Shotgun Guitar

Seized by the police in Sweden:

The neck of the guitar has been hollowed out and equipped with two shotgun barrels, while the body of the string instrument contained the beginnings of trigger mechanism.

In police interviews the man described the home made musical weapon as “a fun thing that was not finished

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Awesome. I want one of these so I can play AC/DC’s “For those about to rock (we salute you)”, and shoot flaming propane tanks at the same time. That would be pretty much one of the most badass things you could do with a guitar/gun combo.


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  1. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    yes yes it was him the legendary gun guitar player form once upon time in Mexico i hope he rocks to jack black blow your mind and then proceed to do so when hes done

  2. I find it hard to believe that Ted Nugent doesn’t already one of these!

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  4. People need to protect themselves.

    Governments everywhere are still trying to outlaw guns. Millions of Jews died in Germany because the Nazis outlawed guns but, no one remembers the past and there fore will make the same mistakes again.