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  • Archie Comics Tries Too Hard By Mixing Gay And Guns

    This is unsurprising and retarded: Oh wow, an “openly gay” character in Archie Comics, and a shooting of that character which Archie tries to stop and ends up taking a bullet and dying.  *gasps* *primal screams*  sooooo cutting edge… so edgy… so relevant to the struggles and things going on in today’s world. *eye roll*…

  • Suppressed Revolver In Old Archie Comic

    Badass suppressor… It’s white (porcelain?), on a revolver, has a “shoulder thing that goes up”, and causes sound to be reduced to a mild “TSHUNG”. I want one. P.S. Archie comics own. I read so many when I was young, even spanning years before I was born that I started noticing stories being repeated verbatim.  I…

  • Archie Bunker On Gun Control

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLjNJI54GMM[/youtube] Arming all the passengers on flights?  With the right choice of ammo, works for me!  Sounds like Archie could have prevented 9/11. As you know i’m a big advocate for arming everyone that isn’t a criminal (or mentally unstable). In the “gun free zones” the criminals obviously have the upper hand.