Summary Of Some Popular Firearms

Some of the descriptions are pretty accurate, and funny.


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  1. OK, can someone help with some of these I don’t recognize?

    Third row – last two – Lewis gun and SMLE?

    Bottom row – Beretta 92 – ??? – ??? – Desert Eagle – Glock

    I also can’t identify the bullpups, but I don’t really care. Oh well.

    1. After the 92 is a H&K USP Tactical and then an FN Five-seveN.

      1. Thanks!

        I had thought USP, but hadn’t figured out the protruding barrel – I guess it’s the version that takes a silencer.

        1. No prob, also the bull pups are FN F2000 (Belgium), Steyr Aug (Austria), Famas (French) and I think the other one is an SA80 – L85A2 (Great Britain)

    2. third row last one is an SMLE

    the SA80 is so true :D

  3. The lewis gun, lee enfield and dueling pistol seem out of place =/

  4. Heh.

    I’d have used a Mosin instead of a SMLE, but it’s all good…

    1. I think the creator thought he was using a Mosin….I don’t know that many people who would say their dead cat owns a SMLE….just shows that the person that put this together wouldn’t be what I call an “expert”… I also take personal offense at calling my Glock a hand removal device….look back on this page long enough and you will find all types of posts of gun failures in pistols other than Glocks…

      1. I think this is an ad or a fan made artwork from a guy (or girl) who likes 1911, so they make fun of their “rivals” . it’s all for fun, no hard feeling.. :)

        1. I also own a Glock :D

          1. Sorry about your hand.

            1. HAHAHAHA !! :D

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    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahah that’s pretty good!

      1. Thanks. :D

        I improved my version some more. Hope the kel tec sub 2000 reference isn’t too offensive: