George Washington Shooting Zombies


From SharpWriter, the man that brought us Teddy Roosevelt Shooting Bigfoot and Abraham Lincoln Riding A Grizzly Bear Holding a M-16.

I can’t even believe people can draw that well. That looks like a photograph.

He has prints of all the pictures I linked up for sale on Etsy now too.  Links are at the source page.


14 responses to “George Washington Shooting Zombies”

  1. FINALLY a president worth glorifying. Jefferson is still better; the artist needs to paint Jefferson kicking the snot out of Wilson, FDR, Teddy, and Lincoln. I’d get a tattoo of that.

  2. Much more impressive then any Obama paintings ive seen…. …. …. ok tbh better then anything Obama ive seen! :)

  3. George, of all people, should know to SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD!

  4. FlashHawk Avatar

    This is historically inaccurate. Everyone knows that in the late 1700’s, most people favored the TEC-9.

    1. The TEC-9 assault rifle with high capacity banana clips.

      1. And the thing that goes up… don’t forget that.

    2. Falcarius Avatar

      That’s total crap. The TEC-9 was reserved for the common people. A person with the stature of Washington would use an MP40 or KSG.

  5. settles Avatar

    Thats freaking awesome!

  6. George Washington wouldn’t pack anything but 1911’s. I’m disappointed.

  7. I Love the tats on his forearms, Liberty and Justice for all, even the undead :}~

  8. “,,,that thing that goes up..” you beat met to man. I love the comments on this forum.

    Being that this is a picture of George W. Shouldn’t he be swinging an ax, or at least have one on his back as this back as some kind of backup weapon? I’m just saying…

  9. Critter Avatar

    needs a cavalry sabre or something.

  10. For backup, how about a pair of Desert Eagles in 50 Action? Or the Wildey semi-auto in 475 Wildey?

  11. Sharpwriter is the man. What will he come up with next?