Glock Magazine Stockpile


I’m confident in saying that this guy has enough backup mags.


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  1. WOW i thought i had alot with 10 mags for my glock 22 .40

    I dont even have that many for my ar-15

    1. Mike Curtiss Avatar
      Mike Curtiss

      Where can I buy barrels & slides together as a kit to complete my Glock? Where are these kits for sale Please provide a link

  2. This guy is my hero.

  3. How many is enough? My wife has at least that many pairs of shoes, yet it’s still not enough.

  4. My thumbs hurt just looking at that

  5. Can we guess how many are their like you do with a jar of jellybeans and win them all? ;-)m I’m in for 410.

  6. Looks to be just shy of 150 magazines. Now he needs about 2100 rounds of ammo and a gun. Nice.

    1. 150? What? Not even close. The right row is 23 mags, 3 deep. 23×3=69. 4 rows of about the same length, 69×4=276, plus a bunch of the top, hes got probably close to 320…Where in the hell did you get 150 from?

    2. And at 24 bucks a pop, that’s $8000 in mags….holy mother of God.

  7. I’m guessing 390, ballpark

  8. Mags? What mags?

    All I can see is that delicious creme brulee ramekin.

  9. dagamore Avatar

    Sorry still not enough, the formula is N+1, N being the number of magazines you have at any time.

  10. 50 is 49, and 49 is 48, and [….]and 3 is 2, and 2 is 1

    AND 1 is none. Jesus Christ, i think you need more mags

  11. In the far right column alone, he has over 50 magazines.
    This guy is seriously ready for any AWB II.

  12. total: 352

    69 in row on right.
    4 rows of that. (276)
    15 sets of 5 on top of that (75 more)
    and then one loan mag in the middle (352)

  13. SPC Fish Avatar

    mags are only good if you have the ammo to load them with.

    i am NOT jealous at all. he could have 80000 mags and it wouldnt make a difference

  14. Doesn’t matter how many magazines he has, the Glock’s still gonna stovepipe! :-)

  15. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    That’s a massive pile of boring right there.

    I’ll see your million glock magazines and raise you fifty 50rd drums for my 1911.

  16. I’ll bet his friends are jealous… I’m just kidding. Anyone who thinks it’s necessary to amass a collection like this doesn’t have any friends.

  17. …and clearly not a kalifornia citizen. Might be LEO though.

  18. You can never have enough guns, mags or ammo! Buy some more!

  19. 352 mags x $20 each = A lot of guns he could own instead (with a fair amount of mags for each).

  20. Beware the man with only one gun.

  21. No retaining empty mags for this guy!

  22. Perhaps he’s a ranking police officer whose department just switch to Glock, and he’s going to issue his 100 man dept these magazines… or maybe he’s just some paranoid guy.

  23. John Wayne Avatar
    John Wayne

    Not enough mags IMO

    And you really should reference the original blog you found this on.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Look harder, the source is in the post.

  24. That a lot of mags! He needs some 33 rounders in there too for good measure.

  25. That’s strange how the chair at the end of his table are different than the other chairs. MMMM creme brulee. Oh nice amount of mags too.

  26. 48 x 3 =144 +1 on top 145 (right two rows)
    3h x 5 x 2 = 30 (front left two stacks)
    12 x 5 x 4 =240 (Left next 12 stacks)
    10 more on top

    145+30+240+10 = 425 magazines = will still be shooting at the range long after everyone else has died. Assuming he/she/it doesn’t destroy their hands loading that many rounds.

    I don’t know Glocks but I count about 14 witness holes per magazine. So, 14 X 425 = 5,950 rounds. Lucky Gunner has some Wolf 115gr FMJ @ $.18 per round that would be about $1,071 + shipping. I am guessing a LOT of shipping!
    Or you could go with Double Tap’s 147 gr flat point FMJ @ $.74 a round and spend $4,403… I might be tempted by Tula’s stuff in that quantity!

  27. But are they the cheap Korean imitation magazines.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      They all have the glock logo on them by the look of it!

  28. That’s my buddy’s stock pile and yes he is bad ass.