Red Storm Entertainment Weapon Authenticity In Video Games

How Red Storm Entertainment goes to great lengths to achieve weapon authenticity in its games:

Where do I apply?

Good to see they are that committed to their job. Hopefully they are continuously given the right nomenclature too, so they don’t keep calling magazines “clips” in games.


6 responses to “Red Storm Entertainment Weapon Authenticity In Video Games”

  1. Very fascinating. Ghost Recon FTW!

  2. Todd S Avatar

    I wish some other game companies would try this approach. I know most kids could care less about authenticity, but some gamers, like me, are adults (chronologically, in my case.)

  3. Sign me up @ Gearbox.

    “We’ve got an arsenal of weapons — from authentic WW2 small arms to futuristic guns that inspired Borderlands to an actual Pulse Rifle from Aliens that fires .45 caliber ammunition.

    We’ve got a gun range across the street from our studio. Colonel John Antal, Gearbox Software’s military advisor and historian, takes groups of us as often as we want to shoot.”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Nice, that place sounds awesome too.

  4. Perturbo Avatar

    I have the Brothers in Arms games (I felt like I was in Normandy) if they do their story well like crysis 2 it will be a great game.

  5. NO WAY! Ive visited Red Storm before! Even saw two of the guys that I met there in this video (probably more too). Great company and very cool guys that work there.