The Constitution Allows Vehicular Homicide

Some pretty solid logic here:


Also what the hell is a reTART?  :P

Hat tip: Jared C who also made an awesome meme generator for this guy – HERE


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  1. This guy makes my head hurt so much. But on a side not, I didn’t know Big Boy restaurants were still around.

    1. Big boy’s are all over Ohio and Indianan, if that counts for anything….

  2. armed_partisan Avatar

    “somebody’s carrying a gun, and he’s not wearing a police uniform, he’s probably a criminal”
    “The Constitution gives me the right (sic) to protect myself by running over this guy with my car if I see this guy with a gun.” So, you’ll just do a hit and run on an undercover or plain clothes cop? I would hope that if this guy is ever in court for manslaughter, this video is admitted as evidence. He’s clearly a homicidal “retart”.

    “I was robbed at a gunpoint” I’ve been there. Good barbeque.
    “Every gun owner is responsible for all crime” especially vehicular homicide, which is where an unstable person runs a person over because he or she has a severe phobia of inanimate objects.


    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Versus people? sheeit… let’s just say a smart car is the equivalent of a guided missile.

  4. In response to his comment that if someone’s carrying a gun and not in a police uniform, he’s probably a criminal, I would have to say, if somebody looks like this guy, and isn’t part of the band ZZ Top, he’s probably mentally disturbed, and quite possibly homeless – almost certainly unemployed/unemployable, anyway.

  5. “This guy has a gun, so I ran him over with my car.” And yeah, the jury’s just gonna be fine with that. I just got to the part where he accuses people who carry guns of having “serious mental problems.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I am, more than anything, curious where this guy went to law school. He certainly has some interesting thoughts on the constitutionality of running someone over with his car. An interesting interpretation of what constitutes self defense. I wonder if he could point out where in the Constitution it addresses the subject of self defense and/or the use of deadly force when you are in fear for your life (that would be a trick question – it’s not in there).

  6. You know if I see someone trying to hit me with a car and I am armed that constitutes a threat and I am moving then unloading on the car. Quid pro quo

    1. LOL, spot on!

  7. All criminals have guns stolen from “gun nuts” and the source of all gun violence in America (“all crime” he actually says). Interesting.

    I wonder how many criminals he’s interviewed to get to that magical statistic. I guess my guns haven’t been stolen since I’m not a “gun nut” as he says.

  8. If I had to listen to this master of logical thought talk for another minute I’d run myself over with my own car

  9. Well he just made my arguement for shooting him. Come on down fat boy and just try to run my ass down.

  10. I got his twitter and myspace account info also if anyone wants social media updates from him.

    (Not going to post them unless Mike gives the ok though, his house his rules.)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      By all means post it. I’m sure some readers might be interested in trolling him haha

      1. I’ll do it, if anyone’s interested in more of this nutjob:

        I don’t know what Jared found… this was my two minute search version.

        I like his myspace profile:

        Status: single – big surprise
        Smoke/Drink: no/no – I’m not sure I believe that!
        Children: Someday – I really doubt that, unless he figures out how to reproduce without a mate
        Education: Some college – what does that mean? He snuck into and sat in on a college lecture once?
        Income: Less than $30,000 – I suppose there’s not much income potential being bat-shit crazy. I honestly don’t know what sort of payment you get for being mentally disabled.

        1. Thats pretty much all them Josh, there are some other small sites that are even old but do not provide any sort of information or relevance.

  11. While I generally hold the opinion that it’s improper to make fun of the mentally challenged/disabled, this guy is an exception; he’s asking for it. The fact that this guy is not locked in a rubber room somewhere is compelling evidence that there is a need for more recognition and treatment of mental illness. He surely needed help starting a long time ago.

  12. Ole'wolf Avatar

    Aahhh… sometimes these things make me worried one of my favorite websites has been taken over by the Brady Bunch.

    The first thing I thought of was if Mr. Beard aims a car at me (or anyone else around me for that matter) it’ll be my word as a gun owner against a dead guy in a car not the other way around. Heck, I carry just to the barn… I wear my uniform on duty and nothing indicating I wore one off duty. Maybe I could lie under oath too and claim I heard the unidentified bearded white male driver shout “Death to Pigs” before I put half a magazine of 40 S&W through the windshield. (I’m a firearms and tactics instructor – get 1 or 2 in the same general area and 3 goes through easily).

    Then it occurred to me… maybe we could take up a collection so HE can move out of America instead. Like maybe to Nanny-land where they took guns but still have more armed robberies than they did BEFORE the law. Now have banned any kind of useful sized pocket knife… which hasn’t slowed down the armed robberies using a knife either… he can move there and prove he’s right!!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      This site? or were you talking about youtube? I was being sarcastic with the “solid logic” part.

      1. JJKavanaugh Avatar

        I realized this… I had a different website turn out to be a front for anti-gunners and was too dumb to recognize which way the wind was blowing.. made me “gun shy” about the “gun shy”.

    2. they should ban cars. no one needs a fully automatic transmission.

  13. its your word against this dead guy with a gun.. LMAO

  14. And I thought I’d heard it all. I think the Brady’s should put him on the payroll and give him a voice. This guy would be the best thing that ever happened to the pro gunners. Anyone on the fence would surely jump over to our side.

  15. So if he can use deadly force with his car because he’s in fear for his life because of my gun (not me with the gun, just the gun) why can’t I use deadly force because I fear his car (not his driving of it, just his car)?

    In his question to who the jury is going to believe, his or the dead guy with the gun, I’m assuming the gun is holstered on the dead guy. If I roll up on that scene and hear this guy’s reasoning for killing someone with a holstered gun. He’s getting charged with murder and I’m going to use this video as evidence to show his bias and desire to kill people with guns.

    1. CR Pyro Avatar

      He actually has the gall to state you should kick the gun OUT OF the holster, after you run down the carrier!

  16. From his channel page:

    “I saw God and started my own religion called Timothean… After talking to many of these gun nuts I decided to make my channel gun free. The Timothean religion is officially gun free. You cannot be a member of the Timothean religion if you own a gun.”

    Not worth arguing with against, or about. You may as well argue with your left shoe about the color of the carpet.

    1. i lost that argument.

  17. He actually posts his phone number as well.

  18. The guys a total waste of time to argue with….don’t bother, not worth your time…we will never win over 100% of the folks anyway….you have the harcore pro and anti crowd…we fight over those in between, he is beyond hope of saving….

    Of course his idiotic views on the constitutionality of self defense are worth examining if for no other reason than to fuel my on blog fodder….hmmmmm

  19. “Reported to the Eastpointe City Police:

    This video has been making its rounds this weekend. The person in the video, Timothy Campbell, makes very specific threats against a Rick Ector and discusses how he will run him over with his car, or run over any other gun owners. This guy seems dangerous. Here is the video:

    Mr. Campbell uses an address in your city:

    Registrant Organization: The Gospel of Timothy
    Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 8004
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City: Eastpointe
    Registrant State: MI
    Registrant Postal Code: 48021-8004
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: 248-906-4634

    His threats seem pretty specific to me.”

  20. Snow and Ash Avatar
    Snow and Ash

    Don’t cars kill a lot more people than guns? Cars make me nervous, and sometimes unsafe. Sometimes I feel threatened by cars. Therefore, if I see someone behind the wheel of a car, I’m going to assume he’s a criminal, and I’m not going to wait for him to run me over – I’m going to shoot him.

    As Mike said when he posted this, good solid logic.

  21. JJKavanaugh Avatar

    LOL! I wish I thought of this one!!! MLOL!

  22. Make sure you flag the video for promoting terrorism.

    1. Snow and Ash Avatar
      Snow and Ash

      That’s what I said.

  23. Vhyrus Avatar

    Normally level 1A trolls like this just make me shrug but for some reason this guy gets on my last damn nerve. I think if we can connect this dude to the brady bunch somehow (I am all but positive he donates to them) it would really show the fence sitters their true colors.