Nashville Convenience Store Shootout Caught On Tape

A night on the job for two gas station workers became violent when two men walked in, guns in hand. A wild shootout unfolded on camera, inside the very close quarters of the Lewis Street Market in Nashville, Tennessee.

Full story – HERE

Wow, I’m surprised he never got shot when he tried to initially grab the guys gun.  That was ballsy.

Iraqi Army veteran hey? Yea.. from what i’ve seen on youtube, and heard from people that looks about right.

Hat tip: Billy V.


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  1. damn. he should really invest in a self defense pistol course…

  2. Jackson Avatar

    For 9 years in the Iraqi army, I would think he would be a little more efficient with a pistol. He ejects his magazine after the first shot but more importantly blunders what could have been a good surprise attack considering they didn’t even realize he was armed. That isn’t to say that I would have done a whole lot better in that kind of situation, it took some real gumption to go for their gun. This was a good example of why people need to be able to defend themselves from criminals by leveling the playing field, get armed and educated.

  3. Anybody else notice that he racked the slide after he pulled out his gun? Why carry without a round in the chamber?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)


      If you frequent gun forums, that question you asked is the cause of MUCH debate. Basically it boils down to the fact that some people don’t spend the money on a proper holster, and are afraid of putting a round through their junk on the draw.

      1. Perturbo Avatar

        I agree if you want to be ready for business, be readly. I could also be part of training, I heard Arlee Ermy(sp?) talk about how he keep his personal weapon empty chambered on his night stand when he goes to sleep.

        If I am going to carry I WILL have one in the spout, but he might not have been trained that way.

        1. I do the same thing as Mr. Ermey, empty chamber when I’m asleep or just even at home and my pistol is (usually on the stand next to my bed). When it’s on my person though, it’s round in the chamber, safety engaged.

  4. I worry about him getting someone killed more than thugs. That guy was a total maniac! I’m all about protecting your self, but damn, try aiming next time.

  5. African Americans robbing a liquor store at gunpoint? Thats unheard of!!

    1. Oh yeah because whites never rob anything

  6. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Good thing RoboCop wasn’t there, he would have destroyed the entire store taking those two out.

    Time to upgrade the hardware there Mr. Shopkeeper. I’m thinking a MAC-10 semi-auto clone in .45 ACP…

  7. Why was he shooting up into the ceiling? Did the robbers try to jump up onto the ceiling? (Like in the Matrix movie)
    He needs to take up some target shooting on the range.

  8. MAC21500 Avatar

    Wow, I guess they train soldiers at the Stormtrooper Academy in Iraq; did you see him trying to “throw” bullets after those two?

  9. The “priorities of survival” as I’ve heard some instructors call it (Ayoob, Stanford, others) are
    1) mindset and will
    2) proper use of tactics
    3) skill with your equipment
    4) proper selection of equipment

    On the unblinking eye of the camera, sure his technique doesn’t look so good. But this guy’s got priority #1 in spades. It would appear that he could benefit from some personal protection training with a handgun, but he’s got the mindset down. If I ever found myself in a similar situation, I would hope to do as well as he at the “don’t freeze, act!” part of what to do as he did.

  10. Third time he’s been robbed?
    If I were him, I’d have a sign that says “I OWN A FIREARM. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ROBBING ME.” outside, and a target sheet with 10 rounds put through it.

    1. I don’t know if he could afford enough ammo to put ten rounds through a target sheet.

  11. Hopefully a local gun club will offer him some free training. Good on him for being willing, and halfway prepared (training being the other half). As far as being in the Iraqi Army, I think we knew going in that it doesn’t mean much.

  12. PFULMTL Avatar

    well looked like he wanted to just scare instead of shoot people.