120mm GPS-Guided Mortar

Input Coordinates And Wave Goodbye:

The APMI XM395, cartridge uses a standard M934 high-explosive 120mm projectile body. In the nose, a GPS receiver and computer controlled aerodynamic directional fins keep the round on its programmed trajectory. Folding fins in the tail provide stability.

APMI also has a multi-functional fuse, which allows the round to be programmed to explode in the air, once it hits a hard surface or after it penetrates inside a target.

In order for the autonomous flight and fuse control to function properly, operators must input mission and GPS data from a fire control computer into the round using a setting device.

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It warms my heart to see technology used to more efficiently kill our enemies.

Hat Tip: Mark M


4 responses to “120mm GPS-Guided Mortar”

  1. armed_partisan Avatar

    As a former Marine 0844 Fire Direction Controlman (think the human version of what this computer does) I think these things are SUPER BAD ASS! I love the idea of that shit job being rendered obsolete by technology that makes truly astounding accuracy possible not only for 155mm, but for heavy mortars, and soon, lightweight mortars and 40mm grenades as well.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    It’s great, but it will take away what makes mortar fire so awesome. The rate of fire D:

  3. armed_partisan Avatar

    Think of it as a Sniper Rifle vs. a Machine Gun. Higher hit probability due to accuracy.

  4. coyote Avatar

    Hey, just the thing to hunt wild hogs with!