Glock Revolver

With the door locked and children in the next room, Bolin Holds his former service revolver, a Glock 21, 45 ACP.

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Sweet revolver bro!

At least they got the make, model and caliber correct.  Most of the time with the media it’s automatically an “Assault” weapon, or an AK-47.

LOL A mockup of the Glock service revolver from Michael B:

Another great photoshop from Alex Y:


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  1. LoL, the look of the children is priceless :D

  2. Huey148 Avatar

    In all fairness the Glock has been called “the flat revolver” by Massad Ayoob of all people due to it simplicity…other than the “revolver” gaffe, thats a pretty decent article overall and seems to be fair in its observation.

  3. mmasse Avatar

    I happen to agree with the philosophy that de-mystifying the weapons in the household tends give kids a greater respect for the inherent danger with firearms. If they can see and shoot them at a earlier age and trained in the 4 rules they are less likely to show it off to friends.

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      Gun proof the kid, instead kid proofing the gun.

      The kid will retain the safety instructions long after the fire are has left the picture. And you are not raising a hoplophobe(sp).

  4. CiDirkona Avatar

    That’d be awfully hard to aim without a front sight post!

    1. The rear and front post are merged together for a new proprietary sight, it work just like a holo sight.

  5. the second one (alex y’s) is done so well I tricked my buddy, who KNOWS guns, into believing it’s real. lol

    1. Shit now I want one :(

    2. mmasse Avatar

      Someone needs to send it to Glock and see if they buy off on it

  6. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I’d buy one. That’s the only Glock i’d own though. Screw your boxy, plastic ness and super extendo mags for gangstas.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      *gasp!* BANNED! haha jk :P

  7. The second picture of the Glock “revolver” is totally wrong… They would have chambered it in .45 GAP not, .45 ACP!

    1. Needs .454 Casull

  8. If Glock was guna make a revolver they would make a .357 mag , its a smoother round and compared to the .45 GAP…alot easier to find

  9. thi would be cool too bad its not real

  10. want one now

  11. Someone Avatar

    You suck!!!!!!

  12. I just finished a book by Eric Van Lustbader. In it he mentioned a “Glock revolver”. Wondering 1. who edits his books and, 2. with all the spy books and Bourne books he’s written, shouldn’t he KNOW better?

    1. Rich Elliott Avatar
      Rich Elliott

      Just finished the same book. Was researching the same question. The guy needs to get help instead of making things up.

  13. Dave Sparkman Avatar
    Dave Sparkman

    How about a 44 mag in a semi auto.
    Or, if it’s possible to build, how about a 450 bushmaster. Wow that would be a hand full.