Brady Campaign’s Paul Helmke Is Giving Up

“I’m not trying to take anybody’s gun away”

LOL he knows he can’t win. I love these concessions he making now.


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  1. What we ought to be arguing about is how to get back the “anybody, any gun, anywhere” that the Supreme Court gutted from the Constitution.

  2. “I’m not trying to take anyone’s gun away” – he just thinks we need to count every round in our homes, justify our personal need, make monthly check-ins with the ATF, register guns, license owners, etc.

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention countries where the privilege (not right) to own guns is limited to keeping them locked at the range and requiring special permits to take them somewhere else. Add that to making it sound like Britain allows people to own guns but somehow figured out how to lower gun crime, or make it sound like the people in Switzerland just kind of have guns and get training, not mandatory service in their armed forces and a lifelong duty to serve.

    Maybe we need to be like other countries that force women to be escorted by men while wearing full-body coverings, or other countries that ban free speech and expression. As long as there’s less gun crime, right?

    1. I will cheerfully account for any ammo issued to me, as a member of the militia, as is the case with militia guns and ammo in Switzerland — not those that are privately owned. Once again, Helmke only tells the part of the story that fits his agenda.

  3. What a obfuscating douche. Paul Helmke is a politician by trade. Guess how you can tell he’s lying?

    His mouth is moving.

  4. steven niedermeyer Avatar
    steven niedermeyer

    this man was my mayor for many years he lies and tells people what they want to hear. He and the group he works for want are guns.dont trust him

  5. I like how he justifies the banning of more guns based on the fact other guns are banned, do these people realize, its like some horrifying prophecy coming true. at least they lost this one

  6. “We have more regulation on toy guns then on real guns”, what a load of rubbish. He stated that he would like his job to go away in 2-3 years. I would like to see him go away, maybe he can start working on the environment today.

  7. i hate that pointing-to-the-ceiling-with-the-right-hand gesture

  8. The part that made me chuckle the most was “.50 caliber rifles that can shoot down helicopters and airplanes…are they closer to machine guns or shotguns?”. I believe the correct answer is rifle.

  9. I have to see his stupid billboard on the Mass Pike every damned workday. Can’t stand it.

  10. I should’ve watched this before lunch. Now I threw up a little.

  11. Has anyone thought of this?
    During WW2, japan had plans to invade the west coast, but they were worried about all those American gun owners who had lots of guns and would fight back.
    Do you think that many, if not all these gun-banning/gun hating groups (cults?) are being funded by foreign countries that would like the chance to invade the USA and take it over?
    Even the evil UN is blaming the USA for crime in foreign countries.
    Hillary wants to BAN all guns in America!
    First, the politicians wanted gun control to stop all crime.
    Then they wanted gun control to stop gangs.
    Then they wanted gun control to stop terrorists.
    Now they want to BAN guns to stop billionaire drug lords in Mexico! (Yeah, like they couldn’t find anywhere to buy guns on the black markets around the world. They all now have fleets of airplanes!)

    1. Those fleets of airplanes were also purchased from unscrupulous airplane dealers through airplane show loopholes too I’ll bet!!!

  12. Don’t you love how how the Brady Campaign disables comments on their YouTube video’s? Apparently he doesn’t want to called out for lying.

  13. This POS is a pantie waste !