Suppressed Revolver In Old Archie Comic

Badass suppressor… It’s white (porcelain?), on a revolver, has a “shoulder thing that goes up”, and causes sound to be reduced to a mild “TSHUNG”.

I want one.

P.S. Archie comics own. I read so many when I was young, even spanning years before I was born that I started noticing stories being repeated verbatim.  I remember thinking that it was bullshit that they thought kids were too dumb, or didn’t have the back issues to notice.  I think I recall MAD magazine doing the same thing.


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  1. David Garrett Avatar
    David Garrett

    But wait, you can’t suppress a revolver. At least, I don’t think that you can. Wouldn’t all the gases and such still escape from inbetween the barrel and cylinder?

    Lol, “shoulder thing that goes up.” That reminds me of a Hilary Clinton quote where she said something along the lines of how “rifle stocks shouldn’t be able to hold more than five clips.”

    1. spudfiles Avatar

      There are suppressed revolvers, here’s how you go about it:

      Option 1: encase the whole thing

      Option 2: use a “captive piston” cartridge:

      Option 3: use a Nagant

  2. kid charlemagne(nor) Avatar
    kid charlemagne(nor)

    it is possible to put a supressor on a russian(or belgian) Nagant revolver. however, the revolver in the comic clearly isnt a nagant.

    btw, the nagant has a high capacity clip and the “shoulder thing that goes up” is optional:P

  3. Here’s a suppressed Nagant video:

  4. What’s interesting is that it looks like he’s using it to avoid waking Veronica up. He’s just being polite while he smokes that snake.

  5. They used to use revolvers with cans on all the time on Get Smart.

    Maybe that is why it was a comedy. :)

  6. At first i was like “you read archie :/?” but then i was like meh. interesting.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha that was 20 something years ago. I’d probably buy one again sometime for old time sake, but they are likely $5 each now.

  7. John Fritz Avatar

    I love the art line drawn between the revolver and the intended target, with the little flash at the suppressor and everything. He nailed that sucka!

  8. N. Anderson Avatar
    N. Anderson

    I just finished watching the classic movie “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Coincidentally, near the end there are two revolvers with suppressors. It’s amusing how quiet a 3″ suppressor can make a .38 :)

  9. comic book artists are forever getting things wrong, but, hey, they’re comic books. :)

  10. Jayson Avatar

    I learned so much shit from Archie comics. I still have a stack of double digests that takes 3 rows on a standard ikea bookshelf. Vocabulary, spelling, life lessons, good stuff!! If I have kids, they will be pivotal. I wonder if they would still allow a silenced pistol in the current Archie comics office ?