatar

    I usually refuse to pay the ridiculous prices for this kind of downloadable content, but I might have to suck it up for this one.

    Danny Trejo and Sarah Michelle Gellar blowing zombie faces to mist? Hell yes.

  4. Called For Prices Avatar
    Called For Prices

    Black Ops: Escalation is awesome so far! A few minutes ago I came across a blog that’s giving out the Escalation DLC for free! I thought it was a scam until I saw the DLC code laying in my e-mail inbox. :D

    I’m not sure if there’s any codes left, but if you want to give it a shot, here’s the site: