Testing Rubber Bullets The Russian Way

Check out these two geniuses:

This takes the cake.  After not being satisfied with the first welt he got, our brave volunteer went back for more and ended up with a nice sized hole in his body.

At least he’ll have a scar to remember his stupidity by.


6 responses to “Testing Rubber Bullets The Russian Way”

  1. Nice way to internally hemorrhage and pass out later

  2. frank rizzo Avatar
    frank rizzo

    His balls are larger than his brain.

  3. He should have shot him in the nuts, to insure that this moron can’t reproduce.

  4. In Russia, to get a REAL handgun, you must keep either a shotgun or a revolver that shoots rubber bullets for 5 years before getting a real gun. Perhaps they just wanted to see how well they’d stop an intruder?

    1. Or im sure u can buy one for what a bottle of vodka costs from your local black market!

  5. owww!!!! What the F**K!!!!??? did you see the hole in his chest!!!??? i just feel pain looking at it